The failed trader: The proven method of earning for everyone

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    Failed trader: how to make money on the trading platform without trading by yourself?

Modern financial brokers are actively advertising their activities, attracting new customers, who will bring them profit, often making a bet on the number of potential traders. After all, regardless of the amount of capital investment, the goals of the trader and the strategies that he applies, the broker will always be in the “plus”. Without going into all the financial and technical nuances, you can say this: if you made a deal and lost, the broker earns all the profits, if your forecast turned out correct, the broker gets 15-40% of the profit amount. But not only this factor stops many who want to receive a stable income by using the Internet in the sphere of trading in stocks, currencies, etc., preventing them from becoming full-fledged traders who can predict the situation in the world financial market with a 100% guarantee.

Complex (but only at first glance) terminology, incomprehensible methods of calculating profits, a huge number of potential “goods”, the need to “make friends” with mathematics and many other nuances of this field of activity, frighten potential traders from brokers and financial markets, despite the availability of initial capital and the desire to earn, using modern methods of investment.

Is it possible in such situations there are no alternative ways to get your stable income? It turns out that if a person “does not have a soul” to trade binary options, CFDs or crypto-currencies, then he has nothing to do on trading platforms and popular financial markets? Fortunately, such a statement is not true, even if you get “4” in the “2 + 2 =” operation only from the third time, this does not mean that you have no access to the companies participating in the world financial market.


An alternative way to make money not being trader


What are the ways to earn money on well-known trading floors?

Attentiveness, diligence, the availability of a small start-up capital and a simple algorithm are the main components that make it possible to earn almost any client of a broker without going into all the nuances of online trading.

For these purposes, you can use (examples are shown in general terms, for their practical implementation it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances):

● Quarterly / annual reports of large companies. During this period, the giants of world industry / services, etc., are trying to show their activities as the most profitable and promising, which automatically raises the value of shares of these commercial entities. The task of the trader is to track the approximate dynamics, and at the right time to make the right bets. Success is guaranteed.

Economic calendar and its impact on the value of assets of certain companies. This method is slightly more complicated than the previous one, because in this case it is impossible to create a long-term earnings algorithm, but if you find a good assistant economist, the presented method will yield income several times higher than the initial investment.

● Attachments to an event with two outcomes (for example, raising / lowering the value of an asset on different resources), allowing in any situation to remain in the “plus”. Every broker, despite the fact that he is “tied” to the world financial market, is an independent player of this market (in this respect they are very similar to bookmakers), so the interest on the same transaction on different trading platforms is sometimes quite different strongly, which allows you to make a rate on one site, and on the other – to decrease, and regardless of the result, to get a certain income.

Despite the potential profits, these methods also require experience in working with numbers, perseverance and the need to invest their own savings (especially the last method, which requires thousands of dollars to realize), which is not always suitable for potential “traders”. Are there ways for them to earn money? Of course, the most optimal is affiliate programs.

Brokers and affiliate programs as potential instruments for making a profit

In this case, the entire earnings mechanism is based on the following statement: if you can not bring money to a broker, let it be done by others, and the trading floor will necessarily give you a portion of the earned money.

The most common distribution schemes for income received are:

● One-time reward for each active trader (replenished deposit).

● Payment of a certain percentage of the profit received by the broker.

● Mixed variant.

Brokers offering an advantageous partnership:

IQ Option pays to its partners from 50% for each lot of the attracted trader;


Binomo offers its clients all three types of reward payments for each active client of this broker !;


Olymp Trade provides its customers with not only three methods of charging bonuses, but also constant support of promotional products, additional bonuses to active partners, a personal approach to “old” partners, etc .;


RaceOption pays to its customers a certain percentage of the amount deposited by traders on its deposit;


Binarium provides an opportunity to receive from $ 50 to $ 450 from each attracted customer or from 30% of its deposited amount;


Finmax – guarantees the payment of rewards for each new trader, provides the necessary promotional materials, and in the personal account there is the opportunity to control all financial calculations for the partner program;


Expert Option – pays 50-70% of the broker’s profit, which he receives from each trader involved.


Continuing to analyze the partner conditions offered by other brokers, we can conclude that the average profit amount of a trader engaged in attracting new customers does not differ significantly from the trading platform that pays it, but depends primarily on the financial activity of the new partner.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”