Australian broker High Low stops accepting traders from all over the world except Australia

Ted Capwell

The virtually uncontrolled development of online trading, which has been observed over the past decade, has now reached a critical level. Some analysts believe that further ignoring the problems of this segment of the global financial market can lead to irreparable consequences. If we turn to real examples that reflect the essence of these problems, we can highlight the following points:

    • The emergence and development of cryptocurrency. Quite an interesting and promising idea was limited to the creation of speculative tools, allowing you to earn huge sums, for a short period of time, but only to a certain circle of people. Cryptocurrencies require the creation of a legal framework (so that national laws of different countries do not contradict each other), regulatory authorities, etc.

   • Creation of a huge number of brokerage companies, trading robots and other specialized services whose activities are related to the global financial market. In general, a positive trend (the more brokers, the higher the quality of the services provided), but it also has one significant disadvantage – swindlers quickly realized that online trading allows you to earn huge money without risking anything. Also began to actively create “firms” offering to purchase special programs, trading strategies, algorithms of work in financial markets, allowing for financial transactions, with a 100% guarantee of income. Of course, this is fantastic.

   • New financial instruments (primarily binary options) have become the main source of problems for many traders. In the EU, this issue has been decidedly solved. ESMA (authoritative financial regulator) has banned binary options. But in this case, not all economists and lawyers agree with this way of “protecting the interests” of participants in online trading. Especially in our time, when the very notion of “prohibit” is perceived as a signal to search for workarounds in this situation.

All the above questions (and this is only a small percentage of their total number) boil down to the fact that today, for the normal operation of the considered segment of the global financial market, intervention by qualified lawyers, economists, bankers, etc. is necessary. Otherwise, online trading will turn into a source of profit for adventurers who will earn by fooling gullible / novice traders.

A small review of the Australian brokerage company HighLow

The example of the well-known Australian marketplace High Low is convincing evidence that to solve the above problems one does not have to wait until a “reformer” appears (no one knows where?) And turns the industry into the most honest and transparent activity within a week. The administration of the brokerage company decided to limit the circle of potential clients, providing an opportunity to open a trading account only to Australian traders. How did they explain their decision?


HighLow stops accepting traders from all countries except Australia


On the official website of the broker you can find the answer to this question. Its meaning lies in the fact that the company will only work with traders from Australia, since brokers do not have alternative solutions to such problems. The license issued by the Securities and Investment Commission permits this type of activity, and as for citizens of other countries, they do not fall into the category of users entitled to open trading accounts at the broker’s site.

On the one hand, nothing serious and “revolutionary” in this situation is observed. But the fact of 100% compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities is a serious, positive moment, demonstrating the willingness of a participant in financial markets to comply with and respect the laws of their country.

If you do a detailed analysis of questions about the activity of the broker HighLow, you can find a different opinion about the above situation. In some of the comments, the authors plainly accuse the Australian company of fraud, arguing that the decision to limit its client base is a great way to refuse to fulfill its obligations. It does not sound very convincing, but for a comprehensive study of the issue, it is necessary to consider such accusations.

Broker HighLow – a scam project or an example to follow?

The company in question began its activities in 2014, providing access to trading binary options with almost no restrictions (only US traders were cut off from the trading platform under consideration). The service was actively developing, the number of clients increased annually by 20-40%, there were no serious and, most importantly, reasoned comments on the work site.

Trading Terms of HighLow markets

    • The minimum first deposit is $ 50.

    • The size of the transaction – from $ 10.

    • Monitoring agency – Australian Commission on Securities and Investments.

    • Demo account – provided.

    • Mobile version of the resource – is provided.

    • The maximum amount of withdrawal of financial resources – $ 10 thousand.

   • You can use credit cards, credit / debit cards, bank transfers, popular cryptocurrencies, Neteller to replenish your account and withdraw earned money.

    • The time required for withdrawal of funds – from 2-3 hours to 5 days.

    • Fixed commission for financial transactions – 1.5%.

Key financial assets HighLow

    • Stock indexes.

    • Currency pairs (Forex).

    • Precious metals.

    • Raw materials.

    • Crypto Coins.

Based on the above factors, it is difficult to believe that all this was created solely in order to crank up several dubious operations (in economic terms, this is complete nonsense!). It turns out that the advanced version of the “project” of scammers has no real evidence.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”