“Flip”: A Strategy For Quick Trading

Ted Capwell Updated:

The majority of traders on the futures market strive to earn a profit as fast as possible. It is completely logical. However, to succeed, you need a system, which can very precisely define the shortest-term price fluctuations. The “Flip’ system specifically can be the technique, which quickly enables you to become a successful investor. Its operating rules are based on simple indicator resources and are characterized by their extreme simplicity and accessibility to newcomers with minimal trading experience. This system makes it possible for you to close over 20 contracts per hour of trading, 80% of which turn a profit. That kind of strategy productivity allows you to swiftly increase your trading capital and brings you, as a trader, to a new level of financial prosperity.

Required Technology

First, you need a market operator, which puts minimal financial demands on you, and who offers a list of recommended Turbo or traditional futures rates for trading with an expiration period range from 60 seconds. When choosing an operator with all necessary tools, you can use company ratings, posted on our information resource. For implementing this system, we recommend using the platforms from our best binary options broker for the best results. This operator provides investors with the opportunity to conduct their trading operations with minimal means, with a high level of security, whilst allowing you to make profit from highly lucrative futures rates.

You need the technical terminal, Meta Trader 4, to employ the strategy. You can download it on any forex operator or from the specialized live chart service, that is located at our site. The technical resources indicated allow you to perform market analysis on any basic asset and provide the opportunity to utilize vital indicator tools. All that’s left to do is to customize the system template, which consists of these tools:

* Moving Average – the trend indicator everyone knows, which we will use to define the direction to place contracts

* Buy Sell volume defines when trends shift on the rate chart, and also show the impulse origin of price reversals and trend fluctuations

After you have adopted the specified analytical chart services on the technical platform, it will take on this format:


A Strategy For Quick Trading


Trading Signals

So, set up the indicators and template on the asset trading chart and SELL the contract when you see these signals:

* The price candle closes under the Moving Average line

* The Buy Sell volume histogram indicator form a red column below the axial line

After the signal’s candle closes, SELL the contract:


Moving Average buy sell volume


BUY when these signals form:

* The price candle closes over the Moving Average line

* The Buy Sell volume histogram indicator form a green column above the axial line

After the signal’s candle closes, BUY the contract:


"Flip" strategy for binary options


There are few truly effective trading strategies on the futures market, but the “Flip” strategy belongs to a system, which is a rare exception, making it possible for you to earn a profit off this kind of trading

Profitability and Contract Expiration

This system is most effective in its evaluations when applied to minimal market ranges, timeframe M1, and contracts running with a technical liquidation period within a range of time of between 120-180 seconds. In this trading regime, no less than 80% of the strategy contracts turn a profit. Other than that, you can use the rates with a range up to 15 minutes, and for that you should use a technical chart range of M5 or M5 for your period of analysis.

Money Management

The rules for managing capital while using the trading strategy “Flip” don’t differ much from those for most common strategies. The ideal trading lot size shouldn’t rise above 2% of your total capital. Considering signal effectivity and a high level of capital recovery strategy as a trading element for raising profit, you can use the “Martingale” mathematical system. Using this approach, you can improve the system’s results by up to 100%!!!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”