In each monetary area there is a couple of truly meaningless and unprofitable projects, and sometimes you can even stumble upon fraudulent schemes. Cryptocurrency is also not an exception, on the contrary in the light of the growth of its popularity over the past years. Let’s look at real ways of crypto-currency earnings that better not to use.

Bitcoin casino

bitcoin casino

This type of casino is no different from all the usual, but only here your bets and winnings will be credited in cryptocurrency. Often use the most popular coins such as bitcoin, litecoin, ether and so on. In no case should bitcoin casinos be taken as a full-fledged method of earning. This is, first of all, an unreliable source of income, which should be used only as an option to spend leisure time with excitement, but no more. Some will argue that.”.. well, look how many have won my friend yesterday!! it’s not a divorce!! all real!!”We will answer that Yes, you can really win coins, but the risk of losing is much higher. Always remember this and do not forget this, as in any other casino – it always remains in the black, independently left the Christmas tree there money or carried away. Think twice, or even three times before contacting the case.

Bitcoin doubler websites

Сайты удвоители Биткоинов

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin doublers are highly profitable projects working under the scheme of network marketing. The project participants will make a profit, regardless of their personal participation in the process. On the website of the bitcoin doubler, you will be convinced that they managed to detect a vulnerability in the system (i.e. they hacked the bitwain code) and in order to take advantage of this chance, you need real bitcoins. You will be asked to transfer a certain amount in bitcoins, while promising at least double it in 24 hours. But, what would be your chagrin when yesterday sending coins to the address, you get nothing.

Cranes cryptocurrencies

Краны криптовалюты

Cranes cryptocurrencies are sites in which the owners of web resources to publish your advertisement (banners, ads, videos and so on.). A visitor comes to your website-tap and clicking on ads goes to the appropriate web resource. For each action, the user is given a certain amount of cryptocurrency, often Satoshi (units of bitcoin). More clicks – the more chances to earn Satoshi. Originally, all this business was imprisoned for drawing attention to the bitcoin itself.

To date, taps has become, in most cases, in dubious projects. Even if you find the crane is not owned by fraudsters, consider it as a way of earning is not worth it. Now we will look at an example of why we are so convinced. The amounts actually paid for clicks, views, transitions and other actions are not small from 5 to 20 Satoshi. And you can get more, but these are isolated cases, and so out of the total earnings is not actually affected. the next point is the frequency – how often is credited Satoshi will be from 5 minutes to an hour, dependent on the crane. Now, a little arithmetic! Let’s say you’ll spend a minute visiting one tap, where the average amount of earnings will be equal to 10 Satoshi, then an hour of continuous work will bring about 600 Satoshi. Then you’ll spend 8 hours a day (as in any ordinary work) and can save as much as 4800 Satoshi, but given the small caveat – you have to register on dozens of sites-cranes. And in the end we get – nothing prosizhennyh days and the amount just is not enough for life.

Bitcoin applications

Биткоин приложения

This is something similar to cranes. Often bitcoin applications can be found on the same crane sites. But if in the case of cranes, you often just need to enter a captcha, then there are certain conditions in bitcoin applications. Usually you will be required to perform certain actions, such as: click on the specified number of banners, pass the survey, go to several links, watch the video, and so on. Here you pay more, but you will spend more time, respectively, up to 10 minutes per application. So that income in the sum will in two times more than with cranes, but under this you will sit have on a screen every day.

Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi Schemes

It is a financial pyramid scheme where investors are lured on the promise of large revenues. Accordingly, from the funds received from the first investors, promises are paid a huge profit, at the same time pour money into PR to attract new people. For some time, everything works and investors receive their dividends, but due to the fact that there are no other sources of income, the pyramid begins to crumble. In the end many are left with nothing.

Today, cryptocurrency has become a business where a lot of money and doesn’t take much. If you want to tear your piece away from the cake, then invest wisely!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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