What Is a trading Template and Why Do You Need One?

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Templates are a set of customized parameters and preferences used by traders to most effectively analyze the asset rate chart in particular market conditions.

For example, the trading terminal MT4 has several pre-prepared standard template layouts in the section labeled “Templates” on the toolbar. Templates are very useful components for analysis for any binary options trader. Even if you have developed your own unique trading strategy, which you and only you employ, you can save its template and in the future simply pull it up on the screen without having to do any further modifications to the indicator setup.


Where can you construct these and is it worth saving them?

Many consider the MetaTrader 4 terminal to be the best tool for building templates for trading with binary options, as it allows you to save customized system parameters and, therefore, save traders time when they start trading. It is completely worth it if you work with several assets right away and use 3 or more methods of analyzing indicators. If you have to reconstruct the indicators on the chart every time you re-open the trading window, you’re just wasting your time. For many, this is a meaningful point.

However, there is another perspective, not without its own logic, that views the functionality and speed of a trading platform as the leading factors, not the loss a few minutes spent setting up the strategy before trading.

On MT4 it is very much possible to employ all the vital parameters on the rates, then save and apply them again at a later date. But what if the situation on the market for that asset changes so fundamentally that the setup is already irrelevant? In general, does this platform function serve a point? This could be considered a philosophical question. Everyone must decide for themselves what their workspace will look like and how it will function.

By the way, MT4 templates not only allow you to save a set of indicators applied to the chart, they can also have specific parameters of the system, such as the rate display, the color of the chart, the timeframe and so on.


Whether You Save It or Not, You Need to Build One!


Naturally, in order to trade competitively on the binary options exchange, every trader needs a trading system that produces maximum profits. That is their personal trading template. There are quite a few approaches, previously prepared, for trading with binary options, the majority of which are freely available on the internet. However, it is vital to test each and every one of them prior to applying them. You shouldn’t apply strange strategies without testing them, no matter how logical they seem to you.

Without a doubt, you yourself can easily work out a highly-efficient trading strategy! When conducting market analysis of options accessible online, nothing compares to the satisfaction of becoming the author your own! Do not rely on possibly irrelevant trading experience, create a strategy template yourself. It is a vital step that every binary options trader must take, on the path to financial success.


Before Building Your Template


When considering how to best construct your own trading system template, the best step is to start working on your own mathematical strategy, that includes highly accurate trading indicators, which indicate the best point on the chart for placing trades. And, of course, this isn’t possible without a fast, modern terminal. In any case, if your chosen trading platform doesn’t allow for the application of technical indicators directly on the chart, then you need to get used to using additional resources. You can find these easily online. For example, tradingview.com, which sets itself apart. However, inevitably there will be delays in this case due transferring it to the trading platform, which interferes with the strategy’s efficiency, no matter how successful it may be. Any delays in applying strategies lead to trading systems producing less effective results than they would in better circumstances.

That is why it is worth looking for a trading platform where you can simultaneously apply indicators automatically for lucrative binary options trading. Preferably, in a way that they are already integrated into the terminal, so that they function as a single system, without any faults or delays. There are too many platforms like this, and out of them. It is becoming increasingly popular among traders. This did not happen by chance.

On this trading terminal, in addition to the highly accurate signals from automatic indicators, you have the ability to apply rate candles, conduct trading operations on lucrative assets, manage your capital so as to minimize risk and to access many other attractive prospects. The ability to analyze live assets on platforms make trading more user-friendly. Making it easy to successfully build your own trading systems, test them on a demo account, as well as educating yourself further through their highly-effective program completely free of charge! All the conditions necessary to achieve astounding financial success are available here in full force. All that’s left for you to do is take advantage of the material, tools, and opportunities provided by best trading platforms.


What Do You Need to Start Building a Template?


On platforms, that are closer to the top of our rating, you have the ability to apply several indicators automatically, at the same time, or incorporate one of them in a system. It depends completely on your personal preference, trading time, asset type and in general situation on the exchange.

