Today, most active users are aware of this way of earning in the network as binary options. On this topic you can find a lot of various materials and articles that paint in all colors the advantages and disadvantages of this type of trading. Many of us are already traders of binary options or ended their careers in this field with unsatisfactory results, others only consider option trading as a way to make a profit. In this article, we want to tell you about those undercurrents and stones that are not held up by binary option brokers in their advertising slogans and customized information materials. Believe me, this will be useful for you not only in the process of trading, but also in matters of choosing a quality trading platform and a partner for trading.
So, when analyzing articles about binary options, it is worth noting that this format of profit-making is positioned today as one of the simplest, legal and incredibly profitable. You can literally invest a few dollars of capital and, with the help of simple methods of trading, make a huge profit. Against this background, various myths and misconceptions are born among non-professional investors. We will consider the bulk of such misconceptions!

What are the brokers of binary options silent about?

Binary options are real exchange contracts!

Already at the introduction to trading options, all brokers try to convince you that you will apply in your work completely real exchange contracts. However, this is completely wrong! The fact is that the trading instrument that is offered to us on absolutely all platforms of brokers has nothing to do with real options. This is a derivative of an exchange instrument that has developed bookmakers as an alternative to sports betting and other means of generating income on playgrounds. Yes, it’s amazing, but the fact is – binary options are not entirely correct to be considered as a trading tool. Proof of this mass:
First, binary options certainly exist in nature, and they are traded on several exchange platforms – it’s the Chicago OWN and NADEX. Here, investors are offered real binary options as a means of investing in a variety of financial instruments. However, our citizens do not have access to these platforms, as this requires the citizenship of the United States. In addition to online investors, this method is not available due to the high threshold of access to the process – even as a resident of the United States you will need a very decent capital to work here – from $ 10,000, and such funds are not affordable for private investors.

Secondly, real binary contracts have a completely different algorithm of work and profit. Here we do not use the simplified principle of the rate for generating income on market fluctuations, which is offered to us on online contracts. In reality, an investor through a broker who works directly on the trading floor buys a binary option when someone sells it and, depending on the correct market forecast and the degree of change in the value of the trading asset, receives a certain amount of profit, again, by selling his contract another investor. In this regard, the online contract offers a completely simplified work algorithm – a bet on the direction of the market movement is limited in time of action. All this resembles a lottery or a simple betting bet

The main evidence of the game origin of binary options is the fact that in European countries platforms for brokers specializing in this tool are issued licenses for bookmaking.
Against this background, the positioning of binary options in the online mode as exchange contracts is erroneous, and is used only as a means of attracting users.
In addition, it should pay attention to the fact that online investors do not work against the market and certainly do not influence their trading positions on the quotations of assets on world stock exchanges. Everything is simple and simple – you, making out a contract by a binary option on an online broker platform, bet against the same as you traders. Simply put, your contract is not derived by the operator on the market, and the profit you receive from the loss of other players.
Of course, these facts can form a negative opinion about this type of profit, but here it is necessary to say that binary options can still bring profit in certain conditions. In addition, this tool can be attributed to the work of the trader. The fact is that when you work with options, you evaluate real trading quotes of assets, use the principles of professional market analysis and receive income from fluctuations in the price of certain instruments. Therefore, online options can still be considered a trading tool, but with certain reservations.

Binary options are easy!

The second important misconception is the statement that making a profit in a binary market is a simple and accessible process! No, any direction of financial trading – from real exchange instruments to derivatives such as binary options – is a very complex and time-consuming process.
Here for the stability of the results and the receipt of large profits, it is necessary to take into account a multitude of various factors and indicators. And this requires profound professional knowledge and a very large experience in trade. Usually on the brokers’ welcome pages, the trading process is described as a simple order of actions, which looks something like this:

Select an asset for trading
• Analyze the market movements and generate a forecast for the option
• Set the contract repayment period
• Specify the amount of the bet
• Making a binary option
• After expiration, we receive a profit

