How to install and configure Forex trading advisors

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This article deals with the installation of a robot, or advisor, its settings and earnings with it on the Forex market.

First you need to download the trading platform MetaTrader4.

This article deals with the installation of advisor SURF-TRADE.

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Advisor has the following parameters:

    1. Currency pair on which the adviser will trade

    2. Time frame: depending on the adviser from M5 to H4

    3. Minimum deposit: from 1000-2500 dollars / or cents

    4. Leverage: 1: 1000 or 1: 500

    5. Estimated profitability: from 5% to 50% per month

    6. Type of trade: moderate-aggressive

Now let’s do the installation of the SERF-TRADE advisor:

    1. Navigate to the folder of the computer where it is saved. For example, it could be the “Downloads” folder. Open the archive with the advisor. We are looking for the file SURF-TRADE.ex4

Surf Trade forex advisor

Then we open the MT4 trading platform and at the first stage, in the Tools line, we enable auto-trading by selecting “auto-trading”. The specified position is displayed as a triangle in the green circle.

open the MT4 trading platform

Then we need to choose a currency pair, for example, AUD / NZD, as well as the time interval of interest. In our example, we chose the M5:

choose a currency pair

             The next step is to go to the “File” tab – “Data Catalog”:

Установка форекс советника: Каталог данных

Among the options that appeared in the window, select “MQL4”:

Then go to the folder called “Experts”:

Установка советника форекс: Experts

In order to connect an Expert Advisor, it must be transferred to the “Experts” folder, in particular, the SURF-TRADE.ex4 file must be transferred:

Surf Trade

Next, to configure and work the advisor in MT4, we go to the “View” tab and then select “Navigator”:

MT4 Navigator

In the window that appears, select “Update” from the list by right-clicking:

MT4 update

Find the SURF-TRADE robot we need and select it by clicking with the left mouse button:


After performing these steps, a window appears with the default settings.

SURF-TRADE robot default settings

We need to change the settings to interest us.

For example, take the following settings for this robot:

SURF-TRADE robot settings

Option 1 – medium:

take: 500

plus: 500

dist: 400

shag dist: 100

lots: 0,1

Option 2 – short-term:

take: 150

plus: 150

dist: 200

shag dist: 30

lots: 0,1

We will choose the second option – short-term.

To change the settings, left-click on the number that appeared in the pop-up window and which needs to be changed:

Now we enter the parameters that interest us, and click “OK”.

In case everything works correctly, we see actual data and a smiling smiley in the upper right corner.

Congratulations. Your advisor has been successfully installed.

And now we will look at examples of successful traders who use such an advisor in their trading, earning not only on open transactions, but also demonstrate high results on world signal copying sites.

So, this client uses the advisor for quite a long time and thanks to it has quite good results:

ZuluTrade good results

Now let’s take a look at another trader who, using this advisor, entered the tops on the ZuluTrade site:

ZuluTrade example

At the MKL5 site there is a trader-client of the Weltrade company, who have achieved success through the use of a trading robot:

Установка форекс советника

Today, in the field of Forex there is a huge variety of earning opportunities and trading advisors – one of them. This tool, without requiring the direct presence of a trader, allows you to earn around the world in financial markets, while excluding any emotions. In addition, it is not only passive income, but also the possibility of diversifying risks in trade.

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