Sometimes using one of your favorite and proven strategies at one time everything starts to go wrong. Everything unfolds 180 degrees. Many traders lose on it not small money. So what to do, how not to give yourself offense to such unpredictable behavior of the market. In this article, we will tell you about a strategy that will make losing trades profitable.

Binary options tips: Turning loss into the profit

How does this technique work?

The principle of this strategy is to block loss-making transactions by adding to them profitable trades. As a result, we cover all of our losing trades with new profitable ones and go into a plus.

The mathematical expression:

(Lossy Transaction + (Profitable Transaction + Profitable Transaction) = Profit as a result of all trading manipulations

How does it look in practice?

Using the signal from the strategy on the “moving averages” you decided to trade on the raise and made the appropriate forecast. But the quotes began to fall and you are already in an unpleasant situation, which will bring you losses.

This is exactly the case in which you need to apply this strategy. Now you should acquire patience when the deal falls even lower. Then from the lowest point, start making deals to raise. The chart of quotations grows further? This is what we need, we make one or more bets.

All quotes have properties to move in waves. This makes it possible to cover one unprofitable transaction with several profitable ones. Practice and you will be able to combine your profitable strategies with this method of searching for the “golden mean” in your binary options trading system.

Cash Management

This strategy will allow you to trade more often. It will allow you to not limit yourself to one transaction until expiration. But remember that with this approach it is very important to keep calm.

If to understand, then to call this tactic of trade strategy is quite a loud statement. Since it is unlikely that you can use it yourself. In order to get a good result, you should learn how to combine it with your top binary option trading strategy.

Do not forget about the basic rules of trading, risk management and money management. Remember that the value of the transaction when using this tactic should not exceed 5% of the amount of your deposit. Otherwise, you risk losing money. To avoid losses, do not forget to use common sense in all its manifestations.

New strategies in conjunction with this are recommended first of all to test on a demo account. After that, you can start trading on a real account. Do not be disappointed if this tactic does not work for you from the first few times. In order for everything to work out, each trader will need a different amount of time.


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