Let’s talk about “invisible knights” fighting for the benefit of many unscrupulous brokers, namely about managers sitting on the other side of the screen and writing every minute trader.

binary options scam

In order to understand why it is so difficult to get rid of the intrusive manager, you first need to understand the very essence of binary business. Firstly, most of the binary options that provide services in the sphere of trade do not really have any relation to the financial instruments themselves, because the trader makes bets on quotes. Secondly, the problem of regulation of brokers is not yet fully resolved.

Therefore, the task of most managers is trite, they only need one – to form a corresponding atmosphere of friendliness and create the illusion of easy earnings. Why, they actively trying to sell all kinds of webinars and strategies, provide signals and advice on the best time to buy. That is, they are banal from the skin climbing out, just as long as you are a plus. But is it true?

Remember: Manager is part of the game of an unscrupulous broker, not your friend!

Remember once and for all: if we are talking about an unregulated binary option broker, then your manager is not interested in your success. Since, as we have already said, his goal is completely different, namely, to find a weak link and to get out of it to the maximum. It’s another matter if it’s the manager of some kind of exchange whose earnings depend not on the profit of the office on which he works, but on the percentage of the client’s turnover on the exchange itself. Therefore, the interest of the binary broker manager is that the trader put more money on the deposit and, in the end, could withdraw less.

There are several typical methods of managers, which allow them to get money from the client:

Manipulation by a dream is the so-called method of pressing on a sore spot. Absolutely the overwhelming majority of newcomers, is not super-wealthy, naively dreaming of light millions, yachts and islands. On such weaknesses, the manager plays, telling how cleverly he achieved his fortune, how easily he spends thousands of dollars on rest and other joys. He manipulates with a decorated history of success, crushing the client. as a result, the trader raises the deposit, in the hope that soon he will also ride a Ferrari and drink Mojito by the ocean.

Parade of impudence – most managers are excellent psychologists. They easily determine the level of a fish, whether it’s an experienced player or a beginner. Here arrogance is the key. They will put pressure on you, saying that your deposit is too small, saying you are an uninteresting customer and a small player. Also will be speculated by imaginary traders who are more risky, from which they are more successful. Remember – no one owes nothing to anyone. Your goal is to earn and cut down money from the broker, and their goal is to cheat you. Do not let yourself be dissolved. There is no such rule “listen to your manager unconditionally”. you have your head on your shoulders, and you decide when and how much to invest.

Keep away – this method is used when the trader decides to withdraw a certain amount of money from the trading account. For the manager it is a signal that “we are losing money!”. Therefore, if you are requesting withdrawal, you will most likely run into the next stream of questions, like “why did you decide to withdraw money?”, “Can you trade yet?”, “Do not want an excellent strategy?”, “Do not want to take advantage of the super offer / bonus / services of a personal manager? “,” Do you agree to doubling the deposit if you leave money on it? ” And much more. Do not be fooled by these tricks, have your opinion and if you decide to withdraw money, then take it off, because the promised is not worth it. Nobody will offer you that to the detriment of yourself. The bonus will need to be worked out, the special offer will have many pitfalls, and the new personal manager will most likely be the old manager.
Making a customer call and leaving it halfway is a favorite method of scammers. Especially inexperienced lures promising advertising. Those who do not know what they have signed are trusted by the trader and listen to his advice. The manager soon spins on replenishment of the account, crediting of the bonus, etc., in short, what you need to work out, give or share, and then leave the trader without answers and help. Occasionally, notifications of promotions or responses are possible. That’s super help, is not it? But, what else did you expect. After all, the manager did his job – he blew you away. The matter is now for a small one, wait until the client merges the deposit.

Risk-free transactions are when you are offered a certain amount, for example $ 100, and are offered to trade on them, with the proviso that if you do not guess the price, you will not lose anything. In simple terms, you will not lose anything by playing with the money. But in fact, this money is returned as a bonus, which needs to be worked out. Otherwise you will not see them as your own ears. Which happens in most cases, since it’s difficult to work out a bonus, especially for beginners. They merge their deposits sometimes several times, trying to make turns in the account and lose. Therefore, if one day you hear a proposal for risk-free transactions, think twice before agreeing.

If to summarize, then it is likely that most potential traders will become sad. But, despair and does not need. Now the regulation of brokers of binary options goes completely to another level. Binary options are now handled precisely by financial regulators in different countries. Thus, jokes and comparisons of binary options with casinos can be forgotten in the past.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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