Binary Options: Scalping trading system called «Shaft»

Ted Capwell

Scalping tactics “Shaft”

The trading mode of scalping in binary trading is often considered as a tool for rapidly increasing the minimum starting capital. Undoubtedly, the dynamic mode of trading and the large number of trades being processed, in spite of the high level of risks, allow a rapid increase in the amount of funds in the investor’s account. But to work in the scalping format, you need a system with signals of high accuracy and a correct response to changes in the market situation on the asset chart. As an example of such a strategy, we offer a scalping system with Shaft options. Its technical regime is built on a combination of professional indicators of technical analysis.

System requirements of the trading pattern called “Shaft”

Scalping is a very complicated process of trading. In it, to obtain a profitable position, narrow market ranges and minimal changes in the value of the asset are used. Therefore, for effective work, investors need a professional terminal that will demonstrate stability of work and offer the following set of technical services and trading conditions:

– a set of technical forecasting tools used in the system;

– access to turbo contracts;

– expiration of short-term options in the range of 60-300 seconds;

– high level of profitability of trades;

– Fast mode of opening market positions;

– accurate quotations of the asset;

– minimum starting conditions for trading.

As an example, we recommend to consider a professional binary trading trading service from the brokerage company Binomo. This technical service for options trading has all the necessary technical conditions and tools for the operation of the scalp system “Shaft”. Binomo offers the most optimal requirements for starting conditions – an account of 10 USD, the amount of the option is from 1 USD.

Technical Tools Template

The technical template for the automatic analysis of the market for the scalp system “Shaft” consists of the following set of tools installed on a 30-second frame of the asset schedule:

indicator “Alligator” with the mode settings movings 55/10/5 and standard shifts. This service will be used as the main tool for forecasting the market;

– MACD indicator of standard format. This service in the system is used as a filter, which allows you to more clearly identify the levels of the spreads of quotes;

– indicator RSI 25 with scale levels 70/30. This algorithm in this case is used as a means of determining the medium-term trend of the market.

The working area of ​​the quotes schedule as a result of such settings will acquire the format:

Shaft trading pattern for binary options

Trading Rules

To issue the resulting option UP, it is necessary to use the moment of formation of the following signal format:

– on the instrument for determining the general market trend, the RSI indicator, moving upwards;

– on the chart the red and green flyovers crossed to the top, being located below the level of the blue line;

– The MACD technical filter showed a divergence of the oscillator lines to the top.

Options trading tactics called shaft

In order to issue the effective DOWN option, it is necessary to use the moment of formation of the following signal format:

– on the instrument for determining the general market trend, the indicator RSI, moving down;

– on the chart the red and green movings crossed to the bottom, being located above the level of the blue line;

– The MACD technical filter showed the divergence of the oscillator lines downwards.

Shaft trading system for binary and digital options

Expiration and Managing

– To get the maximum result with scalping on this system, we recommend using the expiration period of trades 120-240 seconds. Thus, the development of system forecasts will be maximized.

– To lower the high level of risk and profit in a relatively safe mode, use options with an initial level of value. When the trading account volume allows, trading risks can be raised to the level of 3% of the investment funds amount.



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”