As an example, let’s take a look at the signal indicator strategy Alligator, which “detects” every developing trend as the direction of price movement shifts.

Observe below how the indicator lines intersect in a screenshot taken from Binomo’s platform. The direction they intersect is the direction that we will trade. In this case, we will BUY. Additionally, this trend is confirmed by the RSI in the window below:


creating template for options trading


Consequently, we SELL when the lines intersect in a downward direction and the RSI is below zero.

Why is it effective? Look at the price movement. Following that, as the intersection point is passed, the rates essentially move forward in that very direction. However, you need to into account the period that the movement will continue. As well as establish the size of the investment in the trading position, so that the risk of losing capital isn’t too high.


Set an Expiration Period


There is nothing difficult about it! Top rated options brokers have long offered the opportunity to scroll through historical price charts. By looking through the asset’s market history, you can measure and isolate the time periods when the rates reach their required level following an indicator signal. Trace 10-15 assets, then this data, from morning, day and night, will provide more than 200 options. From this, choose the most frequently encountered.

Let’s suppose that the automatic indicator “Alligator” reveals price movement with a base level of 2 minutes. That means that using the aforementioned tool, we should set the expiration period at 2 minutes. Through the described algorithm, you will quite quickly find the optimum trade expiration period for your own strategy.


The Cost of Trades


Here it is as simple as can be. There are standard principles of capital management that are referred to as “gold” or “traditional” rule of money management. Traders who adhere to these principles should not invest more than 2% of their total deposit capital in any one trade. So you protect yourself from large losses and the risk of trading is minimized. Many brokers offers trades beginning from a minimum of $1 USD, with a minimum account deposit of $10 USD to start trading. Therefore, on reliable option brokers, it is very easy to adhere to capital management guidelines!


Conclusions and Warnings


You only need a few days to construct your own highly-effective, lucrative, mathematical system for trading with binary options, that will not only stably earn a profit but do so reasonably quickly, hence the popularity of binary options! You don’t need to spend months on the internet to test scrupulously prepared strategies only to be disappointed. Don’t worry, your “own” trading system will make you feel completely at ease on the terminal and enable you to earn a substantial profit! It will all come without fail, the main issue is getting started!

It is worth keeping in mind, however, that the different trading systems with various trading tools can work great with one asset, and terrible with another. Furthermore, different market tendencies, for example, “flat” or “trend” price movement require the use of different automatic indicators. The trading tools that work great during “trends”, can be completely useless when applied to flat rates, or worse, harmful. Construct several trading strategies for working with different assets under various market conditions.

There are trading systems that, in specific market conditions, can earn traders nearly up to 90% profit!


An Example of a Trading System Template


To work, you will need:

Turbo-options with a duration up to 5 minutes;

A timeframe of 1 minute;

Trading time ranging strictly from 11 to 18, a clear trend is necessary;

The most profitable assets (ideally currency pairs).

The Moving Average, an indicator that is a foundational component of systems. Set it up on the chart with these specifications:

ЕМА 8 – the color doesn’t change;

ЕМА 13 – change the color;

EMA 21 also change the color, so it is clear.

This is how the resulting template will appear on the screen (using Binomo’s platform as an example):


Binary options trading templates


BUY when:

EMA 8 breaks through the upper long-period EMA. Place the trade immediately, but after the candle opens, when the breakthrough of the mini-channel performs a regression (after the breakthrough):


Successful trading templates for binary options trading


SELL when:

EMA 8 breaks through the lower long-period EMA. Place the trade immediately, but after the candle opens, when the breakthrough of the mini-channel performs a regression (after the breakthrough):


binary options guru templates


Trades in this situation, ideally, have an expiration limited to 2-3 minutes and adhere to money management guidelines. As you can see, nothing we’ve set out is too complicated.

Absolutely everyone is capable of creating a trading strategy template! Especially when you have a modern, user-friendly terminal at your disposal.



“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”