Focusing on the process. What causes distractions during options trading?

Ted Capwell

When analyzing private traders on the options market as a group, you can clearly say that the bulk of these market players are non-professional investors. Often these are people who come to the market on account of advertising and rumors about fabulous earnings. Of course, this audience does not understand how the market actually functions or what processes are most important when it comes to obtaining a stable financial result. In this regard, we also needn’t talk about how much private traders know concerning the psychological aspects of financial speculation on the market. Thus, it turns out that the binary options market is filled with non-professional, or rather, casual, players, who seek to profit, completely unaware of all the complexities of trading and its technical processes. Against this backdrop, we offer material that clearly addresses the topic of concentration in trading, and you will be able to see some practical recommendations that will really influence your trading results and help you get a step closer to professional trading on financial assets.


Focusing on the process. What causes distractions during options trading?


So, a lot of investors who work on the futures market today started in this field of activity simply after seeing advertising from binary options brokers, or reading articles about how an average person made fantastic money simply by clicking on buttons and guessing where the financial assets market would move. As you can see, we’ve already touched on the psychological aspects of trading – marketers and brokers played on your greed and lured you to the financial market. We can’t really say that that is a bad thing – you did something acting completely consciously and you risked your own funds, clearly realizing that you could lose everything. The negative aspect of this is the limited information about all the complexities of trading that an investor may face. But, as they say, it is what it is! You have already become a trader and want to succeed, but your trading is still chaotic and isn’t producing stable indicators, so what should you do?

First of all, you need to concentrate as much as possible on the process of working on the options market. The fact is that trading on the financial market is not only clear, multilevel analysis of quotes and financial statistics, it’s also psychology! As you can see, the success of an investor depends on a lot of factors, and the trader’s concentration level has a very big influence on the final trading outcome. Of course, we are not talking you being so concentrated that you have to sit for hours at the computer and watch trading instrument quotes nonstop – no, it’s about focusing on the most important aspects of trading and the technical trading processes. You must eliminate all the noise and distractions to increase the quality of your trading. Here are a few recommendations that will lead any trader to maximum concentration and help them achieve the highest and most stable performance indicators for their trading on the options market.


Manage your trading time

If you are a systems binary options trader and view your trading as your main source of income, you should clearly understand that this is currently your day job, which, like classic paid labor, requires a certain regime. Try to establish a clear schedule for yourself: this will allow you to develop a specific set of reflexes for trading during the day. Here it is worth noting that your trading time should be balanced, both in terms of physiological indicators and purely technical ones. Do not work at night if you are physically unable to maintain such a trading regime. Do not work at those times when you could be easily distracted by other issues. You should understand that in the process of trading you will need to conduct complex market analysis which requires certain calculations, errors in which may result in losses of your trading capital. Therefore, clearly choose your trading time – this will not only help you get rid of the negative factors that distract you from trading, but also help you determine the optimal trading regime for yourself.


Do not inflate asset listings

Unprofessional traders sometimes work to the point of absurdity. In fact, you can often see the following situation: in the pursuit of huge profits and, of course, wanting to do so in the shortest possible time, the investor tries not to miss any opportunity to register a trade. Moreover, the trader is simultaneously trying to analyze a dozen charts at once, thereby wasting their attention on useless analysis processes and minimizing the quality of their trading. This old saying is pretty relevant for options trading: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” And that definitely doesn’t mean that there should be several dozen different financial assets in your listing for one day. It’s much simpler than that: just choose a few of the most productive assets that you will be comfortable trading – 5 tools are enough to get the most excellent trading stats for the day. Let’s put it this way, professional investors usually make a trading case which is filled with assets of different types and formats. They usually combine shares, currency pairs, metals, and commodities. By doing this, it is easier to concentrate on their work and conduct qualitative technical analysis of operating asset quotes. Therefore, by focusing your attention, you will be able to get much more profit than you would working in a chaotic mode on a variety of trading assets.


Work on simple strategies

Here is another surprising psychological aspect characteristic of unprofessional investors – the majority of these market players believe that the more complex the strategy is, the more professional and effective it will be!

