Trading system for binary options – “Supermining”

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The trading system of indicator type, which we will consider with you now, despite its fairly simple operation, refers to professional trading tactics and is characterized by extremely high forecasting efficiency. The “Supermining” strategy is based on the automatic signals of the Bollinger Wave indicator. But these indicators are not used here by themselves. They are combined into a single signal complex with the signals of an auxiliary automatic means. The use of a filtering tool prevents false entry into the market, which is used to execute more profitable exchange contracts. As an auxiliary filter indicator in this case is the Alligator car tool. This successfully working combination of the above-mentioned technical means provides the investor with high-precision signals and brings him a high income, which contributes to the growth of deposit capital at a fairly high rate.

Setting up a template for applying the methodology in practice

To create a working (template) field for strategy work, use any of the trusted reliable tools for auxiliary display of online charts, but on the resource involved in the operation, it is necessary to have the function of establishing auto indicators for quotes. Of course, such a choice will not be easy to make independently, because it is simply not possible to visually assess the correspondence between the quotes of assets of an auxiliary resource and your working terminal. Therefore, you can recommend you have already tested the finished version, which was successfully used in the study of the work of this strategy in practice. These are trading platforms from our TOP – these terminals have an integrated indicator software, which contains the necessary technical means for auto-analysis of asset quotes. So, Bollinger Waves and Alligator we set on the quotation schedule of any of the assets available on the terminal (and there are more than 80 of them). Among other things, hardly anyone can not approach the unique financial trading conditions of this terminal – the minimum capital to enter the market – from $ 10 and the cost of the minimum option contract is 1 US dollar (the best conditions in this segment of the exchange market look like in practice , suitable for all novice traders).

Super Profitable binary options strategy called Super moving

So, we added to the quotation chart both the auto indicators of the Supermining system – the Alligator and Bollinger Waves, and thus formed a template field for further trading activities, on which we will conduct a survey of the current state of the asset exchange. The way the working template looks “live” you see in the screenshot above.
Let’s see, why do we need an additional insured auto-indicator filter? Of course, you probably know that the Bollinger Bands themselves, when working on binary options, are not always able to accurately indicate the turning points of the price curve on the chart. Traders should be especially cautious at such moments when the price curve converges with the indicator line – or when the quotes are broken through this line. With the variant of standard use in the trade of Bollinger auto tools – the breakdown of the average moving indicator shows us about the turn of the trend direction, but so the price will not move in all cases:

Ultra profitable binary options trading system

By establishing an additional filtering false signals of the Alligator auto-tool, we achieve elimination of serious financial losses, as we get tips from him about the time when the direction of the current trend will really change if the central line of the Bollinger channel breaks down or when the price curve of one of its walls touches it.
After adding the required analysis tools to the quotes, we change their settings according to the example below:

• For the Bollinger Bands autoindicator, a period of 40 is set;
• The following adjustments are applied to the Alligator auto-tool:
1. for the jaws of the “Jaws” – 15;
2. for the movable “Teeth” – 10;
3. for the Moving Lip – 7.

And then, when we saved all the tuning systems necessary for a full-fledged work, we can consider the template schedule of the SuperMoving technique to be fully formed, which means that we are fully prepared for further work and to obtain high-precision signaling complexes for trading, which in practice will look like this:
For a contract UP, opened by a binary option, the signal will in total look like this:

• Quoting curve turns and rises up after it makes contact with the bottom wall of the Bollinger channel;
• The Alligator auto indicator, demonstrating the intersection of its movings, works as a filtering means, confirming a change in the direction of the trend movement.

The trend is growing and will continue its growth for a long period of time – that is, it makes sense to open a binary-option deal on the platform UP:

Trading tactics for binary options with high profitability

For a DOWN contract opened with a binary option, the signal will generally look like this:

• Quoting curve turns and rushes down after it makes contact with the upper wall of the Bollinger channel;
• Auto Indicator Alligator, showing the intersection of Moving down their, works as a filter aid, suggesting a change in the direction of the trend movement.

The trend is decreasing and will continue its decline for a long period of time – that is, it makes sense to open a binary-option deal on the platform DOWN:

Options profitable trading strategy

This, it would seem, in a very elementary way, we can very clearly identify an instant in which for optional trading we will use not unreliable short-term price adjustments of a local nature, but a really fresh trend. This trend just formed on the quotations of the asset gives us a guarantee of a significant reduction in the percentage of exchange risks and the receipt, respectively, of a guaranteedly profitable closing option transaction. Applying in the work not the standard scheme of work with the Bollinger tool, but the above-described augmented simple combination of autoindicators, we get about 80% of the profit signals and closing deals, which ensures the financial deposit constant rapid growth.

Money Management and expiration of trading contracts

The indicator of the Bollinger Wave, which in itself still refers to a fairly accurate tool for forecasting the behavior of the price of an asset on the trading chart, and even involved in the SuperMoving system in combination with a safety filter – Alligator – ensures the achievement of fairly high trading indicators, as we already mentioned above. However, preserving the resources of the financial depot is among the paramount tasks of the trader of the option market, even if the trading strategy is profitable and working at a high-quality terminal. By this, a necessary condition for achieving success in the bidding for the “Supermining” strategy, as well as in trading on other trading systems, is competent and adequate capital management. For one option contract, when working within the framework of this methodology, we recommend using no more than 2% of the funds from the private investor’s deposit account. The expirations for the specified trading option contracts will be optimal if you install them within 1-5 minutes. With such conditions, the profit on trading with binary contracts on the “Supermining” strategy will be provided to you.



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”