“Spyglass” – Fast and effective binary options trading system

Ted Capwell

Trading scheme options for 15 minutes “Spyglass”

Technical characteristics of classical market analysis indicators allow you to customize forecasting tools for any dynamics of option trading. We offer you tactics of working in the binary market, where standard professional market appraisal tools are used – indicators MACD, RSI and Bollinger Waves – with clearly tested settings of construction periods. Our strategy “Spyglass” works in a universal mode for all financial assets and allows you to get more than 85% of trading positions with positive results on options with 15-minute expiration, which can be an excellent indicator for online investors and their stable income.

System “Spyglass”: technical requirements

Given the fact that the strategy uses indicators that are now available on almost any professional platform, the stability of the platform operation and financial trading conditions are at the forefront in obtaining optimal trading conditions for this system. So for the strategy to work in the most effective format, you will need:

– terminal with fast update of quotations;

– the maximum speed mode of opening positions;

– high level of liquidity of trades;

– stable operating mode of the platform in conditions of high market volatility;

– a large set of trading instruments;

– contracts with expiration of 15-20 minutes;

– minimum requirements to the starting cost of options and the capital of the investor.

The development and testing of the “Spyglass” forecasting system was carried out at the site of the Bimono broker, so we recommend this terminal. Here all the necessary services and conditions for profitable trading on this system are available.

Configuring Prediction Services

So, to expand the capabilities of the strategy in the correct definition of market trends, we used analysis tools with such periods of customization:

– indicator of the Bollinger Wave 50/2;

– MACD indicator 75/120/9;

indicator RSI 30 with level of identification of a trend turn 50.

When these indicators are set to the minute frame of the working schedule, we get an opportunity to assess the market in rather wide and diverse ranges, rather than increasing the effectiveness of generated forecasts for options. In the finished form, the technical template of the “Spyglass” system has this format:

Spyglass options trading pattern

Trading Rules

To open the CALL option, use the standard signals that form the indicators that are on the platform:

– Bollinger waves – trading asset quotes crossed the average level of the instrument up;

– MACD – the oscillator turned to growth;

– RSI – the indicator of the trend line crossed the level 50 to the top.

Options trading strategy

To use the PUT option in trading, we apply the reverse signal generation format:

– Bollinger waves – trading asset quotes crossed the average level of the instrument down;

– MACD – the oscillator turned to decrease;

– RSI – the indicator of the trend line crossed level 50 downwards.

Options trading system for 15 minutes trading

Expiration and Managing

– System settings of a technical set of analysis tools allow traders to generate market forecasts, the frequency of which ranges from 5 to 25 minutes. You can use the entire range of options expiration for profit. However, the maximum performance indicators of the system we received when working contracts with a 15-minute expiration.

– The system “Spyglass” has a high performance, so the risks here are relatively low. However, it is still difficult to completely exclude losses. In this regard, we recommend conducting transactions with options with an initial cost (for starting capital volumes) or trades, the amount of which does not exceed 5% of the available funds.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”