Trading system for options using MT4 and live binary options chart “Drift”

Ted Capwell

The “Drift” trading system is one of a series of strategies for fast and reliable trading with turbo-options and traditional forward rates with short-term lifespans. In this article, we will go through how to use traditional technical indicators to turn a large profit as fast as possible. This series’ short-term strategies are considered to be some of the most profitable trading systems out there, and they make the way for the dynamic growth of your capital. The vast majority of clear trading signals turn a large profit without any serious effort or loss of deposit.


To work, the “Drift” trading system utilizes several technical indicators, which services, such as the Meta Trader 4 platform and our Live binary options chart, that can be easily found in analytics. (a specialized resource for analyzing market rates), include in their standard set.

Therefore, your first move is to download MT4 and open our live binary options chart. Then, select the following services for the chart analysis of financial asset liquidity on the platform from the set of indicators shown:

* MACD – The technical indicator, whose signal line gives an accurate indication of when to enter the market

* Moving Average 100 Indicator – Which defines short-term trend changes of the base asset

* Momentum – The indicator with the ability to discern price rate reversals and short-term corrections.

As a trading asset, choose highly volatile instruments, the currency pair GBP/USD or the Bitcoin chart are great examples. After you’ve set up your system template on the asset chart, you will see this view of the technical configuration on the futures market:

system template on the asset chart


In addition to technical resources, on the same site where we implemented the system template, we’ll also need a trading terminal. On which, we’d propose using Turbo futures rates and those kinds of classic contracts as a trading tool. In regards to trading terminals, it’s vital to give precedence to services with the maximum level of security, which should be, first and foremost, licensed by industry regulators. Besides that, pay close attention to the terminal’s financial terms for trading and technical indicators. In respect to the service with the most effective and attractive financial terms, we would recommend trading platforms from our TOP 3 best binary options brokers. This futures market operator allows you to maximize your trading indicators, suggesting the safest ones for investing, tailoring them the client’s trading regime.

Trading signals:

Trading signals to BUY Turbo options look like:

* The red signal MACD indicator is positioned under the histogram

* The asset rate’s price candle closed above the Moving Average

* The Momentum line breaks through 100 upwards

After all the system’s signals have appeared, you need to wait until the signal’s candle has closed, then formalize your BUY contract.

Trading signals to BUY Turbo options


Trading signals to SELL Turbo options look like:

* The red signal MACD indicator is positioned above the histogram

* The asset rate’s price candle closed under the Moving Average

* The Momentum line breaks through 100 downwards

After all the system’s signals have appeared, you need to wait until the signal’s candle has closed, then formalize your SELL contract.

Trading signals to SELL Turbo options


Bearing in mind that we use indicators to get the system’s trading signals, there needs to be consistent price movements on the market to trade, but this happens frequently both in the American and the European trading sessions.


As we already said, to trade with this system, Turbo options or simple futures rates with expiration periods from 60 seconds work well. To carry out analysis, set up the system template on the rate chart with the period M1, when trading with traditional contracts it’s possible to apply the template to the M5 and M15 timeframe, while proportionally increasing the contract expiration periods.


Usually, operators suggest using a range of expiration periods between 60 to 300 seconds for Turbo options. The system is most effective when the expiration period is within the range of 180 – 300 seconds. In the old frames, the M5 AND M15 use contracts with liquidation 15 and 45 minutes respectively.

Your results will depend on you trading activity, but in any case, this system gives you the possibility over 80% of your positions turning a profit, which inevitably leads to a swift growth in your trading capital.


When overestimating the cost of contract, the vast majority of signals to enter the market can lead to a significant loss of the deposit. Therefore, use the minimal lots possible for trading or contracts totaled less than 2% of your trading capital.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”