What can be useful found in ratings and blogs successful forex traders?

Adyen Noters

Forex trading is available for traders residing in any country in the world. And today everyone has an excellent opportunity to earn income not only from trading, but also from placing their trading signals on the largest platforms.

In this article we want to talk about traders who are clients of a Weltrade broker who have achieved great success on the Zulutrade platform.

All information is publicly available, so if Zulutrade is open to the rating of traders, we will see Osobye93 on the second line. This is a client of Weltrade.

Everyone can see the results of his successful trading. So, on his page we can get acquainted with the statistics of the trader. To do this, go to the “Overview”. We will see how many subscribers he has and how much money is raised. In total, he managed to attract investments in the amount of more than 1 million dollars.

The total amount of profit is displayed in points, and as you can see, this trader has more than 5000 of them. The trade history is 67 weeks (that is, a little more than 1 year).

On the chart, you can study the general statistics, and under the graphic image there is data on the total number of transactions, on profitable transactions (74%, which is a high figure), etc.

It is worth paying attention to the section, which displays the amount of profit that its subscribers receive. Thus, the amount of earnings of the investor, whose nickname is first on the list, was about $ 50,000. In second place is a trader with a salary sum of 4,000 dollars, on the 3rd – more than 2,000 dollars.

It is important to note that this manager has posted on his page a description of his own trading strategy, so any potential subscriber has the opportunity to study it in detail. There is information about the settings that are recommended by the manager, indicating the type of currency pairs and type of trading.

It is interesting how communication with investors takes place: this information can be obtained by going to the Social section. Since Zulutrade is an international platform used by traders from all over the world, the trader leaves messages in English, which simplifies the process of communication with subscribers.

And it is quite active: the manager is asked questions – he answers them, in addition, he lays out data about open transactions, shares information about the results of trading. Here, for example, there is a message that the robot has closed with a decent profit.

Since this trader has several accounts, which also has information on his page, he has more opportunities to attract funds from subscribers. As you can see, in this post, he mentions that there are 2 more accounts with which he trades using different currency pairs. Anyone can subscribe to these accounts to earn with him.

The trader in question is not just a client of the broker Weltrade, but also his partner. And this means that he can provide his investors with the opportunity to copy his transactions as accurately as possible through Veltrade. In turn, this allows them to earn income not only on connecting to Zulutrade, but also through the affiliate program.

An affiliate link can also be placed in MQL5, on news portals, on social networks, on forums, etc. Etc.

There are some more Weltrade client traders that we want to talk about

One of them is SGS REAL II. He managed to attract subscribers, the total investment of which exceeded $ 500,000. Detailed statistics are displayed on the page of this manager.

After analyzing the schedule of its trade for almost a year, it can be argued that the income of this trader is quite stable.

If you open the “History” section, you can track the entire trading process of this manager for a specified period, as well as obtain information on current transactions.

The general history displays data on the currency pairs that this trader was trading on. The data on the lots is also visible here.

Inverters appreciate this manager: this information is in the section Social. In messages to his subscribers, he indicates the names of the currency pairs he uses gives a forecast for the expected profit.

There are a number of successful traders, clients of Weltrade, which I would like to talk about in this review

So, we see 142 subscribers on the page osobye94. Investors entrusted him with more than $ 200,000 in management. Since the history of this account is not that big (it was opened in August 2018), these figures can be considered very, very impressive.

To find out which currency pairs this manager trades, you need to open the Trade tab on his page.

Here is another Weltrade client. Let’s get acquainted with its page

He opened his account on 11/14/2018, i.e. recently. He currently manages over 65,000 US dollars, and this is a good amount.

We also note the fact that his page is very popular, as evidenced by the number of views.

And such an interest is logical, as he posted a description of his trading strategy. And this is an important factor when it comes to choosing a manager, because you need to understand whether to subscribe.

We introduced you to successful traders, clients of the brokerage company Weltrade, who trade on the Zulutrade platform.

As you can see, any trader can give out signals. And this is a great opportunity to get a decent income, and even more than from their own trading. And the size of the deposit in this case is not so important, because by attracting investment capital you can earn very well.

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