Martingale on a trend is a version for traders who, at the stage of training

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Study break-even trading. Martingale on the trend is the simplest principle in order to save the deposit from bankruptcy and increase capital.

No matter how many you have shoveled the most different thematic information on the Internet, no matter what number of trader services intended for trading binary options you have tried, you will sooner or later make sure that most of the currently existing binary market trading platforms are equipped with very scantily. Their software is primitive, and management is inconvenient in the work, and even about the visibility of the processes produced – and there is no need to speak. And, of course, accordingly, conducting trading on this type of terminal is often impossible in cases where you want to engage in a truly profitable high-precision mathematical trading strategy (not necessarily, by the way, such a strategy will be difficult). In principle, such terminals can not fully utilize all the potentialities of such a highly profitable trading instrument, such as a binary option. After all, a hairdresser can not cut a client’s hair well with blindfolds and blunt scissors? That’s the same with binary options. For profitable trading, a private investor of a binary exchange, like a hairdresser, needs suitable conditions and tools. Due to the aforementioned very common misunderstandings with obsolete or frankly fraudulent terminals for trading, a huge number of potential private investors, desperate and disappointed, leave the stock exchange with nothing – without ever knowing that there are high-tech modern trading platforms. And let them only a few, but if you apply them to virtually win-win trading systems, then you will never leave the stock exchange empty-handed, and you will not want to finish, but on the contrary – continue and improve your work as a private investor of the exchange of binary options. After all, those traders who tried this trading system on fraudulent terminals and considered it unprofitable, think so only because of misunderstandings, because on the modern proven trading platform, the Martingale system will generate revenue always provided a number of simple rules of operation are observed. Your profit, no matter how trite it sounds, will pour into your pockets in the river. For example, with reliable brokers, the terminal of a highly professional level is equipped with all the functions, tools and favorable conditions necessary for the trader’s productive work, which allow to apply the above mentioned and many other trading systems in full. So, get the maximum financial “exhaust” from them. At this trading terminal we successfully tested, and further together with you we will master Martingale’s strategy in combination with the simplest principle of conducting trades in the direction of the trend movement.

In order to list all those characteristics of the trading terminal that attract more and more stock traders of binary options on it, this article will not suffice, only its main advantages will be given here:

  1. Due to the fact that the trading platform is equipped with a large window for asset price charts, additional convenience is provided for the most detailed technical analysis. Also, before the traders, it is possible to predict the nearest direction of the trend movement – you will agree, it is almost impossible to do this in a narrow trading window.
  2. Provide long-term and medium-term forecasts on the direction of the movement of asset prices helps and the function of reverse scrolling of quotes in time. The whole history of the price movement you can see, just using this useful option.
  3. You will never suffer from slippage and will always enter the market at the value of the asset you saw when you clicked on the trading button – the deal opens here for 1.7 milliseconds! This is an absolute record among the most technically advanced terminals of the binary options market to date.
  4. All transactions that a private investor will open at this trading terminal will be displayed visually level-by-level, which is an undoubted advantage in trading.
  5. The 87% profitability of options contracts for trading on popular Binomo assets – also makes this platform one of the most attractive in the modern binary market.
  6. 1 USD – the minimum contract. That is, using only one US dollar, you will be able to open a deal and receive 85% of the payment on it.
  7. The threshold for entering the market is only 10 US dollars, so that even a trader who does not have a significant starting capital will be able to trade.
  8. The registration process is quick and easy, you do not need to go through lengthy procedures for account verification, here you are asked for a minimum amount of data. However, be sure to provide true information about yourself so that you do not have overlaps and delays in withdrawing funds to cards and payment systems.
  9. The platform also includes trading accounts in euros and rubles (you will not lose money on converting funds into rubles when you are interested in immediately spending them).
  10. The free high-quality training provided to each volunteer consists of interactive training aids, webinars with the possibility of communication with the teacher, a database and video lessons. Having passed this course, you will already have all the necessary primary skills for future trade.
  11. The “demo” terminal, which completely copies the real trading platform of the broker, provides an unlimited account of (renewable) virtual funds, with which you can both perfect your trading skills and test independently created or untested new trading strategies.
  12. Insurance system up to 30%, regulation of the company’s activities through the regulator, protection of your funds by the Compensation Fund – here are a few more points in favor of choosing reliable broker.
  13. All of your financial transactions that you make on the terminal, as well as personal data of customers are reliably protected by the use of modern electronic encryption protocols.
  14. A huge number of payment systems allow you to choose the most suitable way for you to transfer and withdraw funds from your account.
  15. The withdrawal of profit is made in the shortest time and without delays.
  16. Technical support is open 24 hours a day, qualified and polite specialists will always help you to solve the issues arising during the bidding process.
  17. The company is interested in expanding and maintaining the client base, which positively affects the quality of its services. Traditionally held traders’ tournaments on a demo account allow winners to get their first real money on a deposit without investing a penny.
  18. The comfort of the interface provides an incomparable convenience with any other terminal in conducting trading operations.
  19. Directly to the terminal is built an indicator set of high-precision forecasting tools, and the platform is equipped with a graphical set that helps in the work of a private investor.

So, it is decided – we trade, but how to increase your income?


First of all, you should reduce the possibility of financial losses to almost zero, respectively, and your income will increase:

  1. To reduce the likelihood of financial risk, we follow the principle of “Trade in trend” – so we very significantly reduce exchange risks, just a few times.
  2. To derive in the profits those transactions that were unsuccessful, we use the principle of “Martingale”.


How to trade on a trend, even a novice knows, everything is simple:

  1. Through the extreme points of the quotes chart, we draw a trend line (as in the picture below) – in this case these are the minimum price values ​​of the asset’s value, and the trend is directed upwards:How not to lose money on trading binary options
  2. Transactions we will conclude by the principle of “on a rebound” from this graphic line (as shown in the picture):Stop loss on trading binary options
  3. What to do if your stock exchange deal was not closed the way you expected and caused you a loss? – Just wait for the moment when quotes “break” from the trend line! At this point, open the transaction “double-volume appendage.” So you do not just block the received financial losses, you will earn a profit! Doubling can be continued until the moment you close the trade contract in your favor and you do not go into the “plus”.
  4. Do not forget that risk management was not invented from idleness and control the size of trade contracts being opened. Everything will depend on the trading strategy used. With simple trading on a “go-live” trend, it is not necessary to overestimate the size of transactions to more than 2-3% of the value of the deposit capital. If you’re, in combination with Martingale, apply any super-profitable trading system, sometimes it is allowed to overstate the size of the deal-the “makeweight” (as much as 10% of the volume of your financial depot). Usually in the description of strategies it is mentioned about the maximum permissible sizes of trading lots.

REMEMBER, also about THAT:

– Involved in the work on the exchange of binary options the simplest method of “Trade in trend”, you, however, already significantly reduce the amount of losses, which means that you will need less doubling. The more accurate the system, the less often you will have to apply the Martingale principle in work.
– Trading in contracts from 1 USD, at the Martingale terminal, a private investor of the exchange reduces the risk of bankruptcy and significant drawdowns of the deposit account by several times.
– The most successful time for applying the principle of “Trade in trend” is the opening hours of the American and European trading sessions, when the exchange has the highest volatility of quotations of assets.

So, following the above tips and best practices, you can achieve in a very simple way that your losses will be reduced to almost zero. Let us recall once again that Martingale works in combination with a variety of existing trading systems. However, if you are a beginner in binary options, then do not grab at once for complicated multi-component strategies and do not overstate the value of contracts! The quieter you go, the further you’ll get! Good luck, friends!



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”