Crypto currency is now one of the most popular and discussed topics on the Internet. Many consider the possibility of investing in crypto currency to extract profit from it. One of the most popular methods of earning on the crypto currency is mining and trading. Both methods require substantial investments from investors. But, there are also other methods that will allow you to accumulate your capital in a crypto currency with minimal investments. To the category of such we can include:

– earnings on crypto currency faucets
– Cloud Mining
– sites that offer micro jobs and a reward for crypto currency
– crypto-cash faucets, which will allow to collect small crumbs
– partnership programs
– mobile applications that allow you to turn your smartphone into a mining unit.
– Cashback services
– good old freelancing

There are also many other ways to obtain crypto currency without investments. But, we will not depart from our topic.

The whole truth about crypto-currencies

Reasons of the popularity of Crypto-currency

Crypto-currencies began to gain popularity relatively recently. But, bitcoin started back in the distant 2008. At that time, no one took the crypto currency seriously, and many of the people even took this idea with humor. The growth of the crypto-currency market was very slow until recently. But, now, the crypto currency has become very popular, like other obsolete projects in its time. So what is the secret of popularity, public attention and mass psychosis on the part of many people? A secret, in fact, no no.

Faith and greed work on different wonders

In continuation of the previous thought, to search for a secret of the cryptocurrencies popularity does not make sense. So, how the growth of the crypto currency was inevitable in human minds all this time. How did this happen. And everything happened quite simply. The market has long existed the need for an anonymous currency, which will not be tracked. And one of the important requirements should also be noted freedom from taxation. This is the perfect example when demand creates a proposal. And all this was supported by the power of human thought. And in other words – by faith. Faith herself created a beautiful legend, which even more popularized this topic. As a result, everyone got what they wanted. The mechanism of this whole undertaking is actually very simple. Artificially increase the demand for the desired product or service, which requires a large number of people. Then create a solution that supposedly has no analogues. At this stage, it is very important that people believe and spread a new idea that supposedly has no analogues and should solve all their problems. Do you think that this process seems very familiar to you? Where you have already seen and heard all this. And even felt. But, let everyone draw conclusions for themselves. In the end, we got everything and as always. The “chosen” earned a fortune, and the greedy people shared what was left between them.

Why not to earn on air

Many of us perfectly understand that the crypto currency was created on the basis of Blockchain technology. The destination in it was a little different. But, this information is already let everyone himself walks, if he is interested. For us this point is not important. The main thing is for us to understand the principles and functions that money must match. In short, the value of money determines the value of the “product” developed by a certain country. If you approach from the other side, the currency of a certain country can be provided with energy for the production of a unit of product manufactured within the same country. In the case of crypto-currencies, there is no such binding. Hence the value of the crypto currency is determined only by the number of people who believe in it. With such success everyone can release their money. Yes, it’s funny. But everyone does so in the hope of success. But to make them believe will already be much more difficult. Again, does not it look like anything? Strain yourself, who failed the first time. The answer is obvious. You are buying air gentlemen, under the guise of a revolutionary product, which has no analogues. And your money is put into the pocket of enterprising guys who created the whole thing. You will say that they are thieves. But this will also be a lie. Since no one forced you to buy air in a tripod.

Is it expensive to be a sucker in 2018?

Each of us is not immune from the possibility of being in the shoes of a person well known to us. If someone would offer such an insurance service would earn half of the world’s money. This is a note to all enterprising dudes. But, at all times there were people who, besides the creators, learned to earn well on such topics. Since the Crypto-currency is a volatile asset, it was very well liked by all speculators on the stock exchange. After all, on its races it is possible to earn good money on the difference in price. In fact, the creation of trade exchanges is one of the main stages in the popularization of crypto-currencies. Without it, the miners would simply stack the coins they earned with the labor of their coins into a box. And, like pirates of the 21st century, they would be hiding them from other pirates. The third stage of popularization will be the introduction of the possibility of payment for various services by crypto currency. But, amid the fact that large companies like GOOGLE and Facebook opposed advertising crypto currency and equated them with high-risk assets, many understanding companies will follow suit. For us, with you, ordinary users who are looking for opportunities to earn on the crypto currency, we can distinguish such trends:

Q: Is it worth investing in the Crypto currency and spending in general on the accumulation of the latter?
A: You can invest and accumulate. But, you must know exactly what you are doing. Keep the savings in the crypto currency is clearly not worth it. Try to do all manipulations with the crypto currency in a short time. Buy and wait for a gain of 1000%, as in the case of bitcoin is not worth it at all. During this time, with this money, you can make 2000% profit in other ways. Do not let the money lie.

Q: Which crypto currency will you recommend investing in a newbie?
A: See how the market behaves. Never bet on one asset. It’s always better to be safe. Focus on the news and the hype that is created around a certain crypto currency.

Q: Is it worth investing in the newly created crypto currency?
A: In 99 cases out of 100 is not worth it. But, if the risk is your middle name, then dare. But, remember, for all the committed actions, responsibility will be on you only.

What is the outcome of the existence of crypto currency?

This question interests all. But, the outcome of the crypto currency depends only on the people themselves. And, specifically, their relationship to the case. It should be remembered that a sober mind will always triumph. So we are arranged. Time is the decisive factor that will determine the fate of the crypto currency. At the time of writing the article, crypto currency is an actual phenomenon from which it is possible to obtain money. What awaits the market of cryptocurrency in the future, depends only on us. Getting stuck on this topic is not worth it. There are many other interesting topics worthy of your attention!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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