What is the trader’s profitability calculator

The yield calculator is one of the best tools that allow you to calculate the profitability of your trading on forex, binary options, digital options and CFDs. The profit calculator does this based on the data entered into it. As a result of the calculations we obtain the necessary data for us, according to which we can orient ourselves. The yield calculator for binary options, forex, CFD, digital options is very useful. In most cases, you will make several transactions and predict your profit or loss for each of them without a profit calculator will be difficult. The profit calculator automates the calculation of the profit or loss on the transaction. All you need is to enter the necessary data into the calculator and calculate the profitability of your transaction.

How to use the trader’s profitability calculator

To use the trader’s profitability calculator, you will only need to take a few simple steps.

– Choose the currency in which your trading account is opened (the calculation of the yield will be conducted in this currency)

– Next, we have to choose a currency pair from the list, which immediately provided the exchange rates.

– Choose the account leverage and the way to display the default lot size

– Now choose the type of transaction. Everything is simple: buy or sell.

– Next, we enter the number of units of the transaction to be concluded, the number of pips, the date the transaction was opened.

– Then we introduce our forecasted rate for closing the deal on a currency pair. Here, you can also enter the current exchange rate, but then do not forget to replace the values ​​of this field with the course that was the previous one.

– Further we enter the size of the commission, the size of the capital, the value of the net deposit, the volume of trade

– After entering all the necessary data, the yield calculator will automatically calculate. A value with a minus sign will mean that the transaction will be unprofitable. Without a minus sign, the deal will be profitable. Also you can navigate by the color indicator. Green will testify to the profitability of the transaction, and red about its unprofitability.

– In order to do the calculations again, enter the new data and get the result. If something does not work, just refresh the page.

When to use the trader’s profitability calculator

The yield calculator was mainly used to calculate the profitability of a Forex or CFD transaction (a price difference contract). But, since this tool has flexible settings, it can also be used for technical analysis in the trade of binary and digital options. The profitability calculator allows you to track the slightest fluctuations in the price of an asset or currency pair traded by you. This gives you the opportunity to instantly check whether your transaction will be profitable or unprofitable. All you need is to fill in the necessary data and get the result. This technical analysis tool will be useful for traders who are used to opening several trades and hedging themselves with several more. Working with a profit calculator will very well affect your overall risk management. You will be able to manage your transactions even more effectively. Use this tool you can paired with any other. You can use it yourself or by sticking to a certain trading system.


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