How to become a trader and not invest a penny

Adyen Noters

Since the 90s. of the last century, many of our fellow citizens came to the conclusion that it is impossible to limit the concept of “work” to the daily performance of their duties and to receive remuneration for their work in the form of a salary, advance, etc. Indeed, in our time, any adult can find an occupation that will bring him not only a stable income, but also emotional satisfaction, pleasure from the work done. To do this, you need an Internet connection, as well as a computer, laptop or other modern gadget that allows you to use the World Wide Web.

Analyzing the attitude of our fellow citizens to earnings in the network over the past 20-25 years, we can distinguish the main stages of its transformation:

    • In the 90s. a stereotype has formed that using the Internet it is quite possible to earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing virtually nothing.

    • A little later, users saw that all promises to help them become millionaires are common fraudulent schemes. The above stereotype is losing popularity, its place is occupied by the statement that earning in the network is a 100% fraud.

    • And already in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, users realized that in order to get a stable income they need to work hard (sometimes even more than in ordinary life) or invest their savings in promising business projects. At the same time, the profit size depends on the user’s qualification level and his ability to convince potential employers that they need the services of an experienced specialist.

What is online trading: an overview

Earnings using the Internet can be divided into 2 conditional groups (using the subjects of this activity as a criterion):

  1. Representatives of the first category receive income due to their professional knowledge (journalists, translators, programmers, etc.).

    2. The second group is users whose profession is not of interest to potential employers.

The lack of a demanded specialty and the desire to make money without leaving the apartment, forces the representatives of the second group to study the most diverse offers of earnings on the network. Among them, the ability to earn income by trading in financial assets belongs to the category of the most famous and popular ways to earn real money. Representatives of brokerage companies promise potential traders substantial rewards even if users do not have the appropriate education and experience.

But how true are the above statements? To answer this question, you need to understand how the revenue generation of the broker and trader occurs. If you do not delve into the essence of the issue, we can say that this activity is ordinary speculative trading. The task of the trader is to buy financial assets at the lowest price, so that, after a certain period of time, sell them as expensive as possible. The objects of bidding are: currency (the legendary Forex), securities, raw materials, precious metals, etc.

To work on the services of brokerage companies, a trader must, at a minimum, study the terminology and understand how the formation of the value of assets occurs. Without fulfilling these conditions, work in the global financial market will turn into a regular gambling game.

The “foundation” of the successful work of the trader are:

• Registration on the service of a well-known brokerage company with mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

• Theoretical training.

• Obtaining practical skills (for this, it is possible to carry out trading operations using virtual currency).

• Availability of seed capital.

The last point often becomes an insurmountable obstacle for many Internet users, forcing them to abandon trading in financial assets. But experts recommend not to rush to make radical decisions. What do they offer?


Become a trader without investment?


Is the lack of funds an obstacle to organizing online trading?

Among those who want to earn money in the financial markets, users are often found whose potential (education, good memory, analytical mindset, etc.) allows them to become successful traders. Only to achieve this goal they lack one important component – start-up capital. But do not give up, in order to solve this problem, experienced traders recommend:

Affiliate programs (provided on almost all known services) allow you to earn a decent amount over a short period of time. The task of the trader is to attract as many active users as possible to the broker’s website.

• No deposit bonuses. In conditions of fierce competition, many brokers offer their potential customers a certain amount of money (or bonus points) for registration. But before using this invitation, the future trader should carefully study the conditions for receiving this reward. Often, in order to transfer bonus points to real money, you need to replenish your account by a certain amount or make several bets.

• Competitions of traders. Increasingly, well-known brokerage companies hold special tournaments for traders, where it is quite realistic to earn a decent amount of money.

Based on the above information, it can be concluded that novice traders have a real opportunity to earn money to work on the services of brokerage companies. But experienced specialists recommend using these methods in the most extreme case. This is due to the fact that even attentive users do not always notice the important conditions for receiving “earned” funds. As a result, the novice trader spends his time actually advertising the broker’s web resource, but not getting a penny of real money for the work done.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”