How Forex trader can adapt to the binary options trading?

Ted Capwell Updated:

Many have heard about binary options, saw the banners on many web sites and many other annoying ads. Also many people have a particular interest in these instruments, because of the belief in how easy is to use them and start quickly earn good money. But not all thorough check this topic, that is why lose money and get disappointment. In most cases, it is necessary for beginners, those who are completely blind in real trading, not as much skilled as an experienced players of binary world and other financial markets. But even those who faced and felt this nature, even of the Forex market, they will definitely beset with the specific obstacles on their way of binary options trading.

Forex market, by itself, is not too different from binary options. The similarity lies in the fact that the trader anyway analyze the same markets and use fundamental technical analysis. So if you already have at least some experience of trading on Forex, then you have a significant advantage in your hand, in comparation to those who did not experience either one of these two topics before.

Tips for adaptation to binary options trading after Forex

Trader will be much easier to adapt to binary trade after Forex, if he has some experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. In addition, the probability of success in trading binary options increases on the condition that the trader had previously managed trade with profit at the Forex market.

Moving to binary options after Forex market, trader must initially explore the features of binary options market – an essentially a new market of financial instruments. Following this, he needs to define a trading strategy which he will use. After which he has to test it using a demo account of any binary broker. If the chosen strategy works and completely satisfies trader, he can start serious trading with real funds.

A little advice: fill your trading deposit on the same amount, which will be sufficient to conduct at least 10 deals.

To achieve success in binary options trading, for trader, who early has been trading at the Forex market, it is important to be able to very clearly determine the time. This is because in Forex trading there is no an urgent need to control the time, because closing of the deal can be done when he wants. But speaking about binary options trade, trader is faced with the fact that the closing of the deal is determined in the accurate time.


Fears of Forex traders at the binary options market

The main thing that affect on the trader and cause first and foremost concern is the fact that every failed transaction carries a loss in the amount of 100% of the sum of the opened contract. That is very unusual and strange for Forex traders, because they are already accustomed to independently control the size of the losses. However the chance to make a great profit often disperses any doubts, because binary options differ his yield an average of about 70-85% of the profit that a trader can earn in a very short period of time. It is captivating, in fact, which Forex can boast rarely.

But let’s be honest, talking about Forex trading we should not forget that it’s easy to lose quite a lot there. Moreover, the loss of the investor can reach 100% or even more. But same as in binary options trading, it is often inherent in inexperienced to novities traders, who do not use stop-losses and who succumb to emotions or the desire to make more money without closing the deal on time.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”