How long before you start to earn money on trading?

Ted Capwell

How much do you need to burn in order to begin earning money on trading

Following a rise in private investment activity through online trading, more and more users are enticed by the prospects of additional income. Considering that the vast majority of newcomers to trading on the financial market don’t have a deep understanding of how it works, a lot of questions arise. The primary one being, how much time does it takes to start generating profit? Instead of answering that question directly, we will breakdown of the basic steps of how to become a professional trader on the financial market.

How long before you start to earn money trading?

When beginning this analysis, it is worth pointing out that no one can give a precise answer to that question. The financial trading is such an exclusive type of activity that it can’t be approached like other common methods for generating income. It is all very individualized, some manage to start earning a profit after only a month, for others, it takes a few years. One in a million traders have the ability to just simply open the terminal and draw profit from the market!

In order to grasp the perspective of time when becoming a trader on the market, first and foremost, you should become acquainted with the full array of preparatory and early stages that basic users have taken on their way to trading successfully on the financial market. So, say you’re a beginner that doesn’t know a thing about trading, this is what you need to do:

Choosing a trading partner and terminal to work with


When you are choosing a trading platform to conduct your operations on the market, you are imminently faced with a serious problem, how to avoid falling prey to online frauds. The problem is that the increasing popularity of online trading has attracted a large number of dealers and illegal resources to this sphere! The sole aim of these services is to steal your funds. To do this, they use a wide variety of approaches, from creating trading pyramids and simply stealing funds to technical mechanisms that present false asset liquidity and set out unrealistic conditions for monetizing funds. When beginning the process of deciding on a trading platform you were undoubtedly faced with this. Therefore, be careful when making your decision and do an in-depth analysis of all the factors of working with the companies of potential trading partners. It isn’t worth opening an account on the first platform you find that has an attractive advertisement, frauds often aggressively promote their services.

In order to choose the most effective trading partner and, as follows, to get both financially and technically lucrative trading conditions, we recommend that you take advantage of various informational resources widely accessible online these days. When making your choice of which platform to work with, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects of partnering with the company:

● Check if the trading platform is licensed. Companies that provide legal services for trading on the financial market must hold a license from a regulatory body of the financial market. This ensures the safety of traders’ investments!

● The financial trading conditions. In this case, it is not only worth considering the indicator of the total starting capital, but other conditions as well. Of course, the ability to start trading with minimal investment required if important to beginners, however, there are more important points such as the minimal contract price and the relationship of this indicator with the minimum sum accessible from your trading account. Under ideal conditions, this relationship would be 1 to 10, as this creates the most opportunities to best manage risk when trading. This indicator is of special importance if you plan to use leverage when trading. Therefore, we’d choose a platform not only based on the minimum starting capital required but one with the optimum relationship between this indicator and other financial trading conditions.

● The trading terminal. The platform for directly conducting trading operations is a trader’s primary tool for working online. This is why it is essential to evaluate the technical tools accessible on their platform in-depth, as well as their functionality and reliability. Another, not insignificant point here is the exclusivity of the terminal. The issue is that dated, widely accessible services these days aren’t tailored to traders’ needs based on the technical reality of online trading. Therefore, if your partner offers services of your own making it is a big plus. So as to make it easier to identify the most effective trading service, we’ll provide you with an array of technical indicators that should be available on the platform:

– Highly-effective means for analyzing indicators. These resources are vital for forecasting market movement and working out effective trading strategies. Meaning that the wider the selection of tools is, the better. Other than that, pay attention to how you access these chart analysis services. It is important for adopting highly-accurate technical strategies based on the analysis of various market patterns.

– The functionality and selection of trading chart settings. The issue is that trading on the market can follow different regimes and formats that require relatively customized settings on the trading terminal. You need a service that offers a wide range of chart settings, its timeframe, as well as the ability to analyze historical asset price movement.

– A general indication of the reliability of working on the terminal. The problem here lies in the trading services’ frequent lags during turbulent market periods. This will lead to a financial loss on the part of the trader. Therefore, we choose professional, stable and reliable platforms.

– A selection of trading assets. Typically, there is a relatively wide selection of financial asset listed on trading platforms, although there cases when companies only provide a limited selection of trading tools. Having a wide variety of trading tools to choose from enables you to more effectively generate profit and diversify your investment portfolio.

