Ted Capwell


When visiting the website of every broker offering binary options, one will run into a warning about the risks associated with trading. And the fact that many inexperienced traders losing their money because of the same lack of experience, proper strategy, and sometimes even impulsive, leaves a lot of negative reviews about binary options and simply changes the truth.

Internet is full of so called experts, who imagines themselves as a gurus of the trade, which falsely offer safe options trading. So how can that be? Is it possible someone to believe? Is it possible to trade safely binary in real? In fact, trade binary options trading is a double-edged sword. We propose to consider both.

Every experienced trader will say with confidence that the success in trading without market analysis is impossible. You can build your trading strategy using indicators, signals, technical analysis and candlestick patterns, and also based on your logic and market news.

However, our advice to you: never make a trade randomly relying on intuition or succumbing to the impulse, otherwise you can forget about safe options trading. But none of the methods can not be really a guarantee of losses absence. Technical and fundamental analysis rely on guesswork and past quotes, so the risk of concluding an unprofitable transaction will always take place. Therefore, it is not necessary to believe in the strategy or signals that guarantee income. Even using the most potentially efficient method of trading, easier to merge your Deposit. Because the market is constantly under the influence of a set of stochastic data is not amenable to forecasting.


If we talk about trade absolutely without any losses, then it is absolutely impossible. But if you look at the market from a technical aspect it is possible to perceive it differently. For example, if we consider all transactions for specific trading periods (week/month), alternating between successful with a negative, the end result will be a steady income. Therefore, this trade binary options can be called safe.

To achieve this is pretty “real” way – but than trader closes 60% of all conducted positive deals. Theoretically, to achieve this everyone can, even without being the expert of binary trade. The whole point is to understand the psychology of binary options and to calculate your own effective strategy and to consider ways to counterbalance the possible trading risks. However, that not everyone is able to achieve.

Based on personal experience, we suggest, ar first to start with learning in order to best protect yourself. It is not something unreal to start training, and bcome familiar with the nature of binary options, and its latest news. You can start today without any excuses and justifications. Do not underestimate the power of learning. Of course we’re not talking about the fact that it’s all just the same must you have to dive head first into this process. But we strongly suggest to choose a broker that provides such training materials, to highlight a few a little of your free time and devote it to the study. Start now — read materials for beginners, selection of a really effective trading strategies, indicators and webinars.

Want to try your chances with binary options start with a demo account from proven binary options broker IQ Option. Yes, it’s all at first glance more like a joke, but don’t jump to conclusions, because actually demo account is an integral part of the beginning almost all traders. In other words, the charms are as follows:

» No payment as most brokers provide free demo trading, without time limits;

»  The opportunity to test trade strategies in action, and any own developed trading tactics without risking real money;

» The chance to become acquainted with the trading platform and check all the benefits of the broker before depositing.

So what is the future of binary trading? It is logical that the audience of the options will mature and develop in parallel with growing of binary options. For example, already many brokers today have forgotten about the large percent for 60 seconds, realizing the temporality of the essence of this method and the irrationality of its use in the future. Investors of binary options is actually use large payments in seconds. Adapted to it, they’ll be left with nothing, as such proposals leave the market or be used in NADEX/IG, where the lowest expiration — just 5 minutes, taking into account all the specifics of the market, huge number of contracts, etc. Actually all this is already happening. Don’t miss your chance to try your hand now and evolve with the market, improving catching all the changes. The future of binary options and it is likely to resemble the experience of market development in America or Japan.



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”