The development of various areas of online trading, including the binary market, entailed the emergence of a lot of resources on the Internet that offer highly effective trading signals. These services often work on a paid basis and almost always guarantee a positive result of trading. But is this approach to binary trading so effective and is it worth it to trust these services in general? We have devoted this issue to our article, where we consider the technical side of the operation of such services and offer several alternatives to paid online signals.

So, non-professional investors, due to low knowledge of the issue of trading and lack of experience, try to find for themselves an analytical service that would suggest how and when to register rates. And in most cases they face scammers who just want to make money on it. We will not say that absolutely all the services of online signals are not effective, but the overwhelming majority of them apply to this category.

Binary options signals providers

The use of foreign trade forecasts and signals in binary trading refers, rather, to the section of trust. If you trust a specialist with whom you cooperate and his predictions give you a result, why not take advantage of this and not make money. But choosing an online signal service it is necessary to think about the purely technical side of the question, in which there are many negative factors:

• Confidence

We have already touched on this topic. But it’s worth talking in more detail. The first thing that comes to mind here is that it’s completely incomprehensible who actually offers and generates signals. Maybe it’s the same novice as you, or a theorist who has nothing to do with practical trading. Therefore, be careful with the choice of signal service and think about who is selling signals to you, because your financial losses depend on it.

• Signal not actuality

Signals and trading forecasts for generation require a certain amount of time, which the specialist spends on conducting market analysis. Therefore, the proposed online signal may not be relevant for use in trading. Here you also need to add the time that the admin admin spends on placing the signal on the network. As a result, when you get acquainted and analyze the forecast, the market will go far ahead and the contract, drawn up under the forecast, will not give a positive result.

• Low level of forecast effectiveness

In the network, you can find a lot of feedback from traders who talk about this format of professional support as a reason for the loss of capital. Almost all traders note with some exceptions that the level of forecasts does not correspond to the declared effectiveness in advertising, which leads to the discharge of the deposit.
Here you can talk about the shortcomings of online signals and their effectiveness for a long time. We will not do this, but rather consider alternatives that are available to private investors in the market.
In this regard, there are two main services that have a high level of effectiveness and allow you to draw up the maximum number of profitable contracts in the market. At the same time they are completely free of charge and are available to all market players:

1. Professional technical services

Here we mean resources that offer analytical materials on the analysis of a particular asset market, reviews of the news market background or a specific statistical publication. Such services offer their materials for free and do not require strict application in trading. Rather, it is an auxiliary service for obtaining a wider range of market information. For example, everyone knows a technical resource for working in the financial market Here, experts are provided with calculations on both the technical analysis of the asset market and analytical materials on the review of long-term periods of market movements.

This allows traders to effectively adjust their work in the options market, which undoubtedly leads to an increase in the result. Note that the service offers you to use your information as an auxiliary tool, and not as an order to design a trading position.

2. Own strategy

This is perhaps the main alternative to online signal generation services. All professionals, without exception, recommend trading on their own strategy. This can be a system developed by you or the reception of market forecasting, borrowed in the network. But you must clearly understand the whole principle of its work, know the optimal modes of application of the system. It is the signals of the strategy that is applied directly by the trader himself that is the basis of the trade’s effectiveness. In addition, we note that today all technical conditions have been created for the application of various trading systems. For example, the professional platforma have in their assets many different analysis tools – graphical and indicator.

This allows you to build and use on your trading schedule any of the complexity, effectiveness and effectiveness of the signals of the strategy.

Let’s sum up the results

Of course, if you find a professional online signal service for yourself and trust it, and, most importantly, have a result, then use all its capabilities. If you are a beginner and just starting a career, remember that the best signal generator for trading is your strategy!



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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