Top 5 most reliable affiliate programs of well-known brokers

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Top 5 Best Affiliate Programs for Brokers

Everyone should be engaged in a business that will bring him not only a certain financial income, but also moral satisfaction. If everyone followed this simple rule, we would have the happiest society, but, unfortunately, no one has yet succeeded in realizing this task in practice.

If you analyze the situation associated with the trading of financial assets, you can see that many newcomers are trying to understand:

● how this market functions;

● What factors affect the value of shares, raw materials or currency;

● How not to become a victim of scammers, etc.

They conclude deals, try to copy the strategies of their experienced colleagues, but this does not bring them significant income and positive emotions. Ultimately, they lose their investment, write on specialized web resources angry reviews of brokers who “constantly deceive” their customers, and never return to this type of activity. Is the world financial market for them forever a taboo subject, and there are no options to correct the current situation? Of course have. And the answer to this question is indicated in the first paragraph of the article.

How to make money on a trading platform without conducting financial transactions

If a trader does not manage to earn money in the global financial markets, but he wants to make a profit, using modern technologies and access to trading platforms to buy / sell liquid assets, he can use his potential for making money without making trade deals.

Hard-working, attentive broker clients, if they have the necessary seed capital (its amount depends on the company chosen), can cooperate with a good financier who will develop a simple algorithm for making a profit. For these purposes, you can use:

economic calendar;

● Information about who and when he submits annual / quarterly reports (during this period, the value of shares is increased).

Users who have the ability to communicate and have people to themselves, it is best to use their strength to attract new customers to proven trading platforms. Affiliate programs allow you to earn good money, especially if the new user is actively working and concludes transactions for large amounts.


How to become an affiliate of the trading platform


How brokers reward their partners

There are three main ways that brokers use to reward their customers:

1. A partner receives for each active newcomer (who replenishes his deposit for financial transactions) a certain fixed amount (from $ 10 to $ 450).

2. Participants of the partner program are paid a certain percentage of the broker’s profit (calculated on an individual basis).

3. A mixed remuneration system that includes both a one-time payment and payments for operations that have brought a profit to the management company.

Like any other direction of commercial activity, cooperation with a broker within the framework of the partnership program has its own “pitfalls”. Some companies are constantly “pulling” time and promise that they will necessarily pay “next week”, others generally ignore such users, and push too much into the “black list”. Typically, the amount of rewards is not very large, so the website administration expects that no one will be looking for the truth because of 20 dollars, referring to representatives of monitoring organizations.

Based on the above information, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion that for a full-fledged earnings on partner programs in this field of activity, it is very important to find a decent broker.


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The best brokers fulfilling their obligations under partner programs

Based on user feedback, analytical reviews of experts in online trading and information from open sources on the World Wide Web, it is possible to single out TOP-5 companies that fulfill their financial obligations under partner programs:

IQ Option. The presented company is one of the first participants of the world financial market, who granted their clients access to purchase / sale of trading assets. Great experience in this field of activity and reputation of a respectable company are the main evidence of the reliability and security of the broker (even for the most incredulous traders). Members of affiliate programs on this web resource receive rewards: one-off, for each client involved, and interest from the sum of operations of the new trader (unlimited payments, which are entirely dependent on the activity of the newcomer). The largest selection of trading tools, the most stable and reliable project.


OlympTrade (Kingfin). For many years of its activity, this broker has earned a reputation as a strong and reliable participant in the world financial market, which never stands still: new offers for traders are created, money is invested in advertising, participants are provided with a modern platform, etc. Partners are paid a reward for one of the the following schemes: the first – this is up to 75% of the profits of customers.


Binomo (Binpartner) Offers 4 types of partner programs: CPA; CPL – payment for the lead, RevShare (traditional scheme of work); mixed (payment for the first deposit and subsequent RevShare). Additional conditions for cooperation are discussed on an individual basis.


Expert Option. Promising and very reliable broker, using for rewarding its customers all 3 ways: reusable, mixed and disposable.


Finmax. It also offers users, within the framework of partner programs, traditional methods of calculating fees for each given newcomer.


The presented list of brokers may change with time, some lose their positions, other brokers develop, attracting new customers and offering them more interesting options for cooperation. But, if you plan to engage in affiliate programs using trading platforms, in the near future, then any of the listed companies will suit you for the realization of the set goals.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”