Exchange rates online: Bestchange is one of the best resources for choosing an exchanger

Currency transactions for which in the second half of the last century were sent to Siberia, and in some situations, deprived of life, today have become just as common as buying food or watching your favorite TV show. Our compatriots buy and sell a wide variety of currency, not only if their professional activities require this, but also in order to preserve / increase their savings, make some purchase on the Internet, replenish the account of their games, etc.

But if for an average user who changes a small amount of money within a month, the deviation of the rate by 2-7% does not play a big role (he will not waste time monitoring exchangers to win 3 dollars and lose the game time), then for people whose activities are directly related to this procedure, 7% – can be a whole state. The category of users of the worldwide network, whose representatives exchange currency on specialized web resources, is growing rapidly every year. These include:

● A huge army of freelancers (working with customers from different countries, they are forced to eventually receive their earnings in national currency).

● Owners of online stores and other online businesses.

● Professional players of the foreign exchange market.

● Traders working on trading floors.

● Ordinary inhabitants of our country who receive transfers to electronic wallets, etc.

If you look at this topic in detail, you can conclude that such a service as the exchange of currencies in the network every day is in great demand. Against the background of the growing popularity of exchange offices on the Internet, scammers also stepped up their activity. They use a lot of cunning tricks (starting with the creation of the site, the name of which is insignificantly different from the original and ending with tricky schemes that can deceive even experienced users.).


Safe electronic currency exchange


How to choose a reliable currency exchange point?

In order to independently find a reliable exchanger, with a good course, you need to spend a lot of time, while there is no guarantee that the web-resource you like will fulfill its promises. In the process of carrying out this operation, it may turn out that there are additional commissions whose payment will turn a “profitable” rate into a loss-making one. What to do? What are the options for solving such problems? The first – an independent search for an exchanger, is clearly not suitable. Hence, there are others, because in a market economy where there is demand, offers immediately arise.

The last few years, one of the best web resources, which monitors the exchangers around the clock (note, only real sites that prove their legitimacy fall into the number of applicants) is Bestchange.

Why Bestchange?

The submitted resource complies with three main rules that are mandatory for each potential user of the network:

● All online exchange offices, as mentioned above, undergo mandatory reliability checks.

● Potential clients of the exchanger after switching to its site, should feel confident – nothing superfluous in the resource menu! A simple and convenient interface is one of the main criteria for the Bestchange administration to include this site in its list.

● The best course, no hidden commissions and minimum payments for the services performed.

● The declared time for performing currency exchange operations must correspond to the real one.

● All additional conditions (for example, the exchanger does not perform operations, if the customer has not been verified, or recently registered accounts in their purses, etc.) must be reported before the exchange is started.

How to exchange with Bestchange

After switching to the Bestchange web resource, users on the left side of the screen will see a green rectangle with a list of exchange directions. All of them (buy / sell) are conditionally divided into several groups. Among them:

electronic payment systems (Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, etc.).

Crypto currency (MTC, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, ZCash).

● Internet banking.

● Money transfers and cash.

This green field is divided into two parts: “give” and “get”. It is enough for the client to choose the direction of exchange and in the center of the screen there will be a table with a list of exchange offices ready to produce the information of interest to the customer (the most profitable rate at the top and the most unprofitable at the bottom line). Then just select the site you are interested in with and make a currency exchange.

Advantages of Bestchange

The probability of deception in this case is almost equal to zero. On the site the user can always analyze the current situation (for example, learn about the sharp “jumps” of some currencies, the reserves that store exchange offices, read a brief history of the resource concerned, etc.). Another important positive point is the fact that the client can change a small amount, and making sure that everything went well, order a more serious operation. Although the administration assures that such a precaution will be superfluous.

Among the important points that characterize Bestchange on the positive side, it is also necessary to note:

● The site has a function such as “double exchange” (the user will see how best to perform the operation when there is no direct exchange direction).

● In the Statistics section, you can study the “behavior” of currencies of interest for a given period of time.

● A very useful feature is the warning that the minimum amount is for the exchange, that a certain direction does not work or shows non-standard (from the economic point of view) indicators, which often happens when the policy puts too much pressure on the world financial market.

● A currency calculator is provided.

● In case of any doubts, the client can get acquainted with the detailed history of the currency or the exchanger site of interest.


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