Is it worth it to invest in cryptocurrency?

Ted Capwell

Cryptocurrencies are the money of the new millennium. Every Internet user is well acquainted with this phenomenon, and the one who learned about cryptocurrency for a long time, for sure could earn a fortune from a crypt. For example, the very first and most important Bitcoin cryptocurrency since 2009 has increased in price billions of times! The rate of BTC by 2019 is 6.5 thousand dollars.

Modern cryptocurrency market

Today, in addition to Bitcoin, there is a huge amount of cryptocurrency on the Internet – new ones appear every day, and some, on the contrary, disappear, after collecting money from investors selling their tokens. The most reliable cryptocurrencies hold leading positions in the top of digital money. In addition to Bitcoin, these include:

● Ethereum;

● Bitcoin Cash;

● Litecoin;


By the way, once these coins cost mere pennies and were even distributed free of charge. For example, the Ethereum team, before launching its network, conducted a large-scale ICO (initial placement of coins) with a bounty program. It was possible to get a few coins for registering on the platform and performing the simplest actions on social networks (reposts, retweets, etc.). To date, the cost of one Ether is $ 210, and last year this figure did exceed one thousand dollars.

With the advent of cryptocurrency, users of the worldwide network have the opportunity in a short period of time to make a profit of several hundred percent. However, the industry also had a dark side – under the guise of cryptocurrency activity, criminal schemes were launched to take money from unsuspecting users.


Is it worth to invest in cryptocurrency ?


What is the meaning of cryptocurrency and how to earn on it?

Why do we need cryptocurrency? The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, who disappeared from the field of view of industry participants several years ago, laid a special meaning in his creation. Bitcoin was supposed to be an alternative to fiatnom money, which have many drawbacks.

The developers of new cryptocurrencies largely repeated the principles of Bitcoin, while improving their platforms. In some developed countries, it is already possible to pay for a crypt in a store or cafe, but a full replacement of real money with digital money is not the case yet. To a greater extent, cryptocurrency became interesting to the public as a speculative tool.

The essence of earning on virtual assets is simple – it is cheap to buy a crypt and sell high. In the end, absolutely all currently known cryptocurrencies once cost hundreds of times less relevant courses today. When the market of digital assets relatively stabilized, in the first ten of the most expensive cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization, x-ray takeoffs began to occur less frequently (price increases of several (X) times).

But from time to time new “stars” appear on the crypto arena – coins, about which only a few months ago, few have heard. Only a small group of investors skims, selling assets that have risen in price. Or it does not sell, but continues to keep the crypt in price in the hope that it will grow further.

The difficulties of the cryptocurrency market

Many of us would like to be among those “chosen ones” who buy promising cryptocurrency for nothing. But in reality everything turns out differently, statistics are disappointing – about 75% of ICOs do not have a continuation in the form of launching a full-fledged cryptocurrency. Moreover, most of those that still started, do not rush to go up. However, the existing cryptocurrency can always be spent on paying for the services offered by the creators of the crypt.

We have not for nothing mentioned the availability of services on the basis of a cryptocurrency platform – often they are evidence that developers offer a real product, and not a fiction to collect money. After all, as you know, in the world of cryptocurrency everything rests on trust. Therefore, we strongly advise against investing in new cryptocurrencies, whatever the promises of their developers. At least, not well understood the topic.

Recently, a story appeared in the media of a young man from the United States, who invested $ 5000 in Ethereum and earned 800 thousand. But on this he did not calm down. Apparently, believing that he is an expert in this field, he bought several dozen unknown cryptocurrencies and waited for his investments to turn into millions of dollars. But the result was deplorable – almost all cryptocurrencies turned out to be scam, among other things, the guy owed a large amount of taxes for such a high cash flow.

As you can see, with the development of the industry to earn on cryptocurrencies quickly and a lot is becoming increasingly difficult. The market has already experienced its peak, and even its most important representatives (Bitcoin, Ethereum) are not in the best condition. Over the past six months, Bitcoin has traded in the range of $ 6000-8500, not consolidating during takeoffs, and Ethereum has completely dropped from $ 700 to $ 200.

But do not write off these cryptocurrencies. They have not yet revealed their full potential, so it is quite possible that they will still break through new highs. However, there are no prerequisites for this to happen in the near future. Does this mean that you can not earn money on cryptocurrencies?

Exchange and OTC cryptocurrency trading

The cryptocurrency market is a full-fledged exchange direction. Using knowledge of financial markets, applying trading strategies and indicators of technical analysis, following news from the world of cryptocurrencies, one can successfully predict fluctuations in charts. Then even the slightest change in the rates of Biktoin, Ether, or another crypt can generate income.

Millions of traders around the world trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Such a trading involves the purchase of a crypt with its subsequent exchange for another. There are many cryptocurrency pairs on the stock exchanges, as well as pairs of virtual assets with classical currencies – USD, EUR, RUR.

Work on the exchanges requires close interaction of the trader with the crypto market. It is necessary to be aware of key events, have time to buy and sell assets in a timely manner, diversify investments. For example, having bought one or another altcoin at a low price, one can “sleep through” the peak of its growth and, at best, avoid serious losses. If you are not ready to monitor the crypto market 24/7, you can choose another direction of trading – contracts for rising or falling assets, and trade at any convenient time.

The Binarium trading platform, which offers over-the-counter trading services, has a cryptocurrency section. There are 4 key representatives of the industry: charts of current rates of BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP to the dollar. The task of the trader is to make a prediction where the course of the selected crypt will be after a given period of time – from one minute to three months.

How it works?

Experienced traders devote a lot of time to technical analysis, and this is paying off. To visualize the graphics, they usually use a candlestick construction. This option is clearer than the rest shows the history – the opening rate and the closing rate of the candle, as well as the maximum and minimum value for the specified period (timeframe).

On the Binarium trading platform, the choice of the type of chart is at the bottom of the screen. Next, you should choose the time of candles for a specific strategy – from 5 seconds to 12 hours. Additionally, the chart can be supplied with technical analysis indicators. There are the most popular tools for proven trading strategies.

For example, on the Bitcoin chart, we have activated the SMA indicator (moving average), which shows us the presence of a bearish trend. At $ 6450, we open a short trade with expiration until the end of the day. If a reversal did not happen, and by the end of the contract, the BTC was at the level of, say, $ 6,370, the transaction closes in plus, and the trader gets a profit on the balance (up to 90% of the investment size). If the cue ball groped for the level of support and, pushing away from it, went up to $ 6,620, the deal closes to a minus, and the trader loses the investment.

Trading cryptocurrencies on Binarium is simple and accessible to everyone. In addition to cryptocurrency, there are classic stock exchange instruments (currency pairs and futures). The optimal conditions for starting the work are created for the company’s clients:

● available entry threshold in the form of a deposit of 600 rubles;

● minimum investment – 60 rubles;

● withdrawal of funds from 300 rubles;

● first deposit bonus – 100%.

In addition, there is a demo account on Binarium so that every registered client can test the capabilities of the trading platform and check whether he has enough skills to be in the black.

Is the game worth the candles?

It is advisable to invest in cryptocurrency trading only if you are interested in this market and understand the nature of changes in the prices of virtual assets. Analyzing the market, adhering to money-management and constantly improving, you definitely have chances for success in this business. However, if you are looking at the “lucky ones” who were able to make money on the crypt, you think that the money invested will multiply with your insignificant participation, most likely you will not earn anything, and in the worst case you will lose your capital.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”