The best character qualities that will help the investor make money

Adyen Noters

What kinds of qualities should an investor possess?


The financial market is just a surprising structure with great material potential, hence it attracts many investors. That being said, many wonder why some person can profit from the market, while others only lose their capital? Isn’t that not an interesting question? From a statistical perspective, only 5-10% of participants achieve a windfall result on the financial market, and in terms of long-term investments in stocks connected to assets purchased directly, that number drops to 3-5%. Why is it that while there is this great potential, as well as many hi-tech analytical systems and professional analysts at traders’ disposal, that such a small portion of investors can generate results? We decided to take today to consider this question through the prism of an investor’s psychology and character traits. To put it simply, what qualities should an investor possess in order to expect to be able to achieve success on the market?

So, investing and trading on the financial market is a fine and complex matter that requires advanced analytical skills on the part of its participants. That being said, it doesn’t make a difference how bright or educated a trader is, they won’t achieve success if their emotional and psychological state doesn’t meet certain requirements. The problem here lies in the human factor. Few can handle the stress that comes along with working on the market and, as a result, make a series of inexcusable mistakes and lose their capital. This why is we’d advice considering which character traits set successful traders apart from those who lose their funds on the market.


Investor qualities to earn money



This is one of the main character traits that successful investors must possess. The reason for this is that it is quite psychologically trying to invest funds in a specific asset, as it is difficult to distance yourself from the already clear benefits of achieving a hypothetically positive result. In addition to this, with all investment activity, there is a defined period that you must wait before receiving profit, which requires a significant amount of patience. Besides that, the market is very dynamic and creates many stressful situations that can disturb anyone’s wellbeing, even the most psychologically resilient.

The stress and fear of losing funds in particular lead traders to make a significant number of mistakes. Many of you have found yourself in such situations, where you have generated a clear forecast and placed the trade, but the market begun to move in the opposite direction, and your position quickly fell into a losing zone! This situation, the vast majority of traders start to panic and make mistakes attempting to mitigate loss by closing out the trading position or increasing/decreasing the total contract. In such cases, the market can play a confusing game with traders. For example, there could be a rate reversal in the direction of the original forecast, resulting in the investor losing even more capital, or even more dynamic rate movement against the forecast, further compounding the investor’s losses. The patience of successful traders stands out. They remain calm in stressful situations and follow the rules outlined in their strategy without adjusting the risk or correcting their forecasted trading position. They simply wait for the result of the contract, regardless of whether that may be positive or negative!


Successful traders focus entirely on the process of trading, completely ignoring any outside distractions that may come up. Other than that, there is one important nuance. Throughout the trading process, professional traders focus on that technical, emotional or physical factors that they have complete control over, fully blocking out any process that they have no influence on. For example, investors have no influence on market processes, including the ability to swing asset rates at their desired discretion, change the politics of regulators and central banks, and increase the statistical indicators of companies’ assets that they have acquired. However, at the same time, focusing on the regulated processes on which they can influence the end results of investment activity, such as selecting and implementing specific strategies, evaluating how effective a forecast is, diversifying their investment portfolio, correcting for risk and total active capital, and choosing the best conditions for opening a trading position. These factors for influencing trading results, in combination with attentive concentration on efforts and concise calculations, will lead traders to be most effective, as well as producing the best trading results.


Successful traders are different from beginners in how methodically they relate to the technical process of trading. In this case, it is all directed at being effective. Professionals conduct their activity methodically, systematically and strictly adhering to their strategy. Here, there is no room to doubt this or that decision, as financial risk is precisely calculated, the most lucrative investment assets are chosen, vital contract indicators are put into place, and time is managed effectively in terms of investments. Through methodical and precise calculations, these factors, in particular, empower professionals to achieve success.


When making any decision, an effective investor always takes into account all the possible ways that events could play out. Despite the fact that the market is very difficult to predict, professional keep several options in handy to help them escape a critical situation need be. Other than that, diligent investors don’t jump into trades the second they receive a highly-accurate signal. They calmly take it in stride and begin to investigate what opportunities such an investment has to offer without rushing or allowing their emotions to dictate their decision. Diligence is one of the most professional character traits an investor can have. This enables them to more already define risks and opportunities to diversify them. As a result, professional investors to assess their activity abstractly so as to come to the most effective trading decisions.