● Additional services. When you are trading on the market, you need more than just technical analysis resources, having a sizable selection of information services is also important. Therefore, in order to expand your trading potential, choose a company whose site provides news on the market situation, signal services, a selection of effective trading strategies and technical analysis on rates of specific assets.

● Monetization conditions for withdrawing funds. The market opens up the opportunity to earn unlimited amounts of profit, that being said, not all platforms allow to receive actual funds. This is why you should look into the conditions of monetizing funds, such as time, verification and other additional withdrawal requirements, before opening an account on a trading resource.

In the final stage of choosing a trading partner, take into consideration other traders’ reviews. There are special resources where you can read reviews of potential partners. The process of choosing a trading partner can take a few weeks, but don’t underestimate the importance of this process, because this will put into place the best conditions for trading.

Learn about trading 

Throughout the history of the financial market, it isn’t possible to find good examples of traders, who, thanks to their intuition, personal talent and their gifts of foresight, were able to achieve high results. Becoming a professional trader requires research and specialized technical skills. All beginners who want to achieve success must do their research!

● How do you teach yourself?

There are several ways to learn these days. You can undertake a specialized course that requires the payment of hefty fees or you can take advantage of the specialized educational services of a variety of sites completely free of charge. We’d note that professional opinions are very divided on this question. Some think that investment activity is such a complex process that you can’t get by without a formal education in the specialty! Others applaud those who can avoid this course of knowledge! Undoubtedly, both professional camps are right, however, free courses are better suited for online traders.

With this option for educating yourself on financial trading, the first step for beginners is to choose the most effective, informative system, able to decrease the time necessary to learn whilst providing the maximum amount of practical trading skills and theory on trading. The selection of educational resources these days typically come in these forms:

● Various supplemental materials that outline general approaches to working on the market, approaches, and methods for generating profit, as well as offering effective learning strategies.

● The special terminology that encompasses various kinds of fundamental knowledge is very effective for learning an array of concepts commonly used in trading. This way of learning information not only allows you to learn trading terms but also market participant slang, thus enabling you to communicate with various market professionals

● Video lessons are a more concise and logical way of getting information to people, meaning that learning this way is especially effective.

● Webinars are a way for beginners to learn directly from successful professionals who have achieved impressive results. Gaining skills this way fosters beginners’ professional growth and creates the opportunity for them to receive practical recommendations for trading more effectively

● A demo account. These accounts allow beginners the chance to gain direct experience trading with the help of virtual capital. Demo account can be used to effectively learn how to use the trading terminal, work with electronic contracts under market conditions and also as a way to test how good the service is for learning and creating strategies.

In principle, this collection of services is good enough to gain an understanding of the principle workings of the financial market. You should spend up to 2 months researching market theory while applying your practical knowledge continuously on a demo account on your trading partner’s platform. By doing so, you’ll learn and gain the basic trading skills so you can start earning relatively quick!

Once you’ve started trading

This is an even more difficult time for newcomers to trading. The issue is that, here, investors are left on their own with the market and they start risking real money, bringing all the many psychological problems that come along with it. This is why we recommend that beginners start out trading with the smallest investment accounts possible. Believe me, if you earn profit on a demo account that doesn’t mean that it will be the same when actually trading. If you aren’t a professional yet then you can’t adequately evaluate all the technical processes of the market and the finer point to trading, that only comes with experience. Once you’ve learned this fact, set aside time to adapt to the market and increase your professional experience. How long this period lasts depends on the person, on average it can range from a few months to two years! So as to decrease the time it takes you to adapt, we have the following simple recommendations for you:

● Learn to control your emotions

● Get into the habit of considering things abstract from side factors

● Be mentally resilient in difficult situations

● Don’t take your losses to heart!

● Always follow your strategy and clearly laid out trading plan

By doing this you will not only minimize the adaptation period and the time it takes to gain professional experience, but you can also avoid losses and start earning profit from trading.


We showed you the most important stages to set yourself up professionally to become a seasoned trader on the financial market. As we said, the time it takes to earn money varies depending on the person. That being said, on average it takes 2-3 months before you start trading stability and effectively! Wouldn’t you agree, it’s a completely realistic time period once you know that as a result, you have a real chance at financial fortune and independence!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”