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It is worth to pay attention to AdvCash (Advanced Cash), expecially for all those who often use electronic currency and search for an advantageous option for their investment. This is, first and foremost, one of the most popular electronic payment system, which is actively used in most investment projects.

What can AdvCash offer you?

• multicurrency wallets (USD/EUR/GBP/RUB)

• instant exchange of currencies at the best rates with a low commission

• transfers in 200+ countries around the world (at any Visa/MC card or email)

AdvCash – fast, profitable and safe solution to your payment issue!

Your personal offshore account with virtual and plastic card. Receive money on your personal Swift/wire account

We should evaluate advantages of AdvCash, in order to understand that this system is really convenient and profitable platform for accumulation of money:

• 100% security of the system 

• flexible protection of the wallet

• user’s anonymity

• 0% commission for transfers within the system

• ability to transfer funds to third parties

• presence of an offshore card

• withdrawal of cash at favorable rates

• affiliate program

• intuitive and usable interface

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AdvCash registration & verification

Registration is completely free. All you need to enter the name, surname, email and an access password into the required fields. You will get a notification letter of your successful registration after entering all the required information.

(!) One little interesting note: It is not necessary to specify your real data – name and surname. But if you plan to pass the verification in this system, then it is recommended to do so.

Verification in AdvCash includes three stages: 

  1. Verification of identity: a scan of the passport page with a photo or a driver’s license – to verify the authenticity of the data entered. It usually takes from 1 to 3 days.
  2. Verification of the address: it is possible to provide a scan of the passport page with a residence permit or another document confirming the authenticity of the entered address. It also takes form 1 to 3 days.
  3. Verification of the phone number: you will be sent an SMS with the code to the specified number, which you will need to enter in the corresponding field on the site. On this the verification process is completed. 

Many may ask why do we need to undergo the verification? In fact, the answer is very simple! Surely, you will be able to use all the features of the system without going through this procedure, except refilling the account via bank transfer. 

Also, it’s worth briefly focus attention on the limits “before” and “after” verification: 

• Before passing the verification procedure, the owners of personal account are able to refill it for the amount of 1000 USD/day and 2500 USD/month. Also allowable withdrawal of funds up to 500 USD/day and up to 2500 USD/month. Transfers within the system are possible in the amount of up to 3000 USD/day/month.

• In contrast to the previous, the owners of personal accounts, which have been verified, may refill funds in the amount of 99,999 USD/day or 250,000 USD/month per transaction. Possible withdrawal of up to 100,000 USD/day and 250,000 USD/month with a limit of 10,000 USD per transaction. The limit of transfers within the system will be 999999 USD/day/month with a limit of 99999 USD per transaction.

Therefore, it is recommended to undergo verification to gain access to full use of all the proposed features of this system.

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AdvCash Wallet

You are able to open more than one multicurrency wallet (even if they all are in the same currency), with the ability to send a transfer within the system to the wallet number or even to the beneficiary’s e-mail address. As already mentioned, the wallet supports four currencies: euro, dollar, pound and ruble. Each of such wallets is assigned a unique purse number in accordance with the chosen currency – a letter and twelve digits.

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AdvCash Card

The company offers plastic and virtual MasterCards (USD/EUR) equipped with PayPass system, with a free service and best rates.

Using a plastic card you may make purchases and withdraw cash without commission. As for limits, the withdrawal amount is 90 000 USD/EUR per month and 3000 USD/EUR per day. Concerning the replenishment of the daily limit? it is 3 000 USD/EUR. You can order a card immediately after registration without verification. Release of personal card takes about one day, after which the card is sent to its owner. It will cost – $4,99 including its delivery.

AdvCash virtual card is an excellent option for safe online shopping. Using this card you can make free transactions (only in the currency of the card), get free of charge service, as well as its instant replenishment. This card costs 1 USD/EUR and can be issued for 3 years. It is also available immediately after the registration in the system.

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AdvCash money deposit and withdrawal methods

You can use Perfect Money and Bitcoin to refill account with a sufficiently low commission. It is particularly advantageous to use cards for transactions conducted in euros and dollars. In some extreme cases, you are allowed to refill your wallet with mobile operators. It is also possible to use e-currency exchange for replenishment and transfer of funds.

Therefore, properly acquainted with AdvCash system and learn about all the benefits, it can be confidently identified as one of the best payment systems for today.

Think wisely – take advantage of AdvCash!

Click on the image of a card to register in the system

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