The development of companies that provide access to foreign financial markets to users from the post-Soviet republics is directly related to the number of citizens who have the opportunity to connect to the Internet. In the late 90s and the first decade of the 21st century there were a lot of rumors that you can make huge money online without even having the appropriate education. Many of our fellow citizens believed that this is 100% true. But when the number of users on the world wide web began to increase rapidly, the percentage of those who continued to believe in “fairy tales” declined significantly. Most of them once again made sure that “just like that” no one will pay you money. And in many areas of activity earnings offline was higher than similar work on the Internet. But even this statement has its exceptions. One of them – making a profit in the global financial market.


How to register a trader account to work in financial markets ?


Preparatory stage

Making a decision to become a professional trader or use financial assets to get additional profit, it is necessary to study in detail all the nuances of this business. A newcomer must know the terminology, understand who will pay him money and for what, learn how to prepare trading strategies, analyze economic news and analysts’ forecasts.

As a result, the future trader will not only get the necessary knowledge, but also be able to understand how this activity fits him, whether it will bring moral satisfaction or better not to waste time, money and money, but use his potential in another industry.

In other words, if today you learned what a spread, lot, minimum deposit and transaction amount is or how the world financial market functions, and after a couple of days, studying any broker’s website, you understand what it is about, which means you have real chances become a professional trader.

General issues

After studying the above materials, you need to select priority areas of activity, which will be your main sources of income. These include:

Forex market. Trade in currency pairs became possible after the abolition of the pegging of national currencies to gold (in the 70s of the last century). After this event, the biggest influence on the exchange rate is provided by: exporters and importers, central banks, as well as supply and demand for the most liquid currencies.

● Commodities. For example, the cost of oil may change dramatically if a country extracting “black gold” announces the start of hostilities or a significant reduction in oil production.

● Precious metals.

Cryptocurrencies (electronic money that does not depend on central banks, the number of countries that have recognized cryptocurrency as legal means of payment increases every year). Their course may change, for example, as a result of the ban on this payment instrument in any country with a strong economy.

● Shares and other securities.

If the novice trader has chosen assets that are of interest to him, he can already make a list of brokers offering the best conditions according to these criteria. But it is better to continue the search, studying the following characteristics of the trading platforms (in some sources, instead of the word “platforms” they use “platforms”):

● Reviews on the Internet. Experts recommend studying reviews (comments, etc.) only on reputable resources prepared by well-known experts. This is due to the fact that many brokers pay money to freelancers so that they prepare both positive feedback (for their website) and negative feedback (where competitors are shown as unreliable brokers, and sometimes like real fraudsters).

● Year of registration of the company (it is unlikely that a broker with ten years of experience will fool someone into $ 1-5 thousand).

● Presence / absence of licenses (allowing to provide financial services) and regulatory organizations.

● How to deposit and withdraw money from it. Perhaps the trader liked the broker, and he already plans to register a login, but it turns out that the proposed methods of depositing / withdrawing funds do not suit him.

● Minimum deposit amount. Some companies set a very large amount of the first payment. Not every newcomer will risk paying $ 500 to an unknown company. Especially when it comes to our compatriots.

● Currency accounts.

● Amount of remuneration for the provision of financial services.

● The presence of affiliate programs or other methods of making a profit (for example, you brought an active user to the broker’s website, and you were paid a certain amount).

If, based on the above information, you have compiled an almost complete “portrait” of the company you are interested in, you can start searching for a trading platform.

Account Verification

A trader who has found a trading platform that meets his needs and goals must register an account, open a trading account and go through the verification of this account.

First you need to figure out how to become a full-fledged user of the site. Most creators of trading platforms for account registration require:

● Specify the name and country (address) of residence.

● Phone number.

● Email.

● Account currency.

● Come up with a password.

After filling out a special form (each broker has its own minor features), you will receive an email confirming the registration of your login. In some cases, users need to enter the code that is in the SMS message (comes to the specified phone number).

The last of the presented stages (verification) often alarming potential users of the service. Around this procedure, there is a mass of various rumors and guesses. Some traders argue that brokers are thus trying to gain time (as long as customer data is checked, they do not pay out funds). Other customers are alarmed by the fact that they have to provide the service administration with their personal data, etc.

In fact, if we are talking about a decent broker, this procedure is a necessary security measure. It helps to identify the user’s identity and “weed out” everyone who carries a potential threat to the site. Thanks to verification, the web resource does not work with fraudsters, suspicious persons and criminal elements involved in money laundering.

For verification, the following are required:

● A copy of your passport or other document proving your identity.

● Utility checks with your personal data (last name, first name).

● Scanned card of a financial institution (not all brokers require it).

The process of verifying your identity is a long process. Therefore, before sending the listed documents, be sure to check all the specified data.

Questions and actions of the broker, causing suspicion of traders

You should not sign an agreement with company representatives if they begin to require additional documents for account verification. Also suspicious actions include:

● Baseless changes in trading conditions.

● Lack of organizations controlling the work of the broker.

● All positive reviews about the company are written at the same time and many of them are almost the same.

Another important point is associated with the storage of deposits of their customers. Modern brokers are trying to place users’ funds in separate accounts in reliable banks. If your broker can not give an exact answer about the placement of money, it is better not to contact him.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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