How to improve anonymity in bitcoin network?

Ted Capwell

In the last article we found out exactly how anonymity in bitcoin network is revealed. Of course, this is not in everyone’s power, but with the knowledge of the seeker and sometimes the mistakes of the hiding, it is possible. So it turns out that you can not keep anonymity?

A striking example of anonymity in bitcoin network is rightfully owned Satoshi Nakamoto (nick of a person or a whole group who developed the bitcoin-protocol and created the initial version of the software, where this protocol was implemented). It confirms by its own example that this is possible. Because really, no one still knows who he is. However, he went off-line and does not use the huge amounts of virtual lying on his bitcoin address. This method far is not suitable for everyone. But once you know where the threat of anonymity may lie in wait, you can take steps to strengthen it. So what are the ways to protect anonymity?

Hide IP address

Use the tools with which you can easily change your IP address – different anonymizers, TOR browser and VPN. They will help to hide the Internet user from all those who collect data. In other words, information about the connection of IP addresses with other addresses is masked through nodes, owners of crypto exchanges, forums and other networks that are visited, but only if the user is not required to undergo verification. Naturally, this method is not ideal and has its own disadvantages, so you need additionally to use the rest.

Keep cryptocurrency in bitcoin-wallet

As an option to enhance the security of the cryptocurrency, take it a rule to create a new address for each transaction. This can greatly complicate the task of determining the relationship between the addresses used and a particular user. Why use bitcoin wallets, and do not account for storage of coins. Electronic wallets, thanks to a special software will automatically generate each time a new address.

Do not disclose your identity

It does not matter how good software scammers use to determine the connection beetween addresses and transactions and calculate the identity, until there is at least one thread that will lead to the user. You need to be extremely careful not to glow once again, so as not to leave the transaction that led them to you. Remember you cannot specify e-mail on web resources that already have your first and last name. It is wiser to have a separate electronic box for cryptocurrency and use different nicknames everywhere, without a hint of the name, city or date of birth.Trade where you do not need to undergo verification, so no one will receive your personal data, the benefit is as long as such option can be found a lot.

In the end, you will even have to stop paying directly with cryptocurrency for any goods/services. Ask why do we need such a drastic changes? Judge for yourself then, the slightest mention will lead to you and other transactions, deposits and purses, if any. Ask, how to buywith cryptocurrency then? There is always a way out: sell bitcoins on exchanges for currency, which you can safely withdraw to the card, and then buy anything you want.

Use ” mixers”

“Mixer” is a special service that accepts several transactions conducted by different users at the same time, then distributes the cryptocurrency to new anonymous addresses that can not be calculated.

Suppose the address was illuminated, then move it to anonymous through one of the many “mixers”. It is worth paying attention to the following nuance: the number of transaction’s entrances and exits should vary. For example, if you sent a certain amount of bitcoins from one address, after which you received it to another address, then it will not be difficult to calculate the owner. Keep in mind that such a service must perform transactions with a time delay, and if they are carried out instantly – then there is a leak of information.Because delay allows you to mask the connection between entrances and exits.


In General, the security and anonymity in bitcoin network depends on many factors both internal (if we consider the situacia on the part of the user) and external (fraud and involuntary services). Here in any case you should not blame the code. Cryptocurrency owners should personally determine the level of anonymity in the bitcoin network. This should come from the extent to which his personal data has been disclosed, the methods he uses to protect them, and the frequency of transactional.


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