A competent approach to conducting options trading is, one might say, the determining factor among others affecting the final trading result. The more technically simply and the more universally the system works, the more stable and higher the trading result will be. If you have become disappointed for some reason with systems that work on auto-indicators, or you just want to try something new, consider the “Triangle” system, which is related to a type of chart technique. This strategy helps to determine high-precision signals for quotes and generate forecasts, about 85% of which turn out to be correct.

How do we work with the “Triangles?”

For many years, this form of quote analysis with chart figures has been helping private exchange investors identify financial picture trends on asset charts. However, the figure of the “Triangle,” on which the technique is based, doesn’t work, per se, on all trading platforms, only on those that instantly react to the pressing of the trading key, are equipped with modern chart tools, and are supplied with quotes of the highest degree of accuracy. For example, the Binomo trading platform will suit us best in terms of providing the conditions listed above. In addition, the company’s terminal is so universal that it won’t be difficult to carry out other types of work on it in the future.

How is the “Triangle” pattern built on the quote chart of the operating field? It is quite simple and even if you are a beginner, yet also confident that you will be able to work carefully, then you will be able to confidently begin working within the framework of this method.

To begin with, we will need to establish which section of the quote chart shows price rebounds that occur periodically from the extreme lows and highs, and then the price curve movement corridor narrows. You will need to select the trend levels in this section using the “Line” instrument from the set of chart tools. Look how the figure we described should be displayed on the operating field:

Triangle binary options trading system

In other words, the quote curve minimizes the amplitude of price movements, breaks the support extremum of the figure, and then continues to go in the direction of the breakdown at an intensive pace. On the market of the asset you’re using to trade with, you will almost always be able to identify the regularly repeating picture described above. Systematically emerging quote “triangles,” after their formation, end up being intersected by the price, which then rushes to the next section where it again builds a triangular figure.

The expiration term and management of the financial account

The expiration period for trading platforms using the “Triangle” identification figure should be limited to 3-5 minutes. The thing is that the price will not have time to reverse in the opposite direction of the forecast, but it will have time to exit into the section corresponding to the forecast data specified at the opening of the transaction.

The effectiveness of the “Triangle” figure is high, but exchange risks of account drawdown still remain. As such, they should be minimized by limiting the cost of transactions to 5% of the volume of the financial account balance. It would be even more effective to work out the contract size limitation to the minimum allowable cost size. This tactic is most relevant when conducting trades on accounts of the initial deposit size.

Signals of the Triangle

If to speak the language of every trader, then the trading signals for the Triangle system can be characterized as quote breakdowns of extreme trends in areas of short-term trend fluctuations.

To open a trade on price growth, we will do the following upon the formation of a breakdown of the resistance extremum:

Trading patterns for binary options

And under a similar scheme, we will open a contract on a reduction in the price of the asset in the event of a breakdown of the support extremum:

Binary options trading strategies

As you can see, even beginners really will be able to work with this pattern, trading in the direction of the breakdown of extremes, and your profits will be practically guaranteed. After all, quotes characteristically behave in repeated identical patterns from time to time. After a breakdown, the price is released from a number of factors retaining it within the framework and makes it possible to make highly probable predictions about the further direction of its movement.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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