As you know, the assets of currency pairs, which are the most frequently used assets in the market of binary options in the private trading segment, have one characteristic feature. We are talking about the so-called correlation of currency pairs. If you skillfully use this unique property when conducting binary trades, then you can achieve excellent profitability, namely – 100% of income in just 1 week of trading in the middle mode during the working day. That’s why the strategy and got its name – “The Golden Bottom.” In addition, the technology will be absolutely accessible to execution even by inexperienced beginners, you just need to gather your spirit and be very careful when opening sales positions, observing all the necessary requirements, which will be described in detail below. There will not be any special knowledge or acquired skills of trading binary options here. Trading itself in this method is characterized by a low percentage of market risks.

But, of course, like any trading strategy, the technique of binary trading on the assets of currency pairs “The Golden Bottom” requires a private investor to fulfill a number of certain input conditions.

To begin with, since we are read and beginners, let’s look at the general outline of what is the property of correlation in the stock exchange of option trading. Correlation is the existing relationship between certain types of currency pairs. That is, it is obvious that if the pairs of currencies themselves exert a certain influence on each other, then on the charts of their assets we will have some similarity in the moments of fluctuations in their quotations. And in some cases – on the contrary – quotations of related assets will show us a cardinal divergence from each other. But, of course, it is better to imagine this process, after analyzing a living example. Let’s take for quotation the quotation chart of the asset of the currency pair, which is the most popular among private investors of the binary-option market – EURUSD:

Binary options strategy called "Golden Bottom"

On this chart, we can clearly see the parcel on the quotations, on which the euro falls against the US dollar.
And now we will take the diametrically opposite situation and consider the asset of a currency pair in which the US dollar takes a distinct leading position in a pair of currencies, for example – USDJPY (we will study exactly the same time interval):

Binary options trading tactics "Golden Bottom"

On the chart of quotations of this asset, there is a rapid growth of the US dollar against the Japanese yen. That is, the US dollar is capable of strengthening as a currency relative to other leading currencies of the world stock exchange of finance. And this property (this is the correlation, which we talked about above) – it will be very convenient to use binary options for highly profitable stock trading.

And to make this possible, and the “Gold Bottom” strategy gave us the biggest “exhaust”, we will need to choose a brokerage terminal, which has a number of certain conditions and functions in the interface. So, for successful implementation of the strategy, you will need: high accuracy of quotes from a reliable supplier of stock liquidity, a large number of assets for trading, a low threshold for the size of the minimum option contract, the function of opening several transactions simultaneously without directly limiting their number.
In the course of testing this strategy, among the three most popular among the stock traders of the binary market of trading terminals, the optimal trading platform was selected for several indicators. The highest accuracy of quotations, the speed of opening contracts and, accordingly, the high profitability at the output, along with the comfort of carrying out work on the trading platform – were demonstrated by the terminals of our best brokers. By the way, on these trading platforms, private investors are provided with a list of assets for work, represented by a wide range of trading instruments – over 80 units, an exchange contract can be opened starting at US $ 1, and this facilitates the simplicity of capital management), and in addition, open contracts are not installed at all.

But how to apply the notorious property of correlation of currency pairs in practice? So, we are considering the principles of work on the strategy called “Golden Bottom”.

In order not to go into detail without the need for a detailed technical analysis of the quoted charts of tradable assets, we will use the system in its simplest version, one that will suit both sharks of the stock exchange and inexperienced beginners. The main asset of our trading asset is EURUSD, but as for the USDJPY (dollar-Japanese yen) asset, we will use it as a security. For example, let’s open a deal on the asset EURUSD with the direction DOWN:

Binary options trading system called "Golden Bottom"

If we see that the forecast is likely to be justified, and the value of the asset begins to fall (the quotes on the chart decrease), then we need to make a transition to the insurable currency pair and on the asset chart to open the deal UP, since we already have confidence in the fact , that the value of this currency pair on the exchange will increase, and we, accordingly, will be able to earn additional income on this.
But, of course, there is the possibility of developing the opposite version of the situation. Similarly, we open an option trading position, directing it UP, on the same main asset of the EURUSD currency pair, but its quotes start to fall, that is, it turns out that the trade contract opened by me should bring me a loss:

Binary options trading pattern called "Golden Bottom"

After observing the trend of the asset market and identifying the most probable error in the trade forecast that we have generated regarding the further movement of its price, we again switch to a pair of currencies intended for insurance of the main pair – and we open the contract with a binary option UP. That is, the result will be that the loss received by us on the main asset of the EURUSD currency pair will overlap entirely with the profit that will be received from the insured series of binary-option transactions, that is, our deposit capital will again acquire strictly positive profitable statistics.

Profitable system of trading for binary options called "golden bottom"

Establishing for themselves the required number of trade contracts in the insurance series, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors in order to prevent overloading of the deposit. You insure yourself by trading with minimum contracts, which amount to 1 USD. Do not deny the fact that the considered system of the “Golden Bottom”, despite its high profitability and recoverability – is very simple to understand and execute, even novice private investors of the binary-option market who, for the first time in their lives saw the stock exchange terminal.
The trading system of binary-option contracts “Gold Bottom” is intended for profitable trading with deals with mostly short expiration periods. And the most optimal expiratory period in this respect, set by the trader for the time of “life” of the opened exchange contract – in this case will be a time interval of five minutes. This period is enough to analyze the correctness of the forecast of the leading financial asset for a private investor and for the subsequent rapid opening of trade contracts on the insuring asset in order to secure final profit results.
For additional personal testing of the above approach to trading with binary options and for further training and testing of your own skills, you can use a demo terminal with a revolving unlimited virtual deposit account, working on trading platforms. By the way, this broker conducts interesting tournaments on demo deposits, in which you can win without investing at all, having won your entrance capital, start trading on the stock exchange and earn fully real financial means.



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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