The opinion of specialists about binary options trading

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Despite the high popularity of binary options among ordinary online investors, many market participants are concerned about the attitude and opinion of specialists about this earnings tool. Doubts about the effectiveness of options are caused by financial illiteracy of the population and opposing views in the network, which form two categories of investors. The first consider binary options as the next scheme of deception, the second ones speak about the profitability and effectiveness of the instrument. We decided to conduct an analysis and offer you a general opinion of industry experts on binary trading.

What experts are thinking about binary options trading

So, first of all, let’s look at the direct algorithm of the binary contract, which is offered on broker platforms. Options on the sites of online brokers have the most adapted for traders income generation, which has absolutely nothing to do with the real binary options that are traded on the Chicago Stock Exchange. The contract that is offered to us is a deal for the growth or decline in the value of a particular asset, in which no securities or derivatives are purchased and, of course, one can not talk about buying or selling any financial instrument. For this reason, in many developed countries this type of financial activity is referred to as bookmaking. For example, the UK issues online bookmaker licenses to bookmakers. But in spite of this, it is not worthwhile to attribute binary options to a tool of deception, since even in such a regime it is possible to earn and earn money monetarily.

We go further. Specialists who talk about binary trading as a means of deception make such statements based on consideration of some brokerage platforms that can really deceive customers. But these experts do not say that the binary option itself is a fraudulent tool. Of course, fraud is present in any sphere of human activity and you can even face it when buying products in a store. Given this fact, fraud, and this is said by an overwhelming number of experts in the financial market, must be considered through the prism of the work of brokers of binary options.

If the investor works on an unlicensed platform, does not consider the company’s reputation and the professional level of its terminal when choosing a partner for trading, then, of course, the loss of profit and initial investment is a matter of time. In contrast, trading on the professional services of licensed brokers, gives all the opportunities to receive a stable income and at the same time, without delay, to withdraw profits! The reasons for trusting such a broker are simple: the availability of a market regulator license and honest relations with customers that form the reputation of a broker in the financial market.

The main argument in favor of trusting a broker is a license. Since 2008, for the trading of binary options to brokers, licenses are issued by such bodies as CySec, FCA, CNMV, AFM, MiFID, BaFin, CROFR, and many other financial regulators.

They recognize this kind of contract as a binary option as a legal means of trading and a tool for making a profit.

Let’s sum up. First, of course, you may face fraud in the binary market, and industry experts say this all the time. But this is a matter of relations with the broker and not in any way the problems of binary contracts. The second: despite the different attitude of professionals to the algorithm of trading operations with this tool, all without exception speak of the legality of binary options!



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”