The highly effective options trading system «Guide»

In search of their “Holy Grail”, a strategy that ensures 100% successful options, traders often bypass the well-known techniques of effective market analysis. Dear friends, do not waste time looking for the impossible: there are no 100%-efficient strategies, but there is a system allows making a stable income due to its profitability statistics. Today we offer you a trading strategy called Guide. It is based on the rules of the Price Action and a combination of standard services for automatic analysis. Our forecasting method insures 85-87% of profitable trades, which is quite enough to achieve constant growth of funds.

Binary options system «Guide»: requirements

This technical method of market evaluation and forecast generation includes a combined approach using graphic channels of price fluctuations and filters of signals (standard indicators). In addition, to be effective the system requires certain technical and financial conditions that will provide a low level of risk, ease of trading and maximum trading result. The strategy requirements are the following:

– Graphic service for the formation of channels on trading quotes;

– Standard set of indicators;

– A fine choice of assets;

– Options with an increased level of returns;

– Possibility of trading in the non-stop format;

– A graph with a 1 minute timeframe;

– Expiration period of trades — 5 minutes;

– Fast and stable mode of options registration;

– Highly accurate trading quotes;

– Minimum financial requirements to start trading.

One few trade services currently present in the market fully meet the above requirements. We recommend the service provided by the Binomo broker as an optimal choice. Their platform features all the necessary technical equipment and has perfect financial conditions for trading.

The «Guide» trading system: setting the chart

For effective market forecasting and valuation, set the M1 timeframe mode and use the following automated analysis tools on the chart:

– Indicator RSI 8 with 30/70 areas;

– MACD indicator.

In addition, it is necessary to create a price channel within which the market fluctuations are happening. To do this, select the “Channel” tool in the list of graphic services on the Binomo platform and connect the local highs and lows of the chart. As a result, you will see the following technical figure:

Guide options trading system

The Rules of Trade

To open an UP (CALL) position, use the following indicators of the strategy:

– The asset price bounced off from the lower level of the price channel;

– The line of the RSI technical filter made a turn from the area 30 upwards;

– The MACD movings turn upwards after the crossing.

Options trading Guide satrategy

To open a DOWN (PUT) position, use the following indicators of the strategy:

– The asset price bounced off from the higher level of the price channel;

– The line of the RSI technical filter made a turn from the area 70 downwards;

– The MACD movings turn downwards after the crossing.

binary options guide high effective


The most efficient expiration period for working with this trading strategy is 5 minutes. The option repayment range can be adjusted depending on the current market volatility and the width of the price channel.

Money management

To create the most secure trading conditions, apply the standard risk management rules and restrictions: use contracts of minimum value when trading with minimum accounts; use positions with a risk level of 5% of the total amount when trading with large funds.



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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