Forex, digital options, ETFs and CFDs coming in July – IQ Option

Ted Capwell

IQ Option is ready to please traders with innovations

Most recently it became known that one of the largest brokers of IQ Option binary options began to expand. For the IQ Option broker in July 2017, traders will be able to access even more trade solutions. This list includes:

– Forex

– CFD – contracts for the price difference

– ETF trading “shares”

– digital options or, as they are also called, digital options.

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All these solutions are already familiar to many traders. Many of them have already learned how to trade on these financial instruments. Broker IQ Option is considered one of the most influential in the market of binary options. Now we can track the trend, how the niche reacts to such a surprise.

What is useful in this innovation for the binary options trader

Trade in these financial instruments has been going on for several years. As stated before, traders have already familiarized themselves with all the units from the list of innovations.

Now there has been a growing trend that pushes brokers that are focused on one niche to expand. This is all due to the growing needs of their customers. In turn, many trust Forex brokers began to open in parallel the possibility of trading binary options. And brokers of binary options, which already earned trust in traders, began to provide an opportunity to trade at the Forex market to all binary options traders.

In this situation, trader is in a very advantageous position, as he was given access to additional tools that he could increase the efficiency of trading process. The binary options trader will no longer need to spray and collect the puzzle from the brokers he needs. Now he will be able to trade all major financial instruments in one place, and what most important, with a reliable broker. This option will be available to all IQ Option traders in the near future.

What is useful in this innovation for the binary options broker

When a broker of binary options or any other broker that specializes in one financial instrument makes such upgrade, then first of all, it takes much more responsibility on his shoulders. And this is only the beginning. As we know, regulators are constantly tightening requirements for brokers of binary options. In such niches as Forex, there are their own special regulators. And this means that the broker is being faced with new requirements, which he must observe unconditionally. And, if such financial instruments trading process need to be accordingly to their regulators rules, we can just imagine what kind of work will need to be done.

If the broker has set a high standard of service, traders will always expect some improvement. Only really serious companies can afford to enter other markets. Due to the successful roll out of the broker company to other markets, it acquires the authority of an even greater number of traders. And this, in fact, will attract new traders.


The IQ Option Binary Options Broker takes another big step towards meeting new traders. With the development of new solutions and a significant increase in the risk management portfolio of each trader, the company will be able to ensure fruitful cooperation with its existing and future customers.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”