Of course, this instruction describes the main actions of the trader in the trading process, but brokers are silent that to choose the right asset, you need to analyze a lot of fundamental indicators of the market. To evaluate quotations and predict their movements, a specialized technical technique will be required, which will be based on certain instruments, laws or regularities. In order to establish the correct contract repayment period, it is necessary to calculate a wide range of specific indicators – from price volatility, to the strength of the trend momentum. Here you need to add the psychology of working in the financial market and effective rules for managing risks and capital, which, if misused, can lead to a very deplorable result of the trader’s activities.
Of course, a novice or an investor who is completely unfamiliar with even half the terms, not to mention ways and forms of market analysis, will not be able to correctly forecast all the necessary data for a profitable contract. Therefore, in the online market of binary options, really successful traders are rather an exception to the rules, rather than a logical pattern!
And one more thing – do not think that you can become a professional, just by training on the brokerage company website. Of course, here are provided quite high-quality materials and simulators. But they can not fully satisfy the beginner of trading in the issue of training. These services can only provide basic knowledge, but they have no experience without minimum payload for the market participant.
But do not despair, binary options can become a means of obtaining a consistently high profit – for this you need to get professional skills in the analysis, to study effective ways of trading and clearly calculate your own financial opportunities in trade. In this way all successful professionals and their result passed – evidence of the effectiveness of options!

Bonuses of brokers of binary options

In their struggle for the client, brokerage companies offering binary options trading services go to all sorts of marketing moves. The most popular way to attract new customers is undeniably a variety of bonus programs. But is everything so beautiful, as told in advertising? Can this be trusted, and what is waiting for a trader who has bought into a beautiful offer?
So, let’s first consider the most popular varieties of bonus programs. All of them can be divided into the following categories:

• Invitation Bonuses;
• Bonuses for replenishment of account;
• Bonuses for the next deposit replenishment;
• Invite a friend;
• No deposit bonuses;

Offering all this, broker companies paint in paint all the advantages that a trader will receive if he registers an account with them and replenishes it. But as always, free cheese know where it turns out. Therefore, consider everything in order.

• Invitation Bonus

This kind of bonuses is offered as a bait. It is also called a bonus when registering. It is usually paid when registering an account. The client can even start trading on these funds, but in the end, later it will become clear that you can trade, but you can not completely dispose of these funds. You can not even manage the profit that you have with the help of these funds and your mind got. In the end, the time will come when the broker company will offer you to replenish the deposit by the amount of bonuses, so that the funds in your trading account are available for withdrawal. So, the gift did not work!

• Bonuses for replenishment of account

In this version, the client receives a bonus for replenishing the trade deposit. Usually it is 100% to the amount of replenishment, sometimes brokers that are not clean in their work, offer completely unthinkable options, sometimes reaching absurd ones – 1000%. In any case, this too can not be called a simple gift aimed at building a good relationship between the broker and the trader. What will happen in the end? Several variants. First – you, as always, will eventually replenish the deposit by the amount of bonuses. Second – bonuses will have to work out, make a trade turnover for the amount of the deposit (which is not as simple as it seems), or get a bonus on bonus funds exceeding the gift amount several times!

• Bonuses for the next account replenishment

This kind of akin to the previous one, but it operates throughout the time of using the trade deposit with the broker. These programs are also called eternal bonuses. You replenish the trading account after the next drain and get another bonus, which again needs to be worked out, and so on ad infinitum!

• Invite a friend

You tried to trade binary options and you get it. The taste of money does wonders! All your friends, whom you told about your success, want to follow your example. For such a case, cunning brokers offer you a bonus – for each friend who, on your recommendation and special link will register an account, you will be fairly transferred to deposit a certain amount. But, again, this is not the real money that lies in your bank. This is all virtual, and to get them in reality, you will need to carry out all the manipulations mentioned above. And not every friend to you then can say thank you.

• No deposit bonuses

With this option, you get immediately after registration the opportunity to bargain on binary options. Traders usually use gift contracts to test trading strategies, or beginners try their hand at them. But you can not get this money from the deposit.
In the end, we get such a simple result – all the bonuses offered in the option market of the former CIS are nothing more than simple advertising moves that are completely unrelated to obtaining real income and can not become a way of real capital increase.


As you can see, operators of binary options conceal many factors of work in the online market, thereby misleading users! The reason for this is trivial – the pursuit of advertising and marketing techniques, and the positioning of the trading tool as a simple way of making a profit, attract as many customers as possible. It is this factor that is fundamental in the issue of income generation by the broker himself. Therefore, operators also withhold from us the negative moments of complexity that are present in working with options. However, this does not mean at all that it is impossible to become a successful investor in this field and confirmation of this by examples of successful traders!



“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

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