Trust management in binary options trading – PAMM account

Ted Capwell

Binary options is a pretty new instrument at financial market, which is causing double-digit interest. Binary options trading involves significant investment risks. Therefore it often refers to the question about trusting the management of the trading process. Theoretically possible profit that should bring a binary options, buy each investor for its size and speed of achievement. All this promises great prospects, but not everyone owns sufficient knowledge or time for this. Since even the most basic detailed study of all the nuances of trading takes a lot of time, not to mention the profitability of this case.

“Assets management” means the temporary transfer of funds to the manager in partial or full control to implement them to the limit of profitable operations, thereby preserving and multiplying the entrusted capital.

In the case of assets management, it applies different financial instruments, in particular it can be as investments in securities, real estate, metals, currencies, raw materials etc. In addition, at least, many have heard about such investment method as a PAMM account investment. Trust management is used well at the Forex market, where the growth of the trade activity increased annually by about a quarter of the total size among investors. But additional growth of new investors on the market, still provides it with the need of trust management of funds, namely PAMM technology.



• This is a unique opportunity for earning at the Forex market, without the need of personal trading.

• Convenient procedures for investments. Here is an opportunity of investment management through the Internet, because all calculations are performed automatically.

• Minimum investment limit of PAMM accounts, in most cases, is not more than $1000. And this fact makes such trust management really affordable compared to the traditional where the amount of investment starting with several tens of thousands of dollars.

• Protection and control of investments in PAMM accounts. A non-trading risks, presented here, are reduced to a minimum, since each of operations is clearly defined, and each calculation is subject to automatic execution.

• The predictability of future damages and the high threshold of the profitability of investing in PAMM accounts.

• The openness of the choice of PAMM Manager online. Since each investor can easily see the trading history and the schedule of return of the individual trader, thus to evaluate a trade and determine its choice.

• Exceptional flexibility in the formation and management of investment portfolios using technology of PAMM accounts.

• Distinctive liquidity, which manifested in the fact that the investor is able to fund PAMM account and withdraw money from it at any time. In addition to this, the execution time of the operations of the chapel reaches a maximum in 1-2 days. This distinguishes the technology of PAMM accounts, such as investments in real estate or banks.


In the case of investing in binary options, in the context of trust management, the deposit amount starts from $1000. First, the investor determines his choice of the broker (PAMM manager) with whom he wants to open a PAMM account and invests a certain amount. After this, he will be provided his PAMM manager with the access to his personal account. In turn, the PAMM manager asks some percentage of the future profits for account management services. So, since then, the process of trading begins.


Let’s be honest, there are always some interested parties in the profitability of this business. Therefore we have a several answers. The revenue of a PAMM manager has often an “affiliated” nature, but absolutely not as a percentage from the management of the invested funds. So how much is it really possible to earn? Actually, to get a single a great profit is possible without a lot of experience, but we hasten to note, that it is only a luck and nothing more. However, only real professionals are able to consolidate this result.

To recognize a skilled player from a simple lucky one, you can only by making an analyze. For example, analyzing the trade system of the PAMM manager. Check number of transactions per day, percentage of profitability (daily / weekly / monthly / yearly), number of losses etc.

Alas, today, does not really exist such rating agencies giving whole necessary information. So don’t hurry to believe first unproven resources. Many of them create fake data about the number of successful transactions of specific PAMM managers. Analyze it carefully from several aspects, whom you are going to trust your own money. Invest only in trusted brokers. And remember that steady profits even when your money are managed by guru of binary world cant be promised for whole 100%. Because each investment always involves a risk of loss. But as practice shows, the PAMM account is a great way of investment, that in perfect scenario, will provide his investor with a good money.

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“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”