Where to store money for a trader?

Adyen Noters

An analysis of the main issue of this review may be of interest today not only for professionals for whom trading is a favorite business and source of income, but also for ordinary citizens who have nothing to do with trade, financial assets, currency transactions, etc. Why? More about this later. I would like to start with one interesting nuance characteristic of some modern categories. Many of us notice him, but for some strange chance, he “slips” somewhere on the border of our consciousness and “dissolves” in megabytes of important information. Although the importance of the latter is sometimes in doubt.

Development of the global financial market: moving forward or …

It is about “development.” We will not delve into a detailed analysis of this philosophical category, we will highlight only one point. Development is a forward movement towards harmony and understanding. Let’s hope that Aristotle and Kant will forgive such a simplified interpretation. And already closer to the topic of the review, and what is the development of the global financial market? Here! Readers with an economic education are likely to understand the main point. Hundreds of new cryptocurrencies, binary options, the lack of a unified terminology and a distorted perception of new financial terms can hardly be called “development”.

 Why such a complicated introduction that is not related to trading and money? All these are interconnected concepts. Such chaos has always been a harbinger of serious upheaval. The development of the German economy in the 30s. of the last century, which could not forget the defeat in World War I, led to the formation of National Socialism and the most terrible war in the history of mankind. The right direction of the “development” of the USSR led to the collapse of communism, a surge in crime, unemployment and drug addiction. Therefore, in order to ensure that the presented review does not turn into “another” collection of tips that does not have real practical value, we will conduct our analysis, taking into account the presented observations and the corresponding conclusions.


Where do traders store money?


How to save your money: recommendations of experienced traders

The following tips are primarily aimed at traders, but for ordinary owners of financial resources, they will be useful. The first option, it is the most logical for professional participants in online trading – this is a bank account that is opened by the broker after registration and verification of the account. By the way, this option is suitable for almost any citizen of our country (if he has money).

Well-known brokers pay much attention to the security of their clients’ financial resources. In most cases, the money is stored in the accounts of reliable financial institutions. They are insured, the bank accrues interest on the amount that is not used for conducting trading operations, and the process of applying savings to purchase promising assets does not cause any difficulties. In order not to engage in the withdrawal of funds for personal purposes (the operation may take several hours / days), you can get a card of this bank with an overdraft with a grace period (1-3 months do not have to pay interest). For example, you need $ 1,000. You withdraw the indicated amount from an ATM (it should not exceed the established credit limit), and after a couple of weeks you return it, you don’t have to pay money for this operation. If you withdraw 1 thousand, you will have to wait a certain time and pay a commission.

Choosing a broker, a trader should consider the following indicators:

    • Reputation and “age” of the company (do not use anonymous and suspicious reviews for these purposes, as a rule, their authors are professional copywriters).

    • What currency does the service accept?

    • Who regulates its work?

    • Cost of services provided.

    • Minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of funds.

    • Bonuses and additional services.

    • In which countries the company operates.

    • Conversion mechanism for applicable currencies.

Storage of funds that are not used for online trading

Some experienced traders, having earned a certain amount, decide to withdraw it from their account in a brokerage company. For example, when they understand that no one is safe from bankruptcy (including the most reliable brokers) or they have a desire to check other ways to earn money.

Here are the most common areas for investment.

Storage method



Opinion of experienced traders and investors

At home

Always at hand, with security systems – a fairly safe optionThe owner actually loses a certain amount on a monthly basis. No currency in the world is safe from inflation.

Bank deposit

When choosing a reliable bank – the money will be protected from intruders. Sometimes it allows you to earn a little.Often contracts are drawn up in such a way that early withdrawals result in a loss of a decent amount. The bank may lose the license, go bankrupt.


Investing in real projects

Such investments can bring stable and high returns.You can lose your savings


Acquisition of liquid assets (real estate, jewelry, etc.).

In a stable economy, they make good profits.This type of investment is unpredictable. Buying an apartment in an old house is a dangerous acquisition.


Mutual Investment Funds

Highly profitable investment.There is always a risk that company analysts make a mistake that will lead to a loss of cash



Currency selection

Studying the question of how to store funds that traders can use, it is necessary to pay attention to such an important indicator as the currency used for these purposes.

The main rule is the diversification of foreign exchange savings. Analysts advise giving up buying dollars (everyone understands that this is a financial pyramid, but no one can think of a way to get rid of $). The ambiguous economic situation in the EU also does not give any reason for an optimistic forecast for the euro.

Increasingly, analysts are paying attention to the Chinese yuan and the British pound. Despite the fact that most economists do not recommend contacting them, there is an opposite opinion on this issue.

Regarding the formation of the currency “basket”, financiers advise using Singapore dollars, Japanese yen and Swiss francs. But in this case, it is necessary to consider how traders will use their savings outside the site of brokerage companies.


But back to the beginning of the review. The high probability of serious changes in the global financial market makes it possible to assess the current situation from a different angle. Among the probable causes of the disaster, experts name a variety of factors. These include the collapse of the traditional financial system (it may make sense to buy cryptocurrency), the global political crisis in developed countries, large-scale military operations, etc. Without the necessary information, it is difficult to prepare an appropriate forecast. But in any case, all traders can be advised to conduct a detailed analysis of the events that will allow to quickly make a decision, in the case of some force major.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”