Free trading signals suitable for beginners

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Beginner traders need a guiding thread. It is important for them to receive support and signals for trading from trusted services, individuals, brokers. Why? From a lack of knowledge and experience, from a desire to comprehend the intricacies of trading with real money.

We will not now about the correctness of the decision to follow the signals. This is a temporary measure and if a trader with potential, sufficiently patient and purposeful, he will move away from this. The time will come for your own strategy, development, improvement. At the very beginning of the journey, free signals will definitely not hurt and will be useful at least in order to analyze the proposals and the result.

What are binary options signals?

Trader trading is based on following the rules, strategies. Binary options signals – a strategy automated by developers, working within a platform. If simply, these are electronic assistants integrated into the platforms, with access to them after registration in the service. Signals are paid and free. We will consider free. – signals based on technical analysis

The service is known for its impressive economic calendar, charts and technical analysis with calculations on the main assets of binary options. To use the privileges of the service, you need to work with the settings.

The first is assets. There is everything that experienced and novice traders are used to working with. In the list:

  • currency pairs;
  • stocks;
  • futures;
  • indices, etc.

In addition to selecting assets, you need to designate intervals for analysis, taking into account the duration of the transaction.

The choice of indicators is another important point for launching a robot to develop an individual strategy for finding signals on it. Analytical tools you can choose at your discretion, combine and change as you test.

A summary of the machine’s tuned performance will be recommendation phrases for buying or selling. Given that binary options trading is not compatible with the concept of “Sell”, this recommendation should be adapted for the purchase of a Down option.

Signals in the technical verdict of the service are generated on the basis of indicators established by the trader with recommendations for each of them. The more signals from the algorithms, the more powerful the main signal.

Using the service is convenient for summing up the work of a complex of algorithms with the right to choose one way or another or even recommendations for refusing a transaction.

Free trading Signals

Free signals from

Another service for receiving free signals is The creators position it as one of the simplest and most convenient. Signals about entry point, end time, direction are available. Each new signal is accompanied by a sound or visual alert.

The service claims 85% signal efficiency and offers regularly updated statistics and user reviews in confirmation. The list of free includes signals:

  • with different expiration times – both short-term and long-term transactions;
  • from real traders – the service offers to copy your own real transactions.

To trade on signals you need:

  • register on the site;
  • wait for a signal in the trading room;
  • open a deal by notification;
  • make a profit and continue trading.

The service claims that it offers for analysis only real statistics with honest data about the expiration time and positions, the trader’s room and the online broadcast of notifications. The site does not work with turbo deals, considering them knowingly unprofitable. The signals are based on own open trades of service traders.

The service provides free access to signals to all registered users. To start trading, it is enough to deposit a minimum amount on a broker’s deposit.

Binary Signals Service

Another site for access to free signals. He claims to be the author of his own effective strategy, tested during the year. Of the features of the service:

  • lack of payment for services;
  • individual trading on real accounts using your own signals with demonstration to traders of the results;
  • focus on transactions with expiration of at least 10 minutes;
  • before each signal, the trader receives a warning alert for readiness.

According to the results of work with the service, for 5 working days, traders on average conclude up to 20 operations. Given the high level of entry accuracy, even this amount is enough to get a stable profit with minimal risk of losses.

The service shares personal trading results in news and reviews, thus confirming that the signals come from practicing experienced traders, and not from theorists without real experience.

Economic News as Signals

Successful binary options trading, including the result of analysis of economic news. It is impossible to ignore everything that is happening in the world, if only because it is reflected in the financial market. An economic calendar is suitable for analyzing economic news. With its help it is possible to control such indicators:

  • time of news appearance taking into account the time zone;
  • country;
  • degree of importance;
  • currency;
  • name;
  • forecasts.

Traders with a good reaction and the ability to quickly analyze can trade on news signals in plus. It is necessary to analyze the reaction of the crowd to each news and to predict the growth or decline of the market.

Google Alerts Signals

Another source of free signals for trading binary options is Google. The service offers to set up alerts about the appearance of new publications in the news feed. Notifications are free, they come by mail. To configure, you need to enter a query for which I would like to receive information.

Six Second Trades Service

This indicator of signals specializes in minute charts and shows the best results in a pair of euro / dollar, as the creators of the service work with it.

To work, the trader needs to download the indicator, add Meta Trader to the terminal, select a broker and open access to the chart. Signals are given in the form of colored dots: green – for purchase, red – for sales.

The tool is good for everyone except for the form that is not suitable for live charts. Suitable for traders working with currency pairs.

ZigZagger 2.0 Indicator

Similar to the previous indicator, it helps the trader to receive signals for buying and selling the option. The service is convenient with pop-up dialog boxes for instructions. All the trader needs is to agree or disagree with the recommendations.

STOCH Algorithm

An authoring system for transmitting free signals to traders. Before starting work, the system offers to familiarize yourself with the instructions and recommendations. This is an effective strategy that can be used before there is time and enough experience to develop your own plan.

Broker Pocket Option

Analysts from Pocket Option also provide free user signals. Professionals offer to use their experience, ability to evaluate the market and make effective forecasts. To work and make a profit, a trader needs to monitor service updates and respond to them on time.


Signals for efficient binary options trading at the beginning of the path will help you find your way. Inexperienced traders will gradually learn to analyze events, predict results based on other people’s experience.

Signals work as an airbag when there is no way to act on your own strategy. They also serve as a springboard for personal professional growth, when it is important to understand the principle of actions of traders. With visible advantages, do not forget about the shortcomings of the ready-made signals: errors and time delays.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”