What is the Technical summary box

Technical summary box is a set of mathematical and statistical indicators that give the trader information for trading operations, the Technical summary box deals with accurate data. It allows the trader to more accurately make a forecast, which, the state, will help him to carry out a successful transaction. Apply Technical summary box, available for trading binary options, digital options, forex, CFDs and other financial instruments.


The Role of the Technical summary box in the Binary Options trading

The Technical summary box for binary options is a necessary thing. As a rule, in the trade of binary options expiration time is shorter. This leads to the fact that the analysis needs to be done even more carefully. Using only a fundamental analysis, you can not make such an accurate prediction, as in the case of a composite technical analysis. For trading binary or digital options, you will need to make your forecast even more accurate and learn how to do it quickly. Since the fluctuation in the price of an active or currency pair traded by you in a short-line form will be more difficult to predict.

The Technical summary box uses signals with several indicators at once. Also, for analysis you will be available at once several periods of time, which makes this tool even more effective.

The tool gives you the opportunity to track you the required indicators for:

– Shares

– Futures

– Bonds

– Forex

Technical summary box – a tool for technical analysis in real time

It is important to note the fact that the Technical summary box has one of the main differences from other instruments of financial markets analysis. All the data of this tool in the trader in real time. For binary and digital options this is especially true. You can very likely calculate the future value of the option. The accuracy of such a forecast will be very high. It will also vary from the level of your knowledge and methodology of calculation.


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