As a result, we often see market players using such complex systems that it is simply impossible to fully understand the technical principles of those types of systems. Investors usually abuse the number of indicators that are used in a trading strategy. Often the quotes aren’t even visible behind the markup of indicators and their signals. How could you possibly concentrate on anything and make a profit in this way? Concentrated, professional traders tend to apply the simplest and most understandable strategies to their daily trading. This is one of the main secrets of their success: simplicity and a clear understanding of their own trading system makes it possible to concentrate and leads to improvements in the quality of market analysis.

Overloading the workspace on the chart generally surprises system market players. Judge for yourself: if you closely analyze all the automatic indicators, you can clearly see that the algorithm of the majority of the analysis tools is built on the calculation of the price of the asset and the volume of trading. Of course, we can see tools that combine these technical approaches of analysis, but in general that’s how it is! So why put a dozen indicators on the chart with practically the same systems of calculation and building? You can just choose 2-3 tools that will display the full technical picture of market fluctuations and develop a system based on them that will be an understandable analysis tool for you personally. In addition, indicators are not a means of predicting market movements. They are tools that show processes that have already occurred on the market, and the trader, after studying this data, can generate a relatively probable forecast for trades in certain conditions. Therefore, blindly following indicator signals often does not lead to a positive trading outcome.

For this reason, in order to maximize your concentration in the trading process, it is recommended that you use analysis systems with the simplest mode of generating forecasts, for example, the Price Action strategy, and indicators will be used as an aid to filter short-term market noise.


Develop your personal style of trading

Binary options traders typically make a huge mistake: they tend to register trades at every single opportunity! By doing this, they overload themselves with unnecessary information and a huge set of technical approaches to market valuation. Thus, they lose their concentration, their trading efficiency is reduced, and, as a result, they lose some of their operating capital.

To fix this situation, establish your own trading style. In fact, this is your own strategy taking into account certain external factors: the trading time, the set of assets, and ways of generating forecasts. For example, you only trade during the European session on three major currency pairs and on an analysis system in which the main method of trading forecast formation is the identification of candlestick patterns! Thus, by having determined the sequence of your actions, you will be able to register effective trades and steadily increase your capital while maintaining maximum focus. If you are working on candlestick patterns, don’t let yourself be distracted by identifying, say, chart figures or wave patterns of market reversals! Of course, expanding your technical tools of market analysis makes you a professional player, but only if you stay fully focused and have a clear action plan.


Information overload is the main enemy of effective trading

Unprofessional traders often use all sorts of information services on a daily basis to study the opinions and calculations of other traders and analysts. Often the day of such a market player begins by studying analytics posted on specialized sites and forums. As a result, the investor has an opinion on the daily trends of the market. In principle, this is useful information, if not for all of the “BUTs”! First of all, you cannot be sure of the professional level of the analyst making the forecast. Secondly, you have your own analysis system, and you do not need to use third-party analytical calculations of questionable quality. Thirdly, investors begin to convulsively adjust their strategies to be suited to these materials, thus disrupting the system’s settings. As a result, we get a negative trading outcome. For this reason, get rid of third-party information overload – be always confident in the correctness of your actions and calculations, and don’t think that anyone else is smarter than you or can better calculate market fluctuations! You have your own style of working on the market, a profitable trade strategy, and you don’t need to study the opinions of others – concentrate on your own calculations and make a profit!


Get rid of distractions

And here’s the last recommendation for maximum concentration during the trading process. Trading options, like any other process, requires the creation of optimal working conditions. Therefore, when embarking on the path to becoming a trader, try to create a workspace for yourself where you will not be distracted. You should have a comfortable area to work in, as having the ideal working conditions will become a factor that will lead to your success.

As you can see, the process of concentrating on trading and the psychology of a successful investor are built on completely natural concepts – comfort, a clear understanding of your actions, and an effective algorithm for investor behavior. This is how you reach new financial heights! At the same time, ignoring these important aspects of options trading will always lead to a loss of capital! Make the right choice and your activity will start to bring you not only pleasure, but quite tangible financial results.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”