Want to buy cryptocurrency for the first time? – We have some tips for you!

Ted Capwell


Probably only a lazy has not heard about the cryptocurrency, and has not thought at least once about buying it. We have prepared for you a few tips that are good to take note of, if you are really going to buy cryptocurrency. Below we briefly consider on what you should pay attention.

“Choose the way to buy cryptocurrency and verify its reliability”

Despite a lot of options, actually to buy cryptocurrency bocomes harder and harder. The reason for this is even the most trivial concern of the state that its citizens whenever not in contact with the cryptocurrency. But those who seek, will always find where and how to purchase. Also? you can read about where you can conveniently buy and even sell cryptocurrency HERE.

“Take care of the place to store cryptocurrency”

If you think this is a secondary question, and at the first place should be the purchase of cryptocurrency, then you are mistaken. As banal as it sounds, but it is always necessary first of all to care about where you will store your savings. With this choice of the storage place work should begin with the crypt. Storage options, a huge amount, but first you need to familiarize yourself with the types cryptocurrency wallet.

In the case where you plan to buy a token amount, threat of safety which will not see in nightmares, then wallets designed for smartphones are a great option. The best way to determine the choice of the purse to stop on a variant with a high rating and positive feedback. An important point to pay attention to the ability to move your account on any other device, and you have satisfied the сommission on cryptocurrency refund and withdrawal.

But if you plan to purchase significant amounts, then select on your computer a place for it installation. It is desirable not to be lazy and spend your time to read the instruction of the wallet. We recommend to consider the option of desktop wallets. This type of wallets are the most secure, since it implies downloading the purchased cryptocurrencies to a personal computer user. They will be stored on your hard drive and systematically checked by communicating with the server.

«A little advice: if you don’t plan to trade regularly, then store purchased coins on a cryptocurrency exchanges. They are often subjected to hacker attacks.»

“Never buy cryptocurrency on your last money!”

Many of us would like to get into the list of those who spend his last money and become fabulously wealthy. But always remember, that it is a double-edged sword! For the beginning, lets back to reality from the world of illusions. It is 2018 today and it is not as much easy to buy bitcoins as it was before. Though, because the price has at times managed to take off, and whether there will be an analogue of bitcoin among altcoins impossible to predict. Of course, that this does not mean that you will not be able to increase their capital, but without guarantees that it will happen quickly. To date, it is unlikely to raise directly, for example, 10000$, by investing just 2000$. This event, recently, is becoming more and more unpredictable. Don’t be fooled by isolated success stories, happy inflated hype and promotion of the cryptocurrency on the Internet. Each true story conceals a lot of the failures happen frequently due to inexperience and negligence of a person. Ask yourself: is it worth the risk? am I ready to lose money? do I have enough experience? Do not forget that to achieve mind-blowing result, you can only if your mind cold. It is best to gain experience considering the mistakes of others than to be himself an example.

“Don’t let emotions to spend coins instead of you”

There are many cases where inexperienced people spending a lot of money in order to buy the currency under the influence of her own emotions, pulls coins on a completely reckless action. Minor negative fluctuations can lead to the horror of the newcomers. In fear of losing their capital, they are able to drain it from the irrational perception of the situation. And this is not surprising, because the high volatility of the stock market allows for variations in the range of 50% during the day. And imagine that you are seriously invested in a particular currency yesterday, and today it has already become cheaper by 25%, so you lost over night a quarter of the capital. In this case, you can sit five times when you see the price and do something not smart in rash.

Alternatively, simply invest, for example in bitcoins, and wait. However, if you are an experienced player, then the best option to date will assist in the management of private capital in the hands of the professional, which, in turn, for the due remuneration shall bring you stable monthly income. Of course, to find such a manager will be difficult. Here you need to spend a lot of time to make sure he’s not a cheater, that his guarantee of the result is not a bubble and that he really has the experience.

“Do not try to buy cryptocurrency during its rise!”

After hearing that bitcoin once again has broken the record, it is very and very unwise to shake the money out of your pockets and run to buy it. A well known rule – any asset after its sudden growth, is expecting a sharp drop or its next correction. Without the necessary experience and knowledge about what is happening, you hardly have time to earn extra money on the growth of cryptocurrencies, moreover the risk of losing your coins. In this matter, it will be wiser to listen to the professionals, if you do not have your own opinion.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”