European Union will introduce an enhanced system of rules of exchange of cryptocurrency and online payments through the “risk of money-laundering and financing of terrorism”. The rules will affect online exchange platforms for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We remind that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has broken another record price and rose to the level of 19 thousand dollars. Actually the price of one bitcoin is equal to 19.2 thousand dollars by 16th of December.

New EU rules, among a general:

— obligation of the bitcoin platform and cryptocurrency online wallets to identify users;

— introducing a limited use of prepaid-cards for payments;

— giving the investigating authorities the possibility of more widespread access to information, in particular to banking registers;

— providing the access to trust property for “persons with justified interest”.

The EU decision was taken at the wake of the rapid growth of Bitcoin’s rate, which has risen more than 1,700 percent for the current year. By far the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has reached a value of 19 thousand dollars, and again broke its own record. Previously, the Bitcoin futures at the Chicago Board of options exchange has risen by 25%, exceeding 18 thousand dollars, after December 10, when the auction began. At the beginning in January the first auction rate of futures for cash was at the level of 15 thousand dollars.


In early December the Commodity Futures Trading Commission of USA allowed to start trading futures on Bitcoin. As by 7 of December, the market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeded $251 billion dollars. The same day the value of Bitcoin exceeded 15 thousand dollars. By 3 of December it became known that the first Bitcoin billionaires became brothers Winklevoss, who sued against Mark Zuckerberg.

The amount of cryptocurrencies is limited!

Generally it is possible to produce about 21 million bitcoins, however in the world today already there are about 16.5 million.

In addition to bitcoin, there are many other digital currencies, which differ in the method of cryptography, that is, each has its own unique encryption. The most popular of them: Ethereum – costs about 300, Dash — about 200, Bitcoin Cash — about 300, Litecoin — around 45 USD.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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