Trading scheme using “Horizontal lines”. Simple and profitable trading scheme

Ted Capwell

A simple tool called “Horizontal Line”. Increase the efficiency of trading binary options


This tool is really very simple, since it does not require special skills and is perfect for beginners and professionals. The essence of the instrument is to determine the best moments for starting a trade. Or, in other words, opening a deal. With it, you can easily determine the moments of entry and exit and at the very right moment make the right decision.

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Important to know: Support and resistance levels

In order to understand what kind of magic lines, you will need to open a demo account and track the movement of the quotes. On the chart, we can also monitor the movement of quotes up and down. The points at which the chart will fend off and move in the opposite direction will be the levels of support and resistance.

The definition of these points is very important to us. This turning point will signal us about making a profit! To be clearer, we will analyze these moments.


  • The level of resistance is the level from which the graph begins to fall after reaching the point of maximum growth.
  • The level of support is the level from which the graph begins to grow after reaching the peak of the fall.


The probability of crossing the price of an asset of these levels is extremely small. At these levels, the attention of professional traders and, accordingly, their rates is always concentrated. At such points, the market reacts to actions on the part of traders, in turn, this changes the direction of the movement of quotations.

An important point! Support and resistance levels may still overlap.

The principle of using the “Horizontal Line” to determine the levels of support and resistance

This method is used to more accurately determine these levels. These levels will be determined from the points.

We analyze our schedule. What you will need to see. Hiring will need to find the points where the graph changed its direction. We are interested in the maximum upper and lower points. This will be the so-called “swing levels.” We will be interested in exactly those levels where we can track the multiple repulsion of quotations.

The upper line will display the resistance level, the lower support level. The opportunity to build them you will have during the analysis of the market and, directly, trade.


How to Trade

  • When the schedule reaches the level of support, we conclude deals to raise
  • When the chart reaches the resistance level, we conclude deals for a decrease

Next, all you need is to practice and learn to analyze how best to use this tool. With the help of “Horizontal lines” you will be able to build a reliable strategy that will bring you profit all the time.