Research of binary options trading platforms for 2018 beginning of 2019

Adyen Noters

The main European regulator ESMA (Department of Markets and Securities), which has set a goal to completely destroy such a financial instrument as binary options, in 2019 does not intend to abandon this dubious idea. By not offering anything in return, but acting on the principle: “we believe that this is bad, it means that we should prohibit it”, the above-mentioned organization introduced a certain imbalance in the segment of the global financial market in question. Many countries followed the example of the ESMA and also revised their position on options trading. These include Kyrgyzstan, Russia and some African countries.

The situation in the global financial market in the segment of binary options

It would seem that highly qualified European specialists in regulating the activities of financial markets will never take half measures, understanding how all this can end. But it turned out that it is not. At the same time, the most persistent desire to repeat the same mistake for almost 1.5 g is most surprising. And according to analysts in 2019, ESMA does not plan to revise its position on this issue.

The most interesting thing is that the employees of the main European regulator are well aware that they prohibit the activities of companies specializing in trading binary options that are physically located and registered in one of the EU countries. For example, a brokerage company from Belarus or Ukraine can quietly provide access to options operations to its western neighbors. At the same time, any student at an economic university will tell you that such bans negatively affect the economy of the EU countries. It turns out that ESMA destroys potential jobs, allows money that could go to the budget of Austria, France or the Czech Republic, “disappear” in an unknown direction.

The only explanation for this position of the regulator may be factors about which we know nothing. But that’s another story. In this case, we will build on known, accessible, and repeatedly verified facts. And for starters, let’s try to figure out what scares the really strong European specialists so much about options. We begin, of course, with the general definition, features and mechanism of functioning of binary options.

Key features of classic, binary and digital options

Despite the unusual definitions for any person without an economic education or work experience in a field that is related to financial markets, options in their structure are not something difficult or difficult to explain. For example, you grow potatoes, and you know that the resulting crop significantly exceeds your needs. By agreeing with your neighbor that he will buy you a certain volume of this product in the fall, at a fixed price, you create an oral contract, which in its structure is no different from transactions in the foreign exchange or commodity market. If the neighbor sees closer to fall that you will have a decent harvest, and in general the deficit of this strategic product is expected on the rising sun market, he can resell his contract to another buyer, earning good money for this operation.

As for the financial market itself, in this case success (and therefore profit) depends solely on how correct your forecast is. Determining the direction of change in the value of the asset, you get a reward, the amount of which is known in advance.


binary options trading platforms 2018-2019


Classification BO (binary options)

The list of the most popular types of BO includes:

• Classic. The task of the trader is to determine the direction of changes in value. Up or down. The guessed person receives a reward known in advance.

• “One touch”. It is necessary to determine whether the price of the asset reaches a certain value.

• Option for 60 seconds. This option is loved by all who, due to their temperament, cannot wait long for the end of the last stage of the transaction.

Digital options are distinguished by the fact that the trader’s win depends on the level that the value of the asset has reached over a certain period of time.

FX options are options on the forex market. Used by importers of raw materials for hedging risks.


The best brokers 2018-2019

Unfortunately, in the situation that has developed around binary options after the ESMA bans, the development of this segment of the global financial market has been at zero over the past two years. Even on the most famous and reputable web resources that study the rating of companies in different sectors of the economy, there is no consolation data.

Therefore, in 2018-2019. The main subjects of the binary options market are:

    • IQ Option. The most “advanced” representative of the sector of the economy in question, according to the authoritative resources involved in the study of this issue.

    • The company, which is based in the UK and is regulated by well-known institutions in the UK, Ireland and Malta. During the 5 years of its existence, has managed to win the favor of many traders around the world. is one of the oldest trading platforms on the market. In addition to options, provides the ability to trade cryptocurrency and CFD

    • High low. An Australian company that officially provides its services to traders from around the world. He positions himself as an honest and reliable representative who has been working on the options market for many years. Regulated by the Australian government regulator.

    • Binomo. The company registered in Geneva, which, after the decisions of the main regulator of the EU, received new documents in Cyprus, is actively working in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the company’s closest plans are the main idea – to gain a foothold in Africa and the Middle East, where you can expect good profits despite the immense influence of Islam and Muslim traditions.

    • Olymp Trade. Reliable binary options broker. It has been operating since 2014. Based in Cyprus. An honest and reliable broker who has been tested over the years. Recently left the Russian market. One of the best brokers for Africa, Indonesia and the CIS countries with the exception of Russia.

    • Finmax. The young company, which is based in Bulgaria, has been on the market since 2015. There are options trading in the forex market. The broker managed to earn a good reputation among traders.

Based on this information, it can be concluded that even serious organizations such as ESMA are not able to stop the development of the market of binary options or other promising innovations. The main thing — to offer representatives of the target audience a quality product.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”