MetaTrader 5 – best trading platform for Forex Market

Ted Capwell Updated:

MetaTrader 5 is an another extremely wonderful and productive version of MetaTrader 4, will bring You a great pleasure from trading various assets on various markets. In the fall of 2009 the developer of this platform MetaQuotes Software Corp. introduced the beta version to everyone for the extensive testing! The new version of the platform is made with all the present needs for efficient trading and receipt of necessary information and its analysis. This version became even faster, even more protected and significantly expanded its functionality.

One of its strengths is the absence of need for a minimum account to trade with price accounts. For today this version of the platform offering to trade on various markets including Forex, Stock, Futures.

It is also a great opportunity if a trader has multiple accounts, as this version easily allows the trader to move from one window to another, which significantly simplifies and facilitates the process of trading for both experienced traders and for traders beginners.

The innovations of MetaTrader 5 that surely delight traders!


This platform really liked it programmers, as the basis they took C++. This enables them to program their trading robots. They became available with absolute freedom in the maximum automation of the trading process. This update is one of those that significantly pushed forward this version compared to other platforms.

Besides, now in MetaTrader 5 is the ability to create their automated assistants. The trader do not have anything to do with superprograms. In the body of this version of trading platform comes with a new service that will greatly simplify your programming. This service is called Wizard and is one of the best in the world in this direction. With this came an extraordinary amount of updates and additions to the platform, which in turn even more simplified and made easier the process of trade.

The main advantages of MetaTrader 5

If to compare this fifth version with the previous one then the benefits become even more striking:

– This platform gives the opportunity to use a variety of orders, in turn, is extremely essential if a trader wants to organize a very complex strategy, and to organize it successfully. If the trader to control his losses he can use pending orders. Also this platform has the ability to “reverse a position” at some point.

– To define the best moments of opening and closing you need to conduct a qualitative analysis of the market. Version of this platform will help trader in this and this process will cease to be a mystery or difficult to understand. To do this, anyone can use twenty-line tools and thirty technical indicators.

– Platform developers have added in this version of the program MQL5 (try it by clicking here), which significantly improved its functionality and expanding the capabilities of the platform. With this any trader has the ability to significantly automate the process of trading and analyzing the market by creating your own adviser. For example a trader can easily trust him with the analysis of the currency market.

– Another great feature is the built-in custom indicators by which the trader has the opportunity to create their own analytical tools.

– In order that the trader was able to realize closure by pressing only one time in MetaTrader 5 is the availability of appropriate scripts.

– In order that the trader got a clear entry point and use big time frames to analyze trends in the market, this platform offers much 21 chart in different periods. The trader with the opportunity to open and track as minute and monthly charts.

– The developers added a sound notification in order to always obtain information and respond quickly to changes in the market, especially when the price reaches the desired point, and already opened multiple charts with different periods and different tools. So trader will never miss an important moment. Also everyone are available the most important information and news and much more.

Advantages of MetaTrader 5 appreciated by traders

A lot of traders agree that the presence of 21th of a time interval for trading and access to multiple time frames, more than is necessary for organizing a successful auction and the conclusion of profitable trades.

One of the updates that is unlikely to be available for brokers. This possibility of exchange scan that reports on the volume of applications on the market.

Also in the version of the MetaTrader 5 trading opportunity in one click. This capability was available before, but for this it was necessary to install additional scripts. Full opportunity for trade in one or two clicks only became possible in MetaTrader 5.

Another important addition was that there were two new orders that allow you to enter into trades at the most favorable prices. Many seemingly small updates that significantly distinguish this version from other versions and platforms in General. But all this only shows that huge opportunities are open to programmers that have vast scope and opportunities for earnings from writing new plug-ins, apps, software. But by the traders themselves can brighten the process of trading as they want.

Reviews of the professional traders and the beginners

If we talk about traders that trade for a long time and have extensive experience in the bidding process, there is a certain difficulty is to retrain yourself and get used to the new system, but it is only a matter of time. They also noted the new version of the absence of locks. Of course, most traders mark them as unimportant information that only distract and interfere, but without it was somehow unusual. But for traders beginners, who first got behind this software is just what they need, because this version of the platform is guided by the motto “nothing in excess”. For them this is a great option to start in this business with all the necessary tools for successful trading. No platform previously could not boast of such a principle!

Although an even greater field of undeveloped possibilities of MetaTrader 5, this version found the support of a wide audience of loyal supporters trade a variety of assets. Work on improving constantly, but this version was a breakthrough in this activity! Install now >> MetaTrader 5