Market research of trading platforms that offer options trading

Adyen Noters

Analyzing the structure of the global financial market, one can see that some of its tools stand out against the background of other elements that are an integral part of online trading. Among these assets, options (binary, classic or digital) are the most talked about and popular among online trading fans. Some users, including professional financiers, believe that options have a great future and very soon their market will function according to general rules, while others call the considered instruments the next fraudulent project. There are also economists who argue that options should not be taken seriously at all. It is best to take them as an additional opportunity to lose your money (sometimes and win) in a casino or a playground, working in online mode.

General analysis of the market specializing in options trading

Many traders (especially it concerns fans of online trading without an economic education) believe that options trading practically does not differ from casino gambling. Studying open sources on the Internet, you can find a large number of web resources, the creators of which fully agree with this statement. But such an attitude to the question under consideration makes one wonder, why do we need such reviews, market analysis, ranking of brokers who deal with options, etc.? All of these options will be absolutely powerless, if the result depends on the case and good luck.

Of course, determining the direction of changes in the price of an asset is very difficult in the short term. But this does not mean that transactions with options are of interest only as a new gamble for money. Experienced traders recommend anyone who plans to work on the trading floor, hoping solely for their luck, to abandon the idea of ​​registering a profile on the resources of financial brokers. Clients of such companies to prepare accurate forecasts for changes in the value of assets apply the methods of technical or fundamental analysis.


Options trading platform research


The first method is based on studying the history of changes in the value of assets. In this case, traders are confident that the “ups” and “downs” of stock prices, gold, oil or cryptocurrency, periodically repeated. That is, a detailed analysis of the chart, which shows all changes in the value of the asset, will help the trader to predict his “behavior”, both in the near future and in the long term.

Fundamental analysis involves finding and studying information about all parameters that may affect the value of an asset. These include:

    • Interest rates of financial institutions.

    • Inflation rate.

    • Balance of payments of the country.

    • Public confidence in the national currency and banking system.

    • Political situation.

    • Functions and capabilities of central banks.

Another important indicator that is an integral part of the options market is the volatility of securities, currency, commodities and other assets. It shows the range of changes in the value of financial market instruments over a period of time. For professional traders, this indicator is one of the most important. On its basis, the compilation of almost all investment forecasts is carried out. High volatility shows that this asset allows you to get a high income, but such operations are associated with greater risk.

Analyzing the market of brokers who are engaged in options trading, it is impossible to ignore the negative phenomena of this direction of online trading. We are talking about fraudsters who pretend to be decent brokers, which helps them to deceive gullible traders. And if the criminals who apply the standard scheme (to collect the maximum amount promising “fabulous” conditions to their clients), in principle, can be calculated, the more inventive adventurers can work for years without fearing that someone will be able to prove fraud. Such “brokers” often use fake charts and signals, use the money of traders for their own purposes (for example, issuing short-term loans), create financial pyramids, paying well for the work of users who invite active traders, etc.

If you plan to make money on binary options, before registering an account on the platform that interests you, be sure to check this broker. For these purposes, you can use “black lists”, reviews and comments of experienced traders or recommendations of more experienced colleagues.

Leading Options Brokers

To date, the list of reliable brokerage companies that deal with binary, classical or Digital options, includes more than a dozen trading platforms. Consider what offer their customers the most famous representatives of this category.


Options trading platform options research


The above companies are the leaders of the options market according to several well-known services that are respected by many representatives of the global financial market. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the presented trading platforms are engaged not only in operations with binary or classical options. They provide their clients with the opportunity to earn decent money with the help of CFD contracts, concluding transactions for raw materials, precious metals, securities, etc.

Summing up, we can say that options trading is a highly profitable activity, operations are carried out very quickly, the trader knows how much he will earn on each transaction, and in order to access his account it is enough to have a modern mobile device. The main disadvantage of this area of ​​financial activity is a high probability of losing your money.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”