Getting closer to the TradingView platform

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What is TradingView platform for?

To better understand this issue, it would be appropriate to draw a parallel with the well-known platform for forex oldfags – MetaTrader. TradingView is not just an analog, a much expanded version, which includes not only analysis tools, charts, but also a complete social network for traders. This platform is very well known to many of our visitors. At the moment, this platform is considered one of the best solutions on the market. It is universal and suitable for analysing cryptocurrency markets, binary options markets, CFDs, ETFs, forex, forex options and many other tools. There are many scenarios for using TradingView, you are limited only by your imagination.


TradingView platform


Key features of a platform that brings together hundreds of traders

In order to go directly to the platform capabilities, it should be understood that TradingView is not a quote provider. She, like other platforms, uses her personal quotation providers, combining their data into a single whole. Tradingview chart data is quite accurate, but may differ for different instruments with other platforms. Now let’s move on to the main features:

1)Charts of quotes for traders

You can compare or track asset quotes of interest to you at any convenient time. Comparing TradingView quotes with other trading platforms, with large differences, it will not be difficult to identify fraud on the part of the latter.

Advanced trading tools and the ability to create your own analysis tools will make your trading more efficient. Broker terminals, as a rule, do not have such a wide functionality.

The ability to track, analyze the data of several graphs. Own templates for graphs, notifications. There is a lot of functionality for charts.

2)Social network for traders

Personal blogs, exchange of thoughts. Everything is simple and clear. You can draw a lot of interesting ideas for yourself to increase the effectiveness of your trade. “Food for the mind” of the trader. So new trading strategies can be born. But, one must take the knowledge of others with special care. Not everything will always work exactly as the authors of the materials.

3)Tools for technical analysis

In fact, there are a lot of them. In addition to well-known indicators, you can meet something new for yourself. The platform makes it possible to create your own tools for technical analysis. For professional traders, this is an indispensable thing. Also, it should be noted the flexible system of the TradingView platform, which will allow you to use a lot of tools at the same time and test each separately.


Trading signals is one of the important points that allows a trader to understand how to act, or to refrain from actions. Tradingview has good functionality available to work with both its signals and built-in signals.



Indicators are an important part in the work of each trader. Standard terminals of trading platforms are quite limited in the number of built-in indicators. As a rule, traders do not always have enough built-in functionality. This is where it will be appropriate to use the TradingView platform.

6)Summary of economic news

Economic news is one of the important decision-making factors for trading. TradingView platform includes a summary of the most important economic news from various sources. Everything is available in one place.


7)A large number of additional tools

In this platform, in addition to good functionality for traders, there are many tools that will be useful to investors. For example, a stock screener. We recommend that investors familiarise themselves with this platform.

The article will be very long if we begin to describe the full functionality of the platform. And we don’t want our material to be like advertising. We want to acquaint you with the tools that make life easier for every trader. And, most importantly, absolutely free.

Whom is TradingView intended for

This platform is designed for traders who want to get the most functionality from the trading platform. We can safely attribute here traders who specialize in trading all modern assets, including cryptocurrency. Also, the developers did not forget about ordinary investors who, in search of new opportunities to profitably invest their capital. Also, the platform will be useful for trading bloggers, or the owners of PAMM accounts, where they can advertise their achievements in trading. TradingView is suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals.


How to use the platform?

In order to start using this platform you need to visit the TradingView website. Get acquainted with the functionality and go to the section you need. Everything is intuitively simple. If you have experience trading on other trading platforms, then dealing with this one will not be difficult for you. We will not describe each section, the functionality of the tools, since there are a very large number of them, and everyone is looking for something to fit their needs. The platform has many usage scenarios. We definitely recommend that you familiarize yourself with the platform well before using it.

The main directions of using the TradingView platform:

1) A source of ideas for trading.

2) Market quotes tracking, their analysis, charts, indicators, signals, alerts.

3) Work with scripts of indicators and trading signals.

4) Screeners of stocks, bonds, forex market.

5) Work with sets of analytical tools.

6) Analysis of economic news.

7) Communication with other traders.

8) As well as many other areas.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”