Trading on commodities

Ted Capwell

So, how to trade on commodities, and how to use the special “safe haven” tools of gold and silver?

What do you need for “commodity” trading?

Commodity assets, as well as silver and gold, known as “safe haven assets,” will require for trading a number of conditions necessary to obtain high trading results. For this, professionals recommend the brokers from our top, as they not only provides the most convenient conditions for working on all types of assets, but they also have a wide range of tools and chart services for working on all types of strategies.

Let’s list some of the advantages of this platform:

• About 80 different types of assets, including the ones we were talking about;

• Indicators of high accuracy built into the platform;

• Chart tools for instrumental analysis;

• The level of profitability for trades is about 87%;

• A wide choice of expiration times for lots;

• Operation without crashes, hangs, or delays;

• 10 USD is the starting deposit, the cost of the minimum trade is 1 USD.

With such great operating conditions provided on the Binomo platform, it will be much easier to obtain the anticipated high financial gains, since you will be working here on cutting-edge technical equipment and with an increased level of security for your personal information and your capital.

The main commodities asset

It is, of course, oil. And today, the unstable, “nervous” movement on the price chart of this instrument suggests that volatility of this level (from deep falls to high highs in the price) can be used successfully in trading. What exactly moves the cost of the asset? It is mainly macroeconomic news that determines the size of demand. It turns out that in order to successfully trade on this instrument, our best bet is “Trading on the News.” Here everything is quite simple, but for beginners, just in case, we’ll explain it in more detail:

– Positive news pushes the asset exchange UP, and negative news pushes the market DOWN. That is, signals to trade up or down are actual statistics or political news events at the time of their publication. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s consider a situation in which the hydrocarbon exchange is showing clear oversupply of that resource. As a result, the cost of the asset will be significantly reduced. This is also the case for news about decreases in the number of drilling rigs or falls in the volume of commodities shares. Each week such information is reflected on the websites of special news resources, and private investors on the options market always track the moments of such publications in advance with the help of announcements. In addition to this, preliminary forecast data, as well as information from previous news events, is also known to us, that is, we can fully analyze the asset exchange and create a highly probable forecast, according to which we will then open a profitable trade.

For example, like this:

We received information about a fall in hydrocarbon reserves – and the price of the asset goes sharply UP:


What do you need for "commodity" trading?


We quickly realize what’s what, and open a trade UP on our trading platform:


The main commodities asset


This simple technique brings winning trades at a rate of about 90%, so it makes sense to use such trades as an additional means of earning virtually guaranteed profit, i.e. as a tool for risk diversification, and as a component of our investment package.

What is a safe haven asset?

The assets of gold and silver are not like oil, they don’t have a “nervous” nature. On the contrary, their measured fluctuations form stable trends on quotes, and volatility grows only slightly – and only in moments of critical market changes, for example, after resonant political statements or during a period of decline in the value of the world’s leading currencies. Therefore, during periods of volatility, it is recommended to trade in the same way on the charts of these assets – according to the news. With a calm market, trend-type systems will bring good results, and ideally they would be indicator ones. For example, high performance at 90% is demonstrated by a strategy based on the MACD and the Alligator auto indicator:


What is a safe haven asset?


Look – the signal grouping, which is the intersection of the curves of the Alligator auto indicator in combination with the breakdown of the curves of the MACD with the average extremum of the scale, effectively shows us the most successful entry points to the market under the conditions described above.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”