Informed being

Information plays the most vital role in investment activity. It is only possible to identify the most effective assets for investment through information regarding this or that aspect of working on the market. As a simple example. strategies based on fundamental analysis are the most effective approaches to investment activity. Experienced traders use the evaluation of financial data and news regarding the market as a basis for their trading signals. Besides that, the importance of being informed is proven by the fact that, even when working with technical analysis strategies based on patterns and indicators, traders correct their forecasts in accordance with the current information available on the market. Other than that, information gives investors the opportunity to build the most effective investment portfolios. By using extensive amounts of data to construct their portfolios, traders can be sure to find the financial tools with the most promise. Therefore, consistently remaining informed is one of the most important qualities a trader can have, as it critically affects what results your investment activity produce.


Out of all the qualities an effective trader should have, self-discipline is near the top of the list! Considering that trading is a very emotional process that is affected by a myriad of psychological, as well as technical factors, there are a lot of mistakes that traders can make that are completely separate from the direct trading process itself. The problem is that investment and trading on the financial market are at times seen as a kind of casino, making it, first and foremost, a type of gambling! This fact, in particular, is the enemy of any trader who wants to produce good results. Meaning that self-discipline is an irreplaceable quality of effective investors. Having self-discipline means strictly adhering to your trading plan, strategy, and your continued education and the expansion of your professional skills. Despite the simplicity of this concept, it is very difficult to become self-disciplined. For some this quality comes naturally, but for others, it needs to be developed, however, this is difficult to do from a psychological standpoint alone. By nurturing this quality within themselves, potentially successful investors not only acquire a beneficial character trait, but they also improve their professional standing on the market.

Cope well under stress

As we already mentioned, investment activity and trading are difficult from a psychological perspective. Here you can either lose money or generate huge profits, regardless it has an impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of investors. Misfortunes, as well as success, should temper investors and nothing else. Coping well with stress enables you to survive any difficulties that arise when you are trading, as well as make informed, unemotional decisions. Other than that, coping well with stress is closely related to other qualities such as being disciplined, diligent, methodical, and focused. This is only a short list of the qualities that stress has a significant influence on. Coping well under stress, in particular, enables investors to act under the best conditions psychologically.


Without confidence in your trading abilities, you can’t generate results. This is true without a doubt! Here, first and foremost, it is more important to note that investors should always have confidence in their own strategy, even if it isn’t producing positive results at certain times. When you trade on the financial market, many factors have an influence on your results, meaning that any system can become less effective under certain circumstances. However, having confidence in the result protects investors from losing faith in their own work and gives them the strength to continue growing professionally. To increase your confidence trading and improve your discipline professionally, many adopt the simple approach of outlining and planning out their work on the market, noting all the positive and negative trading points. Other than that, confidence, along with analyzing your mistakes, enables you to more accurately develop a trading system, which will definitely impact the final results of your investment activity.

The ability to relax

If you combine all the qualities listed and instill them all in some way into one hypothetical investor, we’d end up with a close-minded and psychologically stunted person that is highly concentrated on a specific process. Don’t you agree that on a personal level it paints a scary picture? Therefore, in order to avoid becoming a robot who sociopathically functions on the financial market completely without emotion, effective investors should be able to relax and switch off from the trading process.

There are many ways to relax, for example, you can take a break from working with financial assets for certain periods, giving you a break from stressful situations and giving you the opportunity to effectively analyze your mistakes and well as your strengths in terms of trading. Another option is to take a break from the monitor. This is also beneficial for activating all the necessary qualities of effective traders. Another approach to relaxing that professional traders often use is to take a break for a few minutes after they get a trading signal, avoiding rushing into placing a trade. If the signal is truly accurate, the market situation won’t change, it will only become more powerful and effective. After this, you can confidently place the trade. Such techniques made quite a bit of profit for traders.


As a conclusion, investment activity and trading hold great potential, as well as create many psychological hurdles, so it is very important for traders to nurture specific skills and personal qualities. In order to reach financial peaks, you need to nurture the qualities of leaders and successful individuals, that is the only way to become a professional.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”