Successful traders stories. Learn how to filter information.

Ted Capwell

Without a doubt, advertising is the main engine of trade and promotion of goods and services on the market. And of course brokers of binary options could not ignore this method of attracting customers. Today the network is full of advertising products of operators of binary options. Everything is used here – everything from banners and beautiful pictures to stories of successful traders. And in the last question sometimes comes to absurdity and outright lie. In our material, we will analyze such stories and try to figure out whether it is necessary to believe this, and how to isolate from the mass of materials really true examples of successful trading in a binary market – in other words, we will learn how to filter information!

Binary options success

So, first, let’s see how such stories work in the matter of attracting customers in the form of traders on the platforms of binary brokers. Everything is very simple and based on pure psychology. Brokers order promotional material on the topic “How I have become a millionaire in a month trading options” make several unique copies from him and put on the network. A simple philistine, after reading such material, which of course is told as a simple student or a person who lost his job, could, having invested a couple of dollars in binary trading, earn some incredible amount of profit. In this article in the advertising article tells how it’s simple, and you do not have to do anything – just press two buttons. You are demonstrated platforms with amounts that exceed one million, give examples of executed transactions and give trading statistics of such a “successful” investor. As a result, the average user of course thinks, but what makes me worse? I can do that too! There is nothing easier! The consequence of this is the registration of an account on one of the broker platforms, crediting of capital and non-professional trading. And as a result, uh … ..! I lost my money – who is to blame, how to deal with this and binary options – evil, divorce and so on! And you yourself are guilty, because you were led to a pure advertising trick!

In order not to become a victim of such advertising, first of all you need to include the head, think and learn how to filter the information. It is worth saying that not all success stories are fraud and advertising. There are a lot of real examples on the web that allow you to motivate you as an investor to act on the market and carry a fairly wide range of useful information. But still most of these stories are a hoax!

So, turn on the head and begin to analyze. The first thing that comes to mind is what kind of sensible person, even with an incredibly swollen ego and craving for boasting, earning a million, will start to sound it on all corners ?! Money, as everyone knows, loves silence! Therefore, once it is worthwhile to omit information materials, where unrealistically large successes of traders are demonstrated.

We go further – stories in which it is spoken about simplicity of trading binary options also we throw out in a basket. Everything is very simple – trading in the financial market with any instrument, even such an adapted as binary options is a complex process. Imagine that you need to determine the direction of the market, which he will build in the next moment – this is unrealistic even with the help of special tools. Yes, certain methods and analysis services allow you to gain a preponderance of profitable trading statistics, but only one can create 100% of contracts, which knows how to predict the future. Therefore, the simplicity of trading binary options is a myth! Only professionals with great experience and certain skills in technical analysis can steadily make a profit. And then in their work there are losses and risks that periodically reduce the volume of the investment account.

The next point is the trade statistics. Here you need to consider purely technical indicators of trading options. For example – in advertising articles are given such cases – investing $ 10 in trade, I earned $ 200 for 1 day! Let’s be honest – it’s not real. First, the difference in the profitability and loss ratio of the options contract is on average 20%, that is, you can lose 100% of your rate or earn 80% on it. Even with the use of high-quality reception of market forecasting, you need to make out at least 60% of profitable positions in order to be in a minimum plus. But trading systems can not demonstrate stable efficiency, as the market moves unevenly. Therefore, negative expectations of profit expectations laid down in the contract and the average level of effectiveness of strategies make it possible to obtain a total trading result of no more than 20%, that is, 2 dollars of income, and not 200! Proceeding from this, stories with large results of traders can not be attributed to truthful.

Now let’s talk about examples of strategies that are presented as a means of achieving results. Often, standard examples of indicator systems based on simple oscillators and trend indicators are used here. For example, here is this:

Undoubtedly, the classic set of forecasting tools allows the trader to count on the result. The reason is simple – it uses time-tested indicators with a high response rate to market changes in quotes movements. However, do not overstate their performance in trading. Yes, under certain conditions you can get up to 85% of profitable options, but by expanding the range of statistical evaluation of the system, you will get a decline in indicators to a level of 60-65%. As a result, we get all the same 20% profit, and no more! You can test in practice examples of such systems using the demo account of brokers from our TOP 3. After testing the strategy during the day, you will be able to completely expose the author of the article and understand the entire range of false information.

Now let’s talk about real success stories – they are found on the web, and quite often. True stories differ, firstly, by the style of the narrative – usually traders use colloquial style with a mass of specialized slang terms. Secondly, in real success stories, more attention is paid to the technical side of trading, and not to the stories about the troubles that led the trader to the market. And, thirdly, in real stories you will not find results with incredible indicators – you will often be told that I receive 25-30 profits a day to the trading capital on a monthly basis or within a year. And yet, if you are told that you earned $ 100,000 on binary options, then the initial investment also had a very large amount – a minimum of 10,000 USD. Only large capital allows on the binary market to rely on large earnings.

Let’s sum up the results

In order not to get on the advertising fishing rod, allocate a rational grain in the success stories. Real examples of successful trading have such distinctive features:

– Real financial indicators of trading
– Rational narrative
– Technically probable indicators of capital growth statistics
– Strategies that really work in the market

Do not believe everything that the Internet offers, think and analyze – it will save you from problems and financial losses!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”