This tab contains basic information about our resource. Find out more about trading binary options, forex, investing in financial instruments. This tab will be helpful especially for newbies.

What are binary options ?

Binary option (all-or-nothing option, digital option, fixed return option) – is an option, that is widely used as an immediate indicator of changes in the value of assets in the short term. The essence of trading is predicting price fluctuations in the pre-determined period. Trader’s income in this case is a percentage that can vary and depends on the characteristics of financial operation conducted.

How to trade binary options?

Trading binary options is a long way and it’s all about patience and practicing. Most of newbies who failed in binary options have written lot’s of negative reviews of brokers and the process of trading. If you are interested to learn how to make money on this, we recommend you read our section News & Articles

How to choose reliable broker?

Choosing reliable binary option broker is hard without any basic knowledge and experience. We collected reliable and fair binary option trading platforms. View our daily updated Top 10 or overall ranking of binary option brokers. Read their reviews and choose the one you came up most.

Can you advise us educational materials and trading strategies we can use?

Those materials are available here. We can not recommend you a specific strategy or educational material. After all, for each individual. What is suitable for one may not work for another. The main thing is not to give up and find your true path.

What about Forex?

Forex is quite another old market where transactions were carried out. Our resource could not miss such a giant. We created a special section. Here you can find the latest news and verified forex brokers.

What does maximum payout or profitability means?

This percentage (maximum percentage) which returns from a successful trading operation. In other words – that is your return on invested amount of funds. For example, payout rate is 89%. That means your income from 100$ will be 189$ in case of successful prediction.

I’m bored by trading, any ideas where I can make a money?

We have something for You. That is our secret weapon. All information placed in bonus section is our personal experience. There you can read our trading tips and tricks, additional information on earnings in the financial sector. In other words in this section will be placed interesting tutorials, secrets and investment opportunities.