Trade on the weekend. What it is?

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In order to become a successful trader, it is necessary to carefully study all theoretical issues related to this activity, and then, to understand how they “work” in practice. It should be remembered that for this segment of the global financial market there is one important feature: even the smallest factors influence the performance of clients of brokerage companies. For example, trade on weekends for representatives of traditional business, as a rule, is a meaningless exercise. Costs increase (electricity, staff salaries, telephone, purchase of consumables for the transport department, etc.), and the additional revenue is unlikely to bring substantial profits to business owners. At the same time, the lack of weekends always negatively affects the productivity of employees. As a result, the conclusion suggests itself that this idea is not of practical interest for representatives of traditional business. Well, what about Weekend trading for users of brokerage platforms?

Is weekend trading a source of extra profit or pointlessly lost time?

Not so long ago, the question of the possibility of trading on the stock exchange at the weekend was not raised at all. Most traders took this situation for granted (after all, any normal person should have a weekend). At the same time, for some reason, everyone forgot about time zones and the fact that we are used to Saturday and Sunday (as weekends), for other nations are ordinary working days.

The development of the global financial market, which has been observed for the last 5-10 years, can be considered comprehensive. That is, in parallel with the advent of new trading platforms, tools and strategies, its participants increasingly paid attention to issues that nobody had previously been interested in. The analysis of the optimal time period for financial transactions also fell into this category.

Weekend trading for some traders became possible thanks to the participants in the global financial market, who continue to work on Saturday and Sunday. These include:

  • Kuwait National Exchange (including brokers who provide access to financial instruments for ordinary traders).

    • Dubai Exchange.

    • The only trading platform (stock exchange) of Saudi Arabia.

Given the high interest in trading on the weekend, many European brokers also provide their clients with access to stock indexes, cryptocurrency, forex market, etc., no matter how they implement their plans and relate to the type of financial transactions in question.

Note! Experienced traders recommend beginners to use the weekend to analyze the events of the past week. For those who decided to carry out several operations on Saturday and Sunday, it is necessary to remind that on weekends, on some platforms, stop-loss does not work (and this can lead to large financial losses).


Weekend Trading. What you need to know?


What is the situation with Weekend trading in our country?

Our fellow citizens, who have decided in practice to study all the nuances of the output trade, can use the services of the following services:



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Given the dynamics of online trading, including Weekend trading, we can say that in the near future the number of trading platforms operating on weekends will only increase.

Why is weekend trading popular all over the world?

Among the main reasons that explain the demand for Weekend trading services, the following can be highlighted:

    • Simple math. The more trades a trader makes, the more he will earn money. It is a bit primitive, but if you apply this condition to the operations of an experienced client of brokerage companies, then there is no doubt that it will work.

    • The strategy of “behavior” of markets on weekends is very different from conditions on regular, working days. Some traders claim that observant users of the platforms find their “key” to them, which allows you to get good profits, working only on weekends.

    • To create a Weekend trading strategy, many traders use information gathered during the past working week.

    • Economic news on Friday allows you to predict the upcoming changes in the financial markets and make good money on it (on Monday morning, they will lose their relevance).

And another serious reason that encourages users to work on weekends is the inability to enter into transactions in normal working hours (for example, if the trader has a permanent job and the financial market is an additional source of income).

The main restrictions for online trading during the weekend

Some newcomers, after a superficial study of Weekend trading, are beginning to actively prepare for the upcoming trading, forgetting that weekend trading has a huge amount of a wide variety of restrictions. These include:

• Number of assets available.

• The difference in time (the trader is still Sunday, and at the service, where he plans to conclude transactions, it is already Monday).

• Not all strategies used throughout the work week have a positive effect during Weekend trading.

But among the main reasons that negatively affect the profitability of operations of a trader working on weekends, it is necessary to highlight the most important – do not try to cover everything at once. Be sure to plan your actions for the coming weeks / months, analyze the mistakes made, study the recommendations of your more experienced colleagues, and never hesitate to ask questions related to making serious financial decisions. In a word, stay yourself, respect others and everything will work out for you